Is it bad that my one testicle hurts

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You could have epididymitis, an inflammation of part of the testis. Usually results from a long term venereal disease. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it bad is one of my testicles hurt?
If you are having “a lot of sex”, then this could possibly be the reason. Depending on how much sex you are having, it’s possible that your testicle hurts from having so many orgasms. Though it seems barbaric, if the body isn’t ab…

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Right testicle hurts? same as right side of abs? Little lower than left one?
Q: Well to start off, im 15, and a diabetic, and yesterday, i started feeling pain in my right testicle for some weird reason. The pants i was wearing were kinda rubbing against it, which made me notice the pain. Like it sometimes hurts to walk, but when sitting or laying down, on my back, there is NO PAIN. When i look at them, my right sometimes looks a little lower than the other, but i cant really see any bumps, expet for mabey a small one, but it isnt round, rather in the shape of a line (like a vein or something) and its barely noticible. If i pull up on my penis, the 2 testicles look exactly the same, exept for, for some reason, that line of skin on the bottom of the penis kind of leads to my right testicle. Also, if it hurts, the right side of my lower stomache, like the right side of my abs will hurt, as well as the area above the penis, where my pubic area is. (only right side). Yesterday, i was lifting weights, and i was doing military press (sitting upright) and i had the 50 lb weight sitting right on my pubic area. I also was doing srugs with 100+ lbs, and that was rubbing against my whole area, testis, penis, everything. So it might be because of that. Recently, i developed a headache and some periods of being light headed, so i took some Alka Seltzer, and to my amazement, the right testicle was not hurting as bad, i didnt feel anything while walking.. Its still kind of sore to the touch, but i think that alka might of helped a bit. I still have the headache, which has only gotten a little better since i took the alka. But i have pretty much lost the light headedness. Oh, and for some reason ive been peeing alot, even though i havnt drank anything in a couple hours, but it might be because i drank 2 and a half tall glasses of diet soda at dinner, cus i was eating hot wings. But yeah, i can still get a hard- on and everything, and i havnt lost sexual desire, and i masterbate alot, usually 5 times a week. But i havnt masterbated at all since its been hurting, because idk if i should. Im going to put ice on it in a bit, i havnt yet. Well, any answers will be appreciated.P.S, I’m a virgin, and in pretty good shape, i’m athletic.Plus, i would really like LESS “go see your doctor” answers, and more answers on how to cure/ fix it and make the pain go away.Update: i just came from the bathroom, and theough examination, i found that my right testicle is not lower than the left anymore, when im just standing up. They are at the same level. Plus I forgot to mention, my right testicle seems to bit a bit larger than the right, and it might be in an odd position.2nd update, 4/25.It is feeling better today, i can walk around without much pain. i took a shower and noticed that it kind of looks like the testicle is out of place or something, and i can move it around alot more than my left. And i also found out that the bulge i saw, was the end of my testicle pushing against the skin. (at least, thats what i think). Thanks for the answers so far, and i hope this info will lead to more answers.3rd Update- 4/26Feeling better than first day, there was NO BLOOD when i masterbated, but my semen was kind of clear. The right testicle is still kind of swollen, and sticking out.
A: Son, after surviving Testicual Cancer, I can tell you if you have ANY pain in your testicals, you NEED to go speak to the doctor. It does not mean Cancer like I have had, but it may make the difference between having it later or not.Don’t mess arround with this. If you hurt, you need to get it checked. I waited and ended up with Stage III Metatastic Testicular Cancer.
Bad back pains, Testicles hurts, I want to pee but I cant?
Q: This question is for one of my male friends..He has bad back pains, he has the urge to pee but the pee sometimes wont come out. but when he does pee he says it is a small amount like less than a tea spoon. He also says it feels like someone is squeezing his balls (testicles) that’s how bad his testicles hurt. It also burns down there when he gets the urge to pee. I told him that it could be his Kidney or a Bladder infection.He has been having this problem for a long long while.. There is a free kidney screening today, so he is going..
A: i had a Kidney transplant a few years ago.Go to the doctor. You may have Kidney stones,
is it bad is one of my testicles hurt?
Q: i got home today and my right testicle hurts buts its not that bad. is it normal?i am very concern. im guessing is because i been having a lot of sex.
A: If you are having “a lot of sex”, then this could possibly be the reason. Depending on how much sex you are having, it’s possible that your testicle hurts from having so many orgasms. Though it seems barbaric, if the body isn’t able to relax enough between each orgasm and just recover, then it will become sore. It’s also possible that your right testicle was the one hitting the female the most. One testicle will always hang lower, thus meaning that it will take more hitting and feeling than the other. If none of the above apply, I’d 1. Advise you to feel around your teste for any abnormal lumps or abscesses. After that, if there is something or you are scared that it’s something worse like an STD (which is easily possible when having sex alot), you should schedule and appointment with your doctor so he can examine you and determine what could be wrong. There are many things that could come with a sore testicle. You can do more research on it or see your doctor and see what he says. I wouldn’t advise having sex so much as you can easily have problems if you are switching partners often. Just stick with one partner. Hope this helps.
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