Was John Travoltas son autistic

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Jett Travolta suffered from Kawasaki disease. Thanks for texting ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/was-john-travoltas-son-autistic ]
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Was John Travoltas son autistic
Jett Travolta suffered from Kawasaki disease. Thanks for texting ChaCha.
How did john travoltas son died?
John Travolta said that his son had a very rare disease, and that common house hold chemicals would cause his son to have seizures. Well when Johns 16 year old son got in the shower, I don’t know what chemical caused it, but he had a seizur…
How old is john travoltas son?
John Travoltas son was a 16-year-old teenager. He was found dead while on a trip in the Bahamas. 🙁

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Is it true that John Travolta’s son Jett is Autistic and they lock him in a room?
Q: I read somewhere that Travolta’s son Jett has autitsm and him and wife Kelly refuse to talk about it. I can respect that, because its their business, but I was curious when I read that their Scientology ‘religion’ wont allow them to acknowledge his disability, and therfore they wont treat him?Other than a picture of him at around 3 or 4, Ive never seen him with the Travoltas. Ive seen pictures of their younger daughter at premieres though.Just curiousOh realy, cough-it-up? Wow, no I didnt know this.Please.If I believed it, would I be asking if it were true? When one asks, it pretty much means they dont know the answer.
A: Im an ex-scientologist and most of what I see posted here about it is extremely laughable. Scientology is all for doctors and medicines and cures. But they are against drugs and treatments that are not cures.The problem with autism is that there is no cure. Its one of the things that the present “treatment” is to drug the child into something abit more normal so the parents can live with it easier. If they want to leave him un-drugged and work with him directly then more power to them.
John Travolta – Killer or Kook?
Q: It is now one year since the tragic death of John Travolta’s 16 year old son Jett following a seizure related to his alleged autism. I seem to remember at the time, a doctor with expertise in this illness saying that although the condition was serious, deaths from it were virtually unheard unless it was left untreated. John and his wife are members of the Church of Scientology. This religion, created by crackpot and science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard back in the 1950s, does not recognise autism as an affliction and it was widely reported at the time that due to their religious beliefs, the Travolta’s had taken the decision not to give their son the treatment that may have saved his life. As Jett, a minor, would presumably have had no say in what treatment he received, I wonder whether his parents should have been arrested for contributing to his death by denying him the treatment he needed. Although I am sure that the Travoltas were devastated by their son’s death and only ever wanted the best for him, it does beg question should parents be able to deny their children any lifesaving treatment that the medical profession have deemed necessary just because it may be contrary to their religious beliefs? Another example that comes to mind is that of Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to deny their children vital blood transfusions. I also wonder if rather than being wealthy celebrities and ‘American royalty’, they had been American poor, would they have received more criticism from the public or attention from the law authorities?http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Testimony_by_John_Travolta_that_son_was_autistic_raises_Scientology_questionsKryten – http://autism.suite101.com/article.cfm/autism_and_epilepsyHope 2009 – Not judging, just askingPoя¢єℓαιη Vєssєℓ (στην αλήθεια) – You seem to repeat my question but fail to answer it. Once again I make no judgements (other than L Ron Hubbard being a crackpot), and no detrimental remarks that I can see. I did as you suggest read Acts 15:28-29, the idea that this is the main plank of JW objection to blood transfusions is risible. Anyway I would have interpreted this as not drinking or eating blood. Does this mean that JWs can’t eat black pudding?While it is clear that if this child was denied appropriate medical treatment it was because of the Travoltas’ bizarre religious beliefs and not with evil intent. I wonder do the courts need more powers to intervene when the vulnerable are at risk. Indeed would the authorities have intervened in this case had this not been a high profile wealthy family backed by a powerful and litigious organisation like the ‘Church’ of Scientology.
A: Probably just a well-meaning kook.
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