Is it weird to drink blood

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Many people would consider it to be weird to drink blood, since it is certainly not the normal activity. Also, drinking blood can result in undesirable consequences, such as disease contraction. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Did you ever find it weird that you eat his body and drink his bl…?
I find “bathe yourself in the blood of Christ” to be FAR more disturbing than drinking his blood.

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Is Liking the Taste of Blood Weird?
Q: Whenever I get cut I start to drink the blood until it stops?Is that weird?Plus all I can think about is drinking bloodIs this weird?
A: It’s only weird if you can’t stop thinking about the blood.
Do you find it weird that christians want you to eat the messiah’s flesh, and drink his blood?
Q: Can any of you credibly explain this as a civilized religion?-where you offer a guy up as a human sacrifice,then go to church and practice symbolic cannibalism and blood drinking from his corpse??Is it just meor is that truly messed up??
A: religious people can suck m y cockTHats what i think of you assholes going to other categories and deleting questionsf u c k you
What Happens When You Drink Blood?
Q: I have a friend who likes to drink her own blood. (I know, it’s weird.) I have done some research and I think that see has autovampirism. She doesn’t seem to think of it as a mental problem. Are there any medical risks associated with drinking her own blood? Will it clot in her stomach? Can it give her any diseases? I care very deep;y for this friend, and if this is a medical risk, I need to know for her sake.
A: She is a little nuts, but it won’t do any real harm. It’s a heck of a good laxative, though, and doesn’t smell like roses when it re-appears.
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