Is there a disorder where you are born old

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No, but there is a rare genetic disease called progeria in which children are old by age 10 or so. [ Source: ]
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Is there a disorder where you are born old
No, but there is a rare genetic disease called progeria in which children are old by age 10 or so.

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is there a situation where i’d be trapped in britain & wouldn’t be able to leave? i have an ‘iam stuck’ phobia
Q: i was born in south france (st paul de vence) ,i came to UK at 7 years old. iam 30 now.i have suffered an exceptional amount of traum in my life,i now have BPD that ive had since i have a mental health history. iam now waiting for therapy for my disorder.but you have to help me….i have a deep fear…..see my ultimate ambition is to move away from immigrate far away to a hot climate, to begin a new life for me..this is my top goalbut im litterally frightened to death, that there could be a situation, where i’d be trapped here,in britain & they wouldnt let me leave,& theyd keep me here…iam terrified of this scenario, as i dislike britain and wish to leave..if it wasnt for my disorder,i would leave tommorrow, without a heartbeat..i fear if this terrifying nightmare was to come true..i would 100% kill myself,i really do not want to stay here..iam not british and i do not relate to their way of life.please don’t insult me,can anyone help please? omg
A: No, there is no such situation that would keep you trapped in Britain. I can assure you of this.In addition, once you get into therapy, your anxiety over this fear will leave permanently. You will feel as if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You are smart to seek help. The next time you write, I hope to hear that you are in a sunny place 🙂
Is there any hope for me (sad story)?
Q: I was born in Valley Forge Pennsylvania. I lived on 3 acres of woods and i didnt really have any friends. I was socially akward and had ADD dyslexia and borderline autistic. I had a really caring mother and she spent a lot of time with me. Since the time i was a little boy i would see these demons walking around my room. My problem continued to get worse and worse every year. They would bang on my walls and make all sorts of strange noises. I would watch them peer down at me as i lay in my bed. My parents didnt beleive me about my problem. my mom made fun of me for it and my dad would hit me. My father had really bad anger problems and was never part of my life really asides from yelling and punishing me. All my dad does is look at porn and watch the news. Any way the demons kept getting more violent and started hitting me all the time. I still have some of the scars. I tried blessing the house because my parents refused to help me. By this point in time i had 2 close friends that helped me through the trauma. I was thrown into utter depression when i found out i was moving to portland oregon. I didnt want to live anymore and i tried killing myself i few times. Even after i moved i was still being tormented by these evil spirits. And it really hurt. I got put into a really nasty school where kids would beat you up for no reason and i was afraid. Kids would have sex in the hallways (prostitutes) I always carried a knife on me because of how many times students had held knives to my neck. I got molested a ton in the bathrooms and my grades tanked. I got really pissed off and i became i rough kid. I would punch students when the messed with me or anyone else and i started cussing a ton. I had completely lost my temper when i caught a boy raping a girl in the back of the hallway when they shuld of been in class. Then one of the kids i got along well with there died and i felt worse than ever. kept switching schools over and over. i havent stayed in a school for more than a year since 4th grade. I went to a psycholgist who evaluated me and said that i was the only person she had ever met who sees demons but doesnt have a mental disorder. I really do see things and she directed me to a preist. she also said that because of all the truama in my life i wont ever be able to recover. Sometimes i get nasty flashbacks of my past. and i can litteraly feel the physical pain all over again from things ive lived through. Even though its all in my head the feelings are real. I stopped caring about everything especially myself. Nothing mattered at all. My mom said that i say i dont care because its easier than caring. I just feel like crap these days. Im 16 years old now and i miss my friends in p.a and my home. I am pretty messed up from my past and i want to know if there is still any hope for me. Ive completely fallen apart. I even got kicked out of one of my old schools for being so messed up.
A: i feel for you man, i really do and i just want you to know that you truly are one heck of a kid. i won’t lie to you, alot of people in this world will not accept you for who you are but that is no reason to give up on life. He who fears being conquered, is sure of defeat. Now, i can’t promise you that in life you will make dozens of friends but i can promise you that if you keep fighting sorrow and tragedy you will make it through life. i know it’s hard but you have to search for that little bit of happiness in your heart and hold onto it. you will be loved and you will find friends who care for you, all in good time.
This is for you men out there. Would you prefer a woman with AIS?
Q: I’ve just recently read articles describing women with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome as the perfect women and that men prefer them over women who are born genetically female. In fact, many models and celebrities are known to have AIS. Also, women with AIS were used as prostitutes in the old west because of their exceptional good looks and their inability to become pregnant. AIS refers to a condition in which sexual development is affected during puberty and before birth. Women with this condition are genetically male but because their bodies are unable to respond to androgens (male sex hormones) they may have mostly female characteristics or signs of both female and male sexual development. The woman will have undescended testicles instead of a uterus and ovaries and will be infertile. Some do not have fully developed vaginas to where they have an opening but no upper vagina. This is known as Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which affects 90% of women with AIS. The rest have Partial AIS which means that their genitalia looks almost completely female to almost completely male. The upside is that women with AIS have been described as being exceptionally beautiful and the perfect woman. They are said to be more beautiful than women born genetically female.They’re characteristically tall, elegant, slender but curvy, with perfectly well developed breast, perfectly angular cheekbones, large toothy grins, little or no auxillary or pubic hair, they emit no body odor, and do not menstruate. They do not develop acne and have perfect skin.I have read that Giselle Bundchen may have this disorder because she fits the physical traits but I think this rumor was started by someone who is envious of her. Although, even were she genetically male, I doubt most men would turn her down. What do you men think? Would you date or marry a woman with AIS? Please explain preferably with no nasty comments on the disorder. I know this may seem to come across as a strange question. One that a person would not find on Yahoo Answers, but I still think it is a legitimate one on the basis that there are thousands of women in the world that suffer from AIS and they’re human beings with the same rights to love, happiness and a regular life just as anyone else.
A: There may be men who are willing to sacrifice the feelings of an “incomplete” woman for aesthetic and sensual beauty. I wouldn’t prefer a woman with AIS because I’m in it for the long haul – to raise kids and a family.
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