Is there such thing as ink disease

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Ink Disease was an LA zine that looked like an MRR clone, although Joe Henderson, who shot the Fiesta House photos …MORE? [ Source: ]
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Is there such thing as ink disease
Ink Disease was an LA zine that looked like an MRR clone, although Joe Henderson, who shot the Fiesta House photos …MORE?

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What Peta should/shouldn’t be doing?
Q: This is a comparative list of what “PETA” the animal lovers should/shouldn’t be doing and feel free to share opinions, flame me for touching a sensitive nerve and even going towards this road:what peta shouldn’t do:- they shouldn’t be protesting about a cause that pales in comparison to what actual animal rescue groups actually do and they take up rallies to the circus, KFC, and fur coat makers and animal testing labs. This is useless to go against because most of those places don’t violate any major ethics other than peta’s and that is just for existing.-they shouldn’t endorse the ALF because they destroy progress to humanity and they aren’t a research organization, they are a group of rag tag bombers that love to destroy work on anti viruses and cures for potentially incurable diseases. They need to make a bridge to work in a much economical way of destroying the science community (like supporting ID and retro sciences like ESP)-they need to stop wasting the money that was entrusted to them on giant buildings with a lab, chemicals and a Giant Indoor Freezer that Kills unwanted dogs that they deem unfit(poor pit bulls) and they need to try and donate to causes that will stop the endangering process of other species such as the giant frog in Africa that’s constantly eaten.what they should do:- they need to do what rescue ink does and SAVE dogs and other animals that are in trouble by bad owners that raise sick dogs, put them into dog fights and even give lessons on how to handle a stray animal carefully. They don’t and they are spending useless protests and give “name changes” to places and buildings deemed inappropriate to their eyes. do they even give this stuff a chance?-they should work with the science community to increase progress to the point where we have more than enough products that come from meat that don’t cause animal deaths. The need for meat and other products are going to be infinite, so why protest chickens, cows and other farm animals being abused at Certain farms( they show the same footage of the same place) that actually violate industry protocol?-Stop making shock protest that are stupid, idiotic and a waste of Donations from around the country that want to see animal adoption awareness. Steve Irwin showed how to treat certain animals in the wild if you met them, and Caesar Milan will do more than Newkirk would ever do if she had a child; Caesar will Tell you how to raise a dog and get a great dog without hassle. Showing the holocaust to chickens, making a Flash game that is so stupid even i know KFC will never kill a chicken cruelly without justification. There is no way you guys will ever be taken seriously when you make all fish “sea kittens”. that was too low.i want to say more but if you want to add more suggestions feel free and i don’t know too much about animal rescue things so i will ideally put what should happen. Newkirk, Marybeth sweet land will keep using animal products so just kick her out now.
A: You said a mouthful sister!The people from Peta, and especially ALF are knuckleheads of the first order.BecauseThe Lord gave Man dominion over the beasts in the fields and birds in the sky and all the fish in all the oceans. Some say he even gave The Colonel the inspiration for the 11 secret herbs and spices that go into the Colonel’s delicious chicken at KFC that we all love so much! It is some heavenly good chicken.Any way, I love animals, they’re delicious.
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