Is it possible for a bird to be fixed

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Birds are generally only neutered/spayed when there is disease present in the organs. It is not recommended and is very risky. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for a bird to be fixed
Birds are generally only neutered/spayed when there is disease present in the organs. It is not recommended and is very risky.

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95 T-Bird has Backfire and rough Idle after Starting?
Q: I have a 1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 and when I start it has a rough idle and backfire and possible misfire when I drive for about 5 minutes after that it runs smooth and continues smooth until I restart the car. I had the OBD II codes read that I need 3 o2 sensors and a DPFE sensor. Will the o2 sensors or the DPFE sensor cause this or is there another problem that needs to be fixed or checked. Also could it be my power steering pump pulley b/c it has a little wobble or the battery b/c I checked the battery and the cranking amps on the battery is 675.I had a:New Air flow sensor replaced about 600 miles ago.Major Tune Up about 1500 miles ago.AVG. 14 MPG
A: I believe my friend you may have a timing issue. Clean the o2 sensors then check it out.
Help? i have just found a pigeon with a broken wing , i have some questions on what to do with him/her?
Q: what do pigeons eat?**ARE there any bird santuarys on long island were they caN HELP THIS POOR BIRD?if it’s wing is broken is it possible for him to fix it and fly away?
A: is a list of places that might be able to help you. If not then a vet is your best bet. He will need his wing wrapped. is another place where they might be able to offer you help.Nancy
Budgie: beak problem? and male or female?
Q: beak: recently inherited a budgie from my grandpa and he seems to have a bit of an oddly shaped beak (see link for picture) i will take it to the vet but i just wondered if anyone had an opinion about what caused it or if its possible to fix, its especially apparent when compared with the new bird we just got as a companion for him new bird, it was in a cage at the pet shop with 3 other birds, 2 were definately male and the other two were a pinkish/blue colour (again see link for picture) i would assume they had arrived at about the same time so i wonder if the two without blue ceres were female (one of which i bought), any idea what colour types they would be defined as?
A: There is definitely something wrong with his beak. I’d guess that either someone inexperienced tried to trim his beak, or he wasn’t supplied with enough calcium, which stunted the normal growth. It can probably be fixed over time by having his vet file the beak properly and supplementing his diet with lots lots of calcium. just take him to the vet and give him a cuttlebone and a mineral block, and he should be fine, as long as he can still eat properly. Your new bird is a female. Most people don’t realize that a budgie with any white on their cere, even with some blue on it too, is in fact female. If you look at your budgies cere, she does have some blue on it, but if look at the top part of her cere, towards her nostrils, it’s white. Your male is a yellow based classic green budgie, or more simply, an average green budgie. This is the original color mutation, and is the same as the one found in the wild flocks of Australia, where they originate from. Your female seems to be a type two yellow face/spangle combination. Type two yellow face is the yellow face variety where not only is the yellow coloring in the feathers of the face, but has mixed with the body feathers, resulting in a teal coloration. Spangle is a color mutation where the wing and tail markings are switched, so instead of black wing feathers with white tips, the feathers are white with black tips. Hope I helped!Edit: Thanks Moggie! I knew there was something I had missed. She’s definitely opaline too.
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