Is it ok to drink a little deer blood

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While drinking deer blood is an old tradition for hunters killing their first deer, deers are known to carry parasites and other diseases. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to drink a little deer blood
While drinking deer blood is an old tradition for hunters killing their first deer, deers are known to carry parasites and other diseases. ChaCha again!

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Well I am trying to write a book and I’m kinda stuck and I also want to know what you guys think.?
Q: Please give me some feed back.Also I have no names yet so if you have any ideas I would be very thankful. This uncontrollable need for blood is taking over all of my thoughts. The burning in my throat is so strong. How did they learn to live with it? So far being a newborn vampire sucks. But in a couple years it will all be worth it. “Hey, come on , let’s go hunt. Your gonna go crazy if you keep this up”, insisted for about the thirtieth time. “No, I’m trying to control it and besides it’s not that bad. We just went two days ago. I’m sure my sanity will be ok for a while longer”, I was completely lying of course. “Seriously stop trying to lie to us. Especially when your eyes look like that!”, held up a small round mirror so I could see the gorgeous red eyed guy starring back at me. His bright blood red eyes had dark purple bags under them. They looked like bruises. His face was framed with dirty blonde hair. He needed a hair cut BAD. He had the normal perfect pale face for a vampire. It scared me to think that that was actually me. “Okay maybe you guys are right”, I allowed obviously defeated. “Finally!”, bellowed excitedly. I had known them for so long before my transformation not knowing what they really were, half vampires, they told me a little while after they became full vampires. They are the only ones of their kind. Because they were half vampires first they were already half way through their change. So they only had to live the way I do now for a week. My favorite part about hunting is running. The wind blowing past me letting my long hair blow free, being able to let loose and not worry about loosing control since we were always so far away from civilization, being able to go anywhere I please, and do almost anything I want. I could run forever if I felt like it, partly because I love it so much and partly because I no longer got tired. The worst part about it was seeing the fear and helplessness in the eyes of my pray. I try to look on the up side, at least I’m putting this poor defenseless creature out of it’s misery. We are “vegetarians”, meaning we don’t drink human blood. It is very difficult to stay away from humans when you’re hunting because their blood smells amazing and it makes your throat feel as if you were shoving flaming swords down it. If you catch their sent it is almost impossible to stop and think about what you are doing until it is too late. I caught their sent the last time I went hunting, I feel terrible about it. That is one of the reasons I didn’t want to go hunting. I’m scared I’m gonna do something I regret. I let my mind wonder. “ , what’s wrong”, yelled pulling me back to the present. I realized I had stopped running and was far behind. “Nothing just remembering the last time we went hunting”, I cringed at the thought. “Don’t worry about it, , we will be right by your side this time. We won’t go that far away from you again”, comforted me with that annoying nick name he gave me. I tried to ignore that part. “Okay”, I almost whispered in a not quite so convincing tone that they ignored “Come on lets go I yelled over my shoulder taking off. We found a herd of deer about a hundred miles of any civilization whatsoever to keep it safe. I took down the five biggest ones. They didn’t put up much of a fight. I was really thirsty and I can’t wait to get the red out of my eyes which I’m hoping to do by drinking lots of blood and by sticking to my “vegetarian” diet which happens to do the job quicker the human blood. I wonder if my accident would effect my goal.
A: Ok first of it is just like Twilight. But I love those books and got drawn into your story. I would need to know a little more to give you a lot of help in the subject, but let me try.You need to have a bigger problem that adds to the story. I would introduce that. It is hard for me because all I can think of is the Twilight storyline. I don’t know where you want to go with this story, but introduce it next. I would maybe talk about the half vampire thing. How everything was different with them and how he feels about being the odd man out. Maybe something went wrong with him turning into a vampire and have a flash back to talk about how it was done wrong, and then talk about trying to fix it back in the present. Or the half vampires’ have a problem of some sort and suddenly single out the main character kin some way or just leaving him for some important reason that he doesn’t know until the end.If a story is worth telling then it should be screaming to be written. Otherwise it just won’t be a good read.I would check this site out for names: ME WHAT YOU CHOSE TO END UP WRITING ABOUT & I WOULD LOVE TO READ THE FINISHED COPY =]
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