Should I breast feed or feed from the bottle

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Breastfeeding is what nature intended for baby’s perfect first food & immunization against diseases.Bottle is good alternative. [ Source: ]
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Should i breast feed or bottle feed?
Try breast feeding first. I was 21 when I gave birth to my daughter. My milk took one or two days longer to come in but that does not depend on age, rather that I had lost a lot of blood while giving birth. I wont lie…the first couple of …
Should I breast or bottle feed?
It’s up to you but think about the pros and cons of both. Breast feeding is best for your baby, everyone knows that but I chose to fomula feed my two because i felt it was better for my family as a whole.
How can I bottle feed my breast fed baby?
If you want help and 24hr support then ring little Angels the breast feeding support group Tel Michelle Atkin on 07746515903 or 01254-772929. This is a really good group of mums who support mums and even if you don’t live in their locality …

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should i breast feed or bottle feed?
Q: i know its more nutritious to breast feed but im only 20 and i wanted to know if age had anything to do with the milk coming in or if its going to affect me being able to breast feed or if i should just bottle feed from the start? is it going to be painfull? how will i know if my baby is getting enough milk? how do i know if im doing it right or if my baby is comfortable?any advice is greatly appreciated!P.s no rude comments needed! how does it “mess up” your boobs? i mean its not a big deal…. but i dont want to be all freaky my job depends on my appearance!!!
A: Try breast feeding first.I was 21 when I gave birth to my daughter. My milk took one or two days longer to come in but that does not depend on age, rather that I had lost a lot of blood while giving birth.I wont lie…the first couple of weeks was painful breastfeeding. I got as much help as I could from the midwives and nurses at the hospital. They would come at every feed and help me get baby latched on and supervise the positioning etc. It was a tremendous help! I had cracked nipples and the first 10-20 seconds when she latched on would be very painful then a dull tugging pain throughout the rest of the feed.Now she is four months old and I love nursing her as she looks up to me with her beautiful eyes and smiles.You will know if baby is getting enough milk if they are having regular wet and dirty nappies and most importantly gaining weight well. I would definately suggest learning to feed lying down as it can be helpful when you are tired and want a bit of a rest. Newborns take a long time to feed if breastfeeding, upto 40 minutes sometimes so it makes it a lot easier. Also when my baby wakes up in the morning at around 6am I bring her into bed with me (husband is up for work) and nurse her lying down. We both fall back to sleep and then don’t get up till 8-9.
Is it better to breast feed or just pump it from your breasts into the bottle?
Q: I want to know if I should breast feed, but I dont want my breasts to sag. So would there be any difference if I used a breast pump and just gave it to the baby in a bottle? I know its better for the baby, but what will my side effects be?
A: The pump will be worse for your breasts sagging. You should breastfeed, as it is less stressful for both you and the baby.
Should I quit feeding my baby from the breast?
Q: My little boy is 20 weeks old. All of his life he has had severe acid reflux, he’s been in the hospital for it, and is constantly miserable. I almost exclusively breast feed. Last week, upon the doctor’s suggestion, I started feeding him solids with a spoon. It’s usually rice cereal, mixed with expressed breast milk and some baby food. He loves it, and he takes it very well. The best part is that he doesn’t vomit when he eats this way. When he drinks from the breast or bottle, he vomits.He still wants to nurse, and he still demands to be fed every three hours, although I’m not sure that feeding a baby cereal with a spoon every three hours would be very practical, especially in the middle of the night.It’s obvious that he feels much better eating with a spoon, and that breast feeding and bottle feeding makes him miserable, but how do I manage a four month olds feedings this way? Is it possible, or even healthy to start feeding my baby exclusively with a spoon, if it means he isn’t going to be miserable, screaming, coughing, and vomiting???Thanks.I’ve done everything you can possibly imagine, upright feedings have been a norm in this house, he cannot tolerate any other way, but thanks.It doesn’t matter if it’s breastmilk from the breast, bottle, formula, or even prune juice for constipation, if he has to suck, it’s coming back up.So, I’m wondering if I should pump and mix breast milk with enough cereal/babyfood to feed him with a spoon.
A: Your baby still needs milk. Even though he’s vomiting and spitting up, he is retaining some of the milk.Has your baby’s doc prescribed a medication that might help? I would think that would be healthier than eliminating milk or spoon feeding the milk.
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