What are dangers of computer use

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Eye Disease, Bad Posture. Hurting Hands and Computer Stress Injuries are among the dangers of computer use. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-dangers-of-computer-use ]
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What are the potential dangers of unsafe computer use??
There are many applications that require sensitive information to be stored on the computer. This information may include passwords, PIN numbers, confidential documents, private correspondence, and personal information. Other information th…
How Can I Protect My Child From Internet Dangers using Kidview Co…?
Control is the key! Using Kidview Computer Explorer, your computer is transformed into a kid safe playground. All undesirable Internet garbage is removed, popup ads never appear, and even right-click options (normally found in all browsers)…
IS that any danger to use computer without any anti -virus intsal…?
Extremely YES! Because a lot of websites contains malicious code that install viruses, Trojans and worms. New viruses are spreading through internet everyday. Even some important websites such as university websites which was maintained by …

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what kind of dangers exist if i use my computer when the fan is not working?
Q: My computer fan stopped working however the computer works I put an ordinary fan out side the CPU and I can’t smell any burning or so. Is there a big danger?
A: i asume it is the case fan because the pc wont run if the procesor fan is not workingleave the case open and you will be fine
What is the danger of using a computer that gets no updates for it’s OS?
Q: If I continue using my Windows XP even after they stop giving updates including security updates, what is the danger?As long as I have a good antivirus software ( I use Avira ), and a good firewall software ( I use comodo ), will I be OK?My Windows XP computers are doing just fine for what I do, and I don’t like Microsoft forcing new OS on me to make more money.I am a smart capitalist.
A: First, no one is forcing anything on you – this is part of their regular release cycle. And, you state yourself a capitalist but object to MS trying to make money?Anyway, down to reality. Updates have already stopped in terms of service packs. You will continue to get security patches and individual fixes until 2012 when full support stops.By then you will have hit at least one piece of software or hardware, or decide to buy a new machine that will not longer work with Windows 7.Only reason XP has lasted this long is because most of the business world didn’t convert to Vista. But, XP is getting old and antiquated. It contains so many of the weaknesses that hackers are still taking advantage of.Don’t be fooled – XP will not remain forever and about the time that XP support stops, Windows 8 will be officially into it’s beta/release cycle at which time no one will be supporting XP.
Do you experience overall increased bodily pain of various types associated with your computer use?
Q: I’ve been doing LOTS of research on EMFs, which are electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from electronic devices and many household items, TVs, microwaves, cell phones etc. There are, of course, differing ‘frequencies’ of electromagnetic waves from these various sources, they are not identical. Nor are they generally considered dangerous on an item-by-item basis for ‘everyday use.’However, there’s an increasing focus in scientific literature, particularly bioelectronic research, regarding whether our overall, cumulative exposure to EMFs, and our exposure in particular through cell phones and computers, is harming our health. This is not ‘wild science’ but serious inquiry… lots and lots of articles out there, both pro and con, on this topic, in peer-reviewed journals.Here’s my question: At your personal anecdotal level of observation, do you find that computer use results in a variety of bodily pains overall? Are you concerned about EMF dangers? What’s your opinion?
A: I am positive that my high levels of computer use produce body pain. I get knots in my upper back and eye strain.I cannot attribute any of that to EMF. I work with electricity which exposes me to more EMF than most people.
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