What are five diseases

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Acidosis, Anemia, Hodgkin Disease, Melanoma, and Osteoporosis are five diseases. Thanks for using ChaCha! Good day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-five-diseases ]
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What are five diseases
Acidosis, Anemia, Hodgkin Disease, Melanoma, and Osteoporosis are five diseases. Thanks for using ChaCha! Good day.
How Do You Prevent Gum Disease in Five Ways
Dental plaque is the main cause of gum diseases. Plaque is the build up of a substance that sticks to teeth surface. It is composed of food particles in the mouth and bacteria. If plaque remains and accumulates in the teeth, it then eventua…
Which are the five most frequent infectious diseases in Portugal??
As far as we know from the national system of notifiable diseases in Portugal and special report on AIDS, the 10 most common infectious diseases in the year 1998 were:

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What is the meaning of fungi and give five diseases caused by fungi?
Q: Fungi may be defined as a type of bacteria
A: fungi is a kind of small organism….which has some benefits and some disadvantage………
What is the meaning of protozoa and five diseases caused by protozoa?
A: proto-primitive and zoa-life form.. they are very early forms. they are single celled organisms.most of these organisms require two or more hosts to complete it’s life cycle. the disease caused by it are listed in decreasing order of frequency with causative organisms..1.dysentry-Entamoeba histolytica2.malaria-plasmodium species3.kala azar-leishmania species4.sleeping sickness-trypanosoma species5.toxoplasmosis-toxoplasma species6.pneumonia-pneumocystitis carini7.diarrhea-giardia lamblia8.urinary infection-trichomonas vaginalis9.meningo encephalitis-acanthamoeba and naegaleria species
Five diseases all at one time and still lingering ?
Q: Someone I know says he has 1. Aneurysm 2. Severe Asthma 3. Cellulitis of the legs 4. Congestive Heart Failure 5. Obesity(350 lbs.) How is it that someone with all these conditions can survive for years? What do you make of it?
A: alot of them are common, not that severe, or referered to as diseases..thats why
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