Is prostate cancer inherited

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Prostate cancer seems to run in some families, which suggests that in some cases there may be an inherited or genetic factor. Having a father or brother with prostate cancer more than doubles a man’s risk of developing this disease. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is prostate cancer inherited ?
Although there are no prostate cancer genes have been discovered, the disease does sometimes seem to run in families. For someone like you, who has a close relative (a father) who has had prostate cancer, the risk of developing it is increa…
Can susceptibility to prostate cancer be inherited?
Recent studies have concluded that a susceptibility to prostate cancer can be inherited. It estimated that 5 to 10 percent of all prostate cancer cases are considered hereditary. This means that in some families, a genetic predisposition to…
Which inherited genetic mutations raise the risk of prostate canc…?
Researchers continue to find genes that may be associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. However, more research is needed to better understand these genes before genetic testing can be used to determine a man’s risk of developin…

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IS this genetic or can i inherit it?
Q: So one of my grandpas died 5 or 6 years ago from cancer and now my other grandpa has just found out he has prostate cancer and its spread to his bones and probably organs and if both grandpas had cancer but both grandmas are healthy but both grandpas also have had heart attacks and open heart surgery i am a 17 year old female do you think i am at risk of heart problems or cancer?
A: No, you’re not at increased risk of cancer.Hereditary cancer is rare – fewer than 10% of all cancer cases are hereditary.A sign that a cancer MAY be hereditary within a family is when several members of the same side of that family have had the SAME type of cancer, especially if some developed it at a younger than usual age.You don’t inherit a general tendency to get cancer, and several family members having had different types of cancer isn’t hereditary.And cancer that’s diagnosed after the age of 50 is less likely to be hereditary.
Anyone see ” The killer within you” on tv last night.?
Q: It was a programme about inherited genes.I found it quite scary. Would anyone have themselvestested for heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer andaltzheimers. Would you want to know what you will die of.jomo 69. Respect to you, I think you are very brave.john m. Why will you die at 74.,I am 64 now that would mean only 10years left. Not long enough.janet h. If I could somehow stave off the illness I would want to know, but if there was nothing I could do about it then I would prefer not to know.
A: i have Huntington’s in my family i could have this horrible horrible decease, but I’m not having the test, i try not to worry about it cause my way of thinking is i could walk out of my front door and get run over by a bus tomorrow, you only have one life so live it.
Judeo-Christians does your God approve of his creation self pleasuring themselves to orgasm ?
Q: I mean do we really need to enforce marriage and procreation if we want to indulge in solitary sex.Who are we harming?Please do not quote from the Jewish acquired section of the Bible in Genesis regarding Onan as it is clear Onanism is a misnomer as most Bible Scholars now conclude that God slew Onan for Coitus Interruptus or more specifically for refusing to impregnate his dead brothers wife.Onan was not an Onanist in the colloquial sense.Paul,that old fraud,issues threats against abusers of themselves not inheriting the kingdom of God but masturbation is not self abuse as in most cases it relieves stress and prevents Prostrate cancer in men by removing harmful carcinogenic material from the testes which is a major factor in Prostate cancer in men.You cannot say the God whom you believe in did not design human sexuality not to be a solitary experience for why would this God be stupid or blind enought to provide humanity with erogenous zones linked to touch and imagination.Catholics may state section 2352 of the official cathchism of their organisation, which not all Judeo literal orthodox Christians believe in , is the guidlines in that it says masturbation is,”the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive pleasure”,yet this edit is not from God as such but from men in a male dominated organisation with a history of sexual abuse carried out by it’s clergy on its flock..namely young boys sexually abused by Priests.Maybe masturbation would assist these celibates to get their repressed sexual issues taken in hand…no pun intended.In Ancient Egypt even Pharoah himself spilled his seed upon the Nile as part of his divine royal duties to ensure a good crop for the coming harvest.Pre Christian Pagans and other belief systems appear to be indifferent to masturbation so surely masturbation where did the sin aspect come from?It is unfair that this sin has been pushed upon believers in this nonsense.We can only egaculate to procreate.I suggest to believers in this concept that today it is untenable and unworkable as most Judeo Christians of the literal orthodox bent do not follow this arcane rule and surely the time has come to change the script to reflect modern sexual mores and keep the population at a sustainable level and save mens lives from the lingering death of Prostate cancer.
A: Being the product of a puritanical mother with Victorian values I have spent a lifetime of guilt regarding sexual pleasures, be them masturbatory or otherwise.
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