Is that a bad disease

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If endocarditis is not treated, the bacteria that cause endocarditis can form growths on or around the heart valves. Over time, heart failure can develop because your heart may not be able to pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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My cat had rotten teeth and has a bad disease. PLEASE READ. What …?
I have been fostering a 3 year old cat and when I took her she just had her back teeth extracted because of gingivitis. So I took her on Thursday for a check up…..they are keeping her now until next Friday. I cried like a baby when they c…
Bad Breath Disease; How Not to Be a Victim
How Not to Be a Victim You wouldn’t want to be suffering from embarrassment caused by having bad breath, right? … Just merely having an oral regimen is not enough to fight off anaerobic bacteria. You need to have proper knowledge of thi…
What’s the worst disease you could get?
Everything I do revolves around my dick. Anything that involves my dick falling off. Jimmy: I’ll go on the record and say the worst disease you could ever have is kids. Jason: I agree. Mike: I agree.

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Is there anyway you can purposefully get a really bad disease?
Q: not anything fatal though. Preferably a disease that is really painful. How would you “catch” something like this? I feel like i need to suffer. Now i don’t need any therapy advice i just need answers. Thank you
A: Go somewhere where Ebola is present.and your set.”Treatment is primarily supportive and includes minimizing invasive procedures, balancing electrolytes, replacing lost coagulation factors to help stop bleeding, maintaining oxygen and blood levels, and treating any complicating infections. Despite some initial anecdotal evidence, blood serum from Ebola survivors has been shown to be ineffective in treating the virus. Interferon is also thought to be ineffective. Ribavirin is ineffective. In monkeys, administration of an inhibitor of coagulation (rNAPc2) has shown some benefit, protecting 33% of infected animals from a usually 100% (for monkeys) lethal infection. In early 2006, scientists at USAMRIID announced a 75% recovery rate after infecting four rhesus monkeys with Ebola virus and administering antisense drugs”
im 15 and want to kiss my girlfriend but afraid she could have a bad disease or something in the mouth.?
Q: im 15 and i just started dating my girlfriend that i really like. she told me that she likes giving head but im not that kind of guy that does that. i really wanted to kiss her but i found out she has given a different guy head before. should i be worried if i kiss her would i catch a bad harmful disease?
A: If her mouth looks normal its pretty much safe.HEAD=WIN
A question for those who say that Homosexuality is a disease?
Q: How do you treat them, considering you see them as having a disease, which they probably dont have control over?I’ve seen a few ppl here say homosexuality is like a bad disease?
A: I believe that the origin of the “homosexuality is a disease” idea is because, at one time, psychology taught that it was due to a mental disorder. Some books still have it listed as “deviant behavior.” I’m not giving my opinion on the matter, just trying to give background as where this idea comes from.
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