Should I travel to mexico now

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that American citizens avoid all nonessential travel to Mexico. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Should I travel to playa del Carmen now with swine flu being foun…?
I just so happen to be going to Playa del Carmen next week. It was a trip I won off of the radio a few months back and I am definitely still going unless the airline cancels the flight or the radio station backs out. As previously mentioned…

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Should a woman be going to Mexico for travel alone right now?
Q: I have a friend who’s mom is going to Mexico and her travel mate backed out. She is still going and will be traveling by Greyhound bus. Is this safe right now?I was concerned about all the drug happenings over there right now, and she will not be with anyone she knows at all. Completely by herself.
A: Well first… there are no Greyhound buses in Mexico.However, in the nicer class of buses in Mexico, they are actually nicer than the Greyhound-type we see in the US. Many have movies and serve a snack. Many are cleaner and nicer than the last Greyhound I was on.Your friend should not be impacted by the much sensationalized violence between the drug-cartel leaders, who are killing each other off. Many of the top leaders have been killed or arrested. The government on all levels in most areas of Mexico are acting united to end the cartel violence and corruption of local police and officials.The fact is that the drug cartels have no interest in people on a bus.However, you don’t say what kind of trip this is. Is there a destination and your friend stays on the bus until she gets there? If all she has to do is transfer in a major city, that’s no big deal.If she is using the bus to travel to one place… stay a few while… then get on a bus and travel to another place… slightly more risky, but NOT due to any of the drug cartel violence! Then she is subject to the same risk any lone traveler will experience, alone in a strange city. What city? What time of night? Does she know where she will be staying the night so all she has to do is take a taxi to there?I live in Baja, and there are back-pack travelers passing through all the time. Most are in pairs, but some are young, innocent, from Europe or Asia, etc. I have seen a few singles… but not many. My favorite cafe is near the local bus stop, so I see them and talk to as many as possible because it is very interesting to meet them and chat. It seems to me that their attitude and common sense is very important.So, if your friend feels she is capable of making the trip, I bet she is. She should not even smoke a joint though! Mexico is not the place to break the law. She should do normal advance research, leave word where she is going, and find internet cafes wherever she travels to give updates. There are some good cell phone and Nextel radio plans where she could stay in contact. When in Mexico a phone card is the cheapest way to call… buy a card and use public phones in safe locations.I would be concerned too, but not afraid. She will be as safe in Mexico as she would be in many other parts of the world, and safer than some. A lot depends on where and what her exact plans are.I hope she has a good time and you work with her to be a point of contact to help her accomplish her goal of travel in Mexico. It is a great country with a rich heritage and culture.~K
Should I travel to playa del Carmen now with swine flu being found in Mexico.?
Q: I plan on going to playa del Carmen on the 11th of May for my honeymoon. My fiance and I see concerned about the swine flu outbreak. Should we go or reschedule?
A: dah what do you think? this a simple one to figure out.
should i still travel to mexico?
Q: I’m going to Huajuapan a city in oaxaca , June 26. I just heard about the Swine Flu in Mexico City, Mexico. My plane from NJ stops in Mexico City, MX airport and I have to go in car to the city . I’m a bit shock and nervous. Should I cancel trip now? Is there any government alerts that US tourist shouldn’t travel to MX right now? Please help!!!
A: i wouldn’t go
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