Is phlebotomy a high demand career

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Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. [ Source: ]
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Is phlebotomy a high demand career
Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.
What are some really high demand health care related jobs? Phlebo…?
So many right now my aunt is a Radiologist and she says they are at the top on pay, hours are very flexible, and demand is extremely high. Others would be Physical Therapy Assistant an actual Physical Therapist, Cardiologist, Anesthesiologi…

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Is phlebotomy a good career to get into?
Q: I’m a CNA now but I’m wanting to go back to school but I don’t know for what just yet. I had to get some blood drawn the other day and I knew the lady who drew it from high school. She said it doesn’t take long to go to school for it. Does it pay well and are phlebotomists in demand?
would you rather get a job in the mall or a store you like, or go to school for something?
Q: I’m not sure what to do.I sometimes think it might be fun to work, at the mall, and maybe move my way up, but then I think, well, medical careers are in high demand, and think about taking a short course in Phlebotomy( taking blood) and doing some lab work.Wht would you do?
A: A medical vocation is always worth considering, from nurses and consultants right down to hospital cleaning staff. The resource in the box below has some really awesome tips on joining this splendid industry. My brother got some really awesome help from there prior to securing a vocation as a medical admin assistant.
which should i pick , ?
Q: i am wondering about my 2 choices in career i was thinking of going for a phlebotomy technician certificate, but CNA’s are in high demand i am worried about investing time and money in a career that may be hard to find a job in ,like a phlebotomist many will hire only w/ prior expierience and if you just got certified , then what if they wont hire , i am just worried so give me your thoughts i live in austin , how do i check if phlebotomists are in demand ,let me know something {informative} please
A: i say go with the CNA career. there is always a need for help in local and bigger hospitals with nurses
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