Is tb a Std

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Tuberculosis is not a sexually-transmitted disease. It is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis that can be transferred by contacts like touching or eating unclean food. [ Source: ]
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Is TB a std?
No, TB is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is airborne transmitted so if someone has TB, stay away from them.
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No, IETA solicits reviewers with international public health experience from CIOs across CDC who are given specific guidance on the review process. 
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any risk of std and TB?
Q: On 13th May 2009 i had sex with Sex worker,During Sex i did not remove my clothes,hence did not have vaginal sex and anal sex,but i did mild kissing on her body skin,not her lips or vagina,i used my hands and rubbed her body,lot of hugging and rubbings after 30 minutes i ejaculated in my pants,The encounter took place in a warm place so both were sweating lot,Within one minute after encounter,i washed my hands with Toilet soap,used the same toilet soap to wash my face.After 12hrs of this encounter i started getting boils near my nose,took four days of antibiotic treatment the boils vanished,now i have eye infection,eyes are red and get liquid discharge from eyes.for continuous three weeks i am spitting lot of productive sputum sometimes no color in the sputum or sometime gray color sputum with no cough.i have mild neck stiffness,fatigue,low appetite,mild sweating in the night.soft swollen lymph nodes in the left side of groan area,left side of my head i have tingling feeling.I am worrying weather the toilet soap which i used to wash my hands and face is causing any problems,pls let me about the risks of std and tuberculosis.
A: That is primary syphilis. it is typically acquired via direct sexual contact with the infectious lesions of a person with syphilis. Approximately 10–90 days after the initial exposure (average 21 days), a skin lesion appears at the point of contact, which is usually the genitalia, but can be anywhere on the body. This lesion, called a chancre, is a firm, painless skin ulceration localized at the point of initial exposure to the spirochete, often on the penis, vagina or rectum. Rarely, there may be multiple lesions present although typically only one lesion is seen. The lesion may persist for 4 to 6 weeks and usually heals spontaneously. Local lymph node swelling can occur.
Std’s and TB, exist in the U.S. because of immigrants from thirld world countries.?
Q: …. I went to a training in my office (run by the agency’s nurse) and she said that STD’s and TB exist and present themselves in the U.S. BECAUSE of immigration from thirld world countries. I have serious issues with her statement on different levels. I have not been able to get info on this issue, and I think that is something very ignorant to say. People usually get tested for diseases when they want to apply for a US VISA and they live in high risk areas, so why would she say that?
A: Why would she say that?Because she is ignorant.Because she is a bigot.Because she is afraid of people who are different than her.Because it lets her feel superior.Because it lets her blame her own STD on “those people” instead of on her own poor choices.Who knows? The important thing is that you know that she is wrong. I would suggest that you write a letter to someone asking (not complaining, just asking) about this.I woulda) be very very polite in my letter. “My father was an immigrant and I am curious .. ” b) ask for clarification. “I’d not heard these statistics before and since they are not in our study materials, I would really like to know where they come from so that I can be sure I’m giving out the right information.”c) copy not only your boss and her boss, but whoever scheduled the training, and anyone else you can think of who might get outraged and do something about this.Good for you for being concerned.
background medical check?
Q: I have a medical background check for a casino. I was wondering what they check for. Is it TB, or STD’s. A friend of mine told me they check for TB and STD’s. Do you guys know what they check for?
A: background medical check???????????????what are you trying to ask about?medical records are confidential and can not be “checked” as in a background you mean they will do a physical? drug screen? background check?some employers do require a physical but can only do so after an offer of employment has been made.many employers do drug screens and they are allowed without any job offer.background checks require that a release and certain information be provided by you before it is completed.
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