What about a degenerative nerve disease? What is that called

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Examples of degenerative nerve diseases include: Alzheimer’s disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Friedreich’s ataxia MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-a-degenerative-nerve-disease%3F-what-is-that-called ]
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What about a degenerative nerve disease? What is that called?
Examples of degenerative nerve diseases include: Alzheimer’s disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Friedreich’s ataxia MORE?

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Am I being neglected by my doctors? ?
Q: This is a loaded question/issue: I am 26 and I have chronic low back pain that is constant. I have had it since I was 14-15 years old, which I didn’t get treated until I was 22. My PCP ordered an MRI which I to an orthopedic surgeon and discovered I had/have Degenerative Disc Disease, one extra vertebrae and it is crooked. The DDD affects L3, all the way to S-1. I have been dealing with the pain for 5 years now, however, it has gotten significantly worse within the past year (nothing has changed with my lifestyle) so I went to my new PCP (mine retired) and they basically poo-pooed it. After the 2nd visit, the Dr. prescribed Hydrocodone which didn’t do much, then Tramadol which I had horrible side affects with no pain relief, then Norco which didn’t take the pain completely away but decreased substantially. When I ran out, I called the doctor to schedule a self-initiated check up, and informed the nurse I was out of the medication and needed a refill and had some general questions. The nurse called me back and said the doctor would not refill, would not see me for pain, and suggested I see a Pain Management doctor. She left me without pain medication and no doctor to see. I called the advice nurses, and they told me to call the patient advocate, which this woman called the Dr, and she had her call in pain meds (she agreed that was wrong) and the Rx I got was Tylenol 3. I took it just once and threw up within an hour, got a HUGE headache and it didn’t relieve my pain whatsoever. I called the office back and told the on call Dr. and she said she would leave my Dr. a message… I heard nothing. When I asked the nurse how to find a pain management dr, she said she could have my Dr. refer me to one, I agreed. The appointment was a month away! I since then, have nothing to take for my pain (which gets so bad at times all I can do is cry) I saw the PM dr and he looked at MRI films from 5 years ago, and I told him I have several new issues, and they are worse…he said no MRI would be approved by my insurance company because I don’t have nerve damage (tested my reflexes). However, he prescribed Neurontin which is an anti seizure medication, and Physical Therapy. I was curious about this drug and looked into it—I WILL NOT TAKE THIS! There was even a lawsuit against it for prescribing it for exactly what I have. I asked what am I supposed to take for my flare ups? Why won’t they prescribe what worked? He said the Norco wasn’t a good drug because it didn’t last…which I told him, I would rather take something as needed, rather than a daily commitment to a Neuro drug. How can he prescribe a drug that cut’s off pain nerves without a new MRI (there could be a new issue altogether) and send me to physical therapy which initially causes more pain and nothing to take for my pain? And if there is no nerve damage, why prescribe nerve medication?? What do I do from here? Why are these doctors refusing to prescribe what works? I don’t know what to do, I am in pain, and I can’t get the help I want.
A: You may want to see an orthopedist, neurosurgeon or doctor of rehab medicine( a physiatrist not a psychiatrist)
I’m not sure what to do now with life?
Q: I kinda hate my life and I’m not sure what to do anymore.In January I met this guy and we talked for 9 months, and I love him so much, and I know he loved me too, but lately it hasn’t been working out.We met on the internet in January and everything was fine..we had our ups and downs but got over them, but now I think it’s coming to an end. I’m the kinda person that goes really slow in a relationship, cuz I think it’ll last longer, but he doesn’t think like that. We have each other’s numbers and he wants me to call him, but then once we do that there’s nothing else we could add to the relationship. I gave him pretty much everything else I could, it being an online relationship and all. I was planning on transferring colleges in December to be with him, so I still had 2 months to make it last. He keeps saying that I’m a pedophile and all these things and I hate it cuz why would I be going to AZ anyways if I were? That’d be just retarded. He got really upset last night cuz of how I handle these kinda things, and said he hated me. I don’t hate him never ever but it kinda hurt me about how he was handling these things. He kept saying he was gonna commit suicide if he didn’t get what he wanted…and was on webcam and took a knife and was doing something with it to his arm and made his arm all red. It made me really sad that was doing that and I got disappointed in him. He used to be suicidal but I thought he got over it and I was really proud of him for it. Now I’m just worried about him and if I keep making him hurt himself then we should just end it..so that he won’t. I feel like I’m being toxic to him and think that if I never met him he wouldn’t be like this. He said some other things are bothering him but he only tells me the problem with me. He’s been sad a lot lately and I wanna see him better. So I’m not sure what to do. And another thing…in December I said I would transfer to the college he lives near to be with him, and I want to really bad even though it’s in AZ and I live in RI. I love him to death and wanna be with him through everything if he wanted, but I have my own problems too that I don’t think I can leave behind. My dad has degenerative muscle and spinal conditions and I see him getting worse and worse every year (His spine collapsed when I was 10, and after the spinal fusion surgery he was paralyzed partially. Then he was diagnosed with this degenerative muscle disease). He also has heart problems but his pacemaker helps with that. He takes like 10 pills a day so he can live, but I know doctors don’t expect him to live much longer. These past 2 months he can’t even get into a car anymore and he can barely move his legs (cuz of his muscle/nerve condition). I know I should spend time with him cuz it’s limited, but if I move to AZ then I’ll never be able to see him again. I want to go but I want to stay too.My feeling is that even though I love him I should let him go. I hurt him anyways and I hate hurting people cuz it really gets me sad, so if I let him go he’ll be happier, and if I stay with my dad he’ll be fine too.What can I do so that I don’t hurt anyone anymore? I know I’m being selfish but I can’t help it. I think if I weren’t here none of this woulda happened. What would you do?Thanks so much!!
A: well i think you should stay with your dad cause apparently he’s having it rough and he don’t have much longer.. i give my apologies for your dad. and if the guy really loves you then y’all will find a way to stay together and make it work.
What are my chances for Social Security Disability, and how long should I expect to wait for an appointment?
Q: Sorry guys, I know this topic is old, but most posts I have read are a year or two old, and wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything similar to my case. I am a 40 year old male, working my whole life, since age of 14, but in the past few years, I have suffered tremendous back pain in my upper/mid back. Many doctors and thousands of $$ later find I have DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE in my thoracic spine area. (not lumbar which is most common) Did all the facet blocks, injections and even laser spine surgery to burn off the nerves…i’ve tried everything to get rid of the pain, but everything I have done, only lasts a short period, at the most, a few months. I hate taking the pain meds due to the drowsy, sick feeling I get, but its the only thing I can do to take the edge off on the really bad days. I was a professional, full time firefighter/ EMT, and always kept in good health. My last visit to the docs confirm that there is only one other surgery that can be done, with no guarantees, and very invasive. It involves going through my chest cavity to get to the affected area of my spine. Its a very complicated proceedure, and my docs don’t recommend it and I’m not going to do it. I have been told I have the back of a 70 year old. My affected area is T-7 through T-10. I have lost height and upper body strength tremendously. Being a firefighter, I just could not do my job anymore with the pain and limited movement, knowingly putting my co-workers and the public in jeapardy, so I had to resign. I have been living on my savings for over a year now looking for another type of job, less physical, but now I can’t even stay sitting long, or standing for that matter (sleeping is challenge as well). Its just BRUTAL pain, that doesn’t go away! Anyone with upper back pain knows what I’m talking about. All the docs say I should apply for Social Security Disability. I always said no. I have been working my whole life, and never wanted any handouts. Well, I am at my wits end. The pain I deal with everyday, plus not working, and almost out of money, I have to do something, so I applied for SSDI online yesterday. My questions are what are my chances to win, and how long should I expect to receive a call for an appointment, so I can take all my documents, medical papers, x-rays, MRI films and such to the local office? My days are filled with worry now, as I still pay for the house my ex lives in, solely for my kids to remain in a decent area and to finish their school. Now I am worrying how am I going to be able to afford it until I get disability (hoping that I will be approved) I know in some cases it takes years, but if anyone with a case similar to me has got through this please let me know. I got my SS statement, and it states if disabled, I can receive about 2000 per month and my kids will receive half that (not sure if its each or split in half). As I mentioned, I have always worked and paid alot into SS, since 1982. I just pray things will go well. My kids being taken care of has always been my first priority, and I feel like such a loser cause I can’t hardly do much anymore. Thanks for any input.
A: An initial claim usually takes less than 90 days to get a decision from the date you file. If you are denied you can appeal, and this usually takes another 60-90 days. If denied again, you can appeal again and this time it goes before a judge at an actual courtroom hearing. It is this level that you would want to hire a lawyer. Up until that point a lawyer really has no input and is a waste of time. It can take up to another 2 years to get a judges decision. Being under 50, you have to be in pretty bad shape. You basically have to be severely limited in your function so that a doctor limits you to a less than sedentary capacity.
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