What and where are eye drops

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Eyedrops contain medicines that are used to treat many eye diseases and conditions. Some also are helpful for eye discomfort. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-and-where-are-eye-drops ]
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What and where are eye drops
Eyedrops contain medicines that are used to treat many eye diseases and conditions. Some also are helpful for eye discomfort.
What happens if you drink eye drops?
Drinking eye drops will cause diarrhea like you’ve never experienced in your life. It will be like a portal to the festering pits of hell has opened in your stomach, and is blowing all of the hatred, malice, and just plain nastiness in the …
How to Use Eye Drops
・ Wash your hands. ・ Wipe your eyes clean of any residue. ・ Remove the lid of your eye drops. ・ Tilt your head back. ・ Spread your eyelids open. ・ Hold the eye drop bottle above your eye. ・ Squeeze the bottle. ・ Blink your eye so that the d…

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Help…Bad habit of dropping eye contact, it’s where my eyes drop.?
Q: Despite gender I drop my gaze, my eyes stop between the lips, throat or the collar bone / chest. This is a problem when it comes to females since I’m female and NOT bi, or anything like that. I noticed I was doing this unconciously when women pull there shirt up, or close there sweaters as if I made them uncomfortable. How embarrassing. I don’t want to give this impression. I guess I drop my gaze because I’m shy and can’t maintain eye contact, or become bored with the conversation or topic. What can I do? Please help.Thank you Katherine W., that helps explain what it could be.. However what can I do to correct this? It’s becoming a big problem for me, I hate making my friends, and acquaintances uncomfortable, and I’m afraid to be giving off the wrong impression. I also wish not to have to explain myself. I try to concentrate on eye contact, but I always avert my eyes… it’s too hard.To: Marvin the…When I’m talking to guys I’m fine, since men don’t have breasts or cleavage to make them uncomfortable, to cover up. I personally close my sweater or cover my chest when I feel someone looking at me, it’s just instinct. What can I do to stop this?
A: You may also not process things in a visual way. I dated a guy who processed information through hearing, and his eyes always went to the sides when he met someone, because he was listening so hard he stopped focusing. You may process through touch and actually be looking down toward your hands. There are people who study this: it’s called NLP, or NeuroLinguistic Programming… look it up.To overcome it, concentrate on keeping eye contact. You can try to figure out which eye someone is looking out of, usually people look out of just one eye or the other, and you can tell if you focus on it for a few minutes.
Where can I get eye drops for my dog?
Q: My dog is on 3 different medicated eye drops.1. Cyclosporine2. Neo Poly Dex3. TacrolimusUnfortunately I cant get refills on the Neo and Tacrolimus without a prescription from the vet. However, in order to get these prescriptions I need to take my dog in for a visit. The visit alone costs $65 and along with the eye tests the give everytime it runs the bill up towards $200. I understand they have to make their money but to pay $200 everytime i need these drops seems absurd to me especially when the vet and I both know that he needs these drops for life. Does anyone know what I can do to get these meds without getting a prescription from the vet? Thanks
A: Most vet meds bought on line need a prescription and if you need a prescription its because it is a controlled drugim afraid you will have to pay
How do i stop the bottom part of my eye from getting red?
Q: It is from allergies. What is red is the bottom part under the eye where women usually put eye liner. Am already taking an oral Antihistamines and eye drops don’t really help because is the skin under the eye not the actual inside of the eye. What can i do to help the redness, like maybe clean it with a cloth or put something on it?
A: Eyes may become red when foreign particles like dust and sand enter the eye or when you cry. Avoid touching and rubbing the eye. A moist warm compress placed on the affected eye for 5 minutes reduces the discomfort caused. More information and remedies at http://eye-care.in/redeyes.html
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