Is periodontal disease harmful

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Diabetes is not only a risk factor for periodontal disease, but periodontal disease may make diabetes worse. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Periodontal Disease harmful?
Other than losing your teeth, Periodontal Disease has been linked to premature births, diabetes, heart disease, and pancreatic cancer.
Why Periodontal Disease is Harmful
Periodontal disease is just that—a disease. Once you understand that it is a disease just like hyperthyroidism, arthritis or heart disease, you will begin to understand why it is so important to treat. Gingivitis is defined as reversible in…

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what is the best mouthwash?
Q: i’m doing reasearch on this and im trying to do a better job of taking care of my teeth.i found out that some of the mouth washes are actually harmful…so which is good??? if someone has a nasty taste in there mouth after they’ve used there mouthwash is that a sign of periodontal disease??…am i supposed to wait an hour and a half to eat after i’ve used mouthwash??
A: Mouth wash is an aiding tool for oral hygiene, but unfortunately some people abuse it and some companies add some additives to help lazy people, adding alcohol to mouth wash proved to be linked to oral cancer, so if u r going to use a mouth wash it must be void of alcohol, another point is that acetaldehyde, a biproduct of alcohol is proved to be carcinogenic
Had a cleaning yesterday but my mouth seems awfully sensitive?
Q: Yesterday I went to the dentist to have both a cavity filled and a cleaning. It had been several years since I had either done and the filling didn’t seem nearly as painful as the cleaning. The lady took this probe and stuck into far into my gums she had said that she was determining if I was in the early stages of periodontal disease. After hearing quite a few fours I became concerned she just told me that she had people who had worse gums than I. I didn’t know anything about periodontal disease, and she told me that if the gum is at depth four they don’t generally go in and clean the plaque and such out. She also told me I needed to floss on a regular basis and this will help. Well, I have been brushing my teeth after every meal, and flossing too is this more harmful because my gums hurt real bad when I eat or is this part of the cleaning. In other words will my gums toughen up are they just sore because they are in rough shape from my neglect.
A: gum disease happens over time generally from leaving plaque between teeth to start. The probings were done to determine where you are gum health wise. Readings of .5 to 3 are considered healthy. Readings of 4 usually mean inflammation. 5 and up is irreversible disease. Inflammation can be controlled and reduced with good brushing and flossing. If you hadn’t flossed before your cleaning, then the gums are usually swollen and sensitive afterwards. Rinsing with warm salt water will help bring the swelling down. If you started flossing more than once a day, then that is probably adding to the sensitivity. If you keep at it, the pain will go away. It’s like someone who starts working out. Their muscles are usually sore at first, but with time, they just get healthier.Keep it up!!
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