What are some benefits from exercising

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Exercise improves your mood, combats chronic diseases, helps to manage weight, strengthens heart and lungs, promotes better MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-benefits-from-exercising ]
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A healthy heart is a benefit of exercising. Exercising keeps the body toned and in shape. This activity relieves stress. It can help with stiff joints, too.
In general moderate exercise gives you more energy, helps control appetite, increases your metabolism, reduces stress, reduces high blood pressure and can help control type 2 diabetes. For many people, it elevates their mood. It also combat…
Summary: Consistent exercise helps lower resting heart rates, increase muscle mass, increase metabolism and improve the cardiovascular system. Elevate mood and improve overall health with tips from a personal trainer in this free video on e…

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Could you number some benefits from exercise? what benefit is important to you?
Q: Could you number some benefits from exercise? what benefit is important to you?
A: Exercise on a regular basis actually gives you more energy and makes you feel younger. When it comes to your body, the old axiom “Use it or lose it” is definitely true!
What are some benefits to exercising daily (walking)?
Q: I would like to know the benefits of taking a daily thirty to sixty minute walk. These can be benefits ranging from physical appearance (including, but not limited to, weight loss) to mental and emotional benefits.
A: I think this webpage has got all the benefits of exercise you ask for: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/physical-benefits-of-exercise.htmlIn short, daily exercise (or for that matter 2-3 times or 3-4 times or 4-5 times per week) boosts your energy; elevates your mood so you feel good about yourself hence feel confident; relieves stress; lowers cholesterol; regulates blood pressure; strengthens immune system; increase bone mass……..The rest, you read it from the webpage…..
how can i benefit most from my exercising?
Q: some say that 30 minutes a day of exercising like running (10 minutes three times a day) is how you can lose weight best because then u dont put so much stress on the body. others say that its best to exercise 20 minutes straight through – getting heart rate up and keeping it there. which is better? taking more breaks or running straight through? what IS the best way to do cardio?
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