Is rabies a Zoonotic disease

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Zoonotic diseases are: diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Rabies can be passed from animal to human, so yes. [ Source: ]
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Is rabies a Zoonotic disease
Zoonotic diseases are: diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Rabies can be passed from animal to human, so yes.
Is Rabies the first every recorded Zoonotic disease to spread fro…?
I think Anthrax should also be considered as I believe it happened in Ancient Egypt? Although I’m not positive, I remember reading something about it in my Microbiology class, however i couldn’t remember the chapter.
Do you understand the risks of rabies and other zoonotic diseases…?
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Zoonotic Disease Transmitted Through Animal Bites?
Q: I have to do a report on a zoonotic disease only I can’t choose which one I want to do. I’d like to do one that is transmitted via animal bites or scratches but I DON’T want to do rabies or anything parasitic. Can anyone think of any other diseases transmitted this way?
A: Cat scratch disease (aka cat scratch fever), caused by Bartonella henselae. Interesting, with the causative agent identified only fairly recently, plus it was a great rock song by Ted Nugent in 1977.If that doesn’t suit, check this CDC publication, which lists several more possibilities: do you mean, you don’t get to choose which one to do? Is your teacher going to assign you something?Good luck!
I have two poodles. Is it safe to feed wildlife and birds in my yard? Please checkout details BELOW.?
Q: I am blessed to live at the edge of a canyon. I have been feeding the birds,raccoons,opossums,squirrels that frequent my yard.I realize the zoonotic diseases these animals may carry, including rabies,leptospirosis ,worms,and such. But I just wonder how high the risk is for my dogs or kids contracting one of these diseases. I vaccinate my kids and pets as little as possible. Yes, we have the rabies vaccination, but that is it.(Sorry, not a big fan of vaccination).We enjoy the birds and critters so much, but I don’t want to risk family health.Please no lectures about how I shouldn’t be do feeding the wildlife in the first place. Thank you. I will Best Answer promtply.
A: I personelly wouldn’t be feeding opossums, they’re not the nicest wild life around but feeding the wild birds and even the squirrels wouldn’t hurt anything, Squirrels eat out of my bird feeder all the time (they’ve done it so much they’ve broke it and i can only fill it up so far before the seeds just pour out of it) I’ve thrown food out into my yard for the raccoons before BUT I stopped after i heard a true story one of my dads friends was sitting on his porch in the dark (him and his wife just had a big fight) and he thought it was thier cat he was feeling the fur off , well he got up and went into the house to get the cat some food – and when he opened the door it was a coon and it litterley jumped straight for the mans face his wife had to use a broom to get it off of him and then he grabbed his gun he had behind the door and had to shoot it, it would NOT stop attacking – he had the screen door shut ( it had the glass in it not the screens) and it kept comming at the door attacking it So after my dad told me that I stopped feeding them But i still feed the wild birds/squirrels but i’ve got one pain in the butt opossum here ( and i live in town) that decided it was going to Drag out my bag of bird food i had on my poorch, tear a hole in it and Spill it all over the place I guess he ate some of it in the mean time I even sat it on top of Salt(for ice) i’ve got out side and he still got it and didn’t get none of the ice Grrrr I hate them things with a passion
Is it out of question the possibility for a rabies outbreak can happen,?
Q: Not from a Hollywood stand point but from a medical stand point. Is it out of question the possibility for a multi resistant viral zoonotic neuroinvasive disease Outbreak to occur on the human population. That has characteristics like, a short Incubation period, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, and Neoplasm. Now the chances of all those symptoms occurring would be as unlikely as my best nightmare coming true. Is it possible for a rabies outbreak to happen? If there was one new strain of a super bug that can do exactly that with those symptoms?
A: No it is not out of the question. Many wild animals have rabies and also plenty of people do not have their pets vaccinated. My daughter works as a veterinarian tech and they still have some problems with rabies. It is of course attributed to man’s intrusion into the wiled places with a growing population and to the ignorance of those who do not get their pets proper vaccines. Peace&Love be with you…~M~
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