Is there a featherless bird

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Yes! A disease called beacon feather which affects the immune system. This virus causes birds to pull out their own feathers. [ Source: ]
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Is there a featherless bird
Yes! A disease called beacon feather which affects the immune system. This virus causes birds to pull out their own feathers.
What Featherless Bird is never a gentleman?
Penguin they have fur, not feathers, they are birds, but don’t fly, and they’re black and white fur makes them look like they’re wearing tuxedos, which a gentleman always wears.
Is the market ready for featherless birds?
But as soon you open your eyes again the attractiveness of the featherless bird is completely gone. What an ugly bird. It is right than where your emotions are switched on again and all technical en economic advantages get a different dimen…

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Riddle me this: There came the featherless bird, sat on the leafless tree…?
Q: …there came the being without feet, caught it without hands, ate it without a mouth. What are the “bird” and the “being”?
A: Ha, I studied German too! The snowflake on the leafless tree is eaten by the sun.
Found 2 featherless baby birds don’t know what kind it is plz help?
Q: My friend is at work right now and saw two baby featherless birds fall from a tree. I watched my mother take in all sorts of animals as a baby and can’t possibly tell him to leave them there, I’d feel so guilty. I need to know if anyone would be able to help me figure out what kind of birds they are if I can provide pictures and I’ll need some ideas of what to feed them. I already got MEAT:* P/D dogfood (canned and available from most veterinarians),* dry puppy kibbles (have to be soaked in water),* boiled chicken, strained beef baby food,* hard boiled chicken egg yolk,* live insects such as flies and mealworms.GRAIN:* high protein dry baby cereal ,* wheat germ,* corn or oat meal that has been powdered down in a blender.Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. I hope my dad lets me take these guys in.Thank you, Lolipop. Message sent I’ll let you know if I get a response!I’m thinking it over, I only work 3 days a week and have a twin brother & older sister that can feed it every 30 min while I’m at work. I’m afraid the Vets in my Brooklyn area will just euthanize them or will charge me to leave the birds with them, greeeeeedy vets in my area. I appreciate your concern and am struggling with the same questions in my head.
A: It’s illegal for you to have these birds in your possession. All native wild birds in the US are protected by State, Federal and International wildlife and migratory bird laws. You cannot raise, feed or keep these birds for ANY reason. If you do and are caught, you will face large fines and jail time. You have two options:The birds should be returned to their parents. That’s where they belong. If you can locate the nest – put them back immediately.If you cannot return them to their parents, you must bring them to a licensed wildlife rehabiliator TODAY. They are the only people in North America who are permitted to raise, house and treat native wild birds.Services are FREE to the public – you will not be charged.Please use these links to locate one in your area:
I had an awful nightmare: what do you think it means?
Q: In it I give birth to a baby. I wrap him/her in a blue blanket, and walk from the hospital to all sorts of places. On the way I loose the baby 3 times, as in drop it and then have to look for it. 1st two times I find it, but it is still unwashed. The 3rd time I find the blanket, but when I open it up there is a featherless bird inside, and it’s dead. I’ve had nightmares this whole week.
A: It is a general belief that birth in a dream means a death of someone or something. Birth and death mean the opposite of each other. That’s the first part of the dream. Are you in a relationship that has had its ups and downs? Another interpretation for the rest of it is that the blue blanket implies a male partner that you’ve been having trouble with. Your relationship is going on but going nowhere. Again with the dead bird and it meaning the opposite, I believe your relationship with this person will die and then there will be a birth to a new and better one.
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