What are some health issues older people have

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Common health issues faced by older adults include coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-health-issues-older-people-have ]
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What are some health issues older people have
Common health issues faced by older adults include coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease.
Peoples views on those with mental health issues – What are they??
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Religion Makes Some People Go Crazy?
Q: I am 18 years old and born into a heavy polish family with heavy catholic belief. Ever since I can remember I have been going to church mainly because I was forced too, if not I would get punished by my parents.Now that I am mature, I always thought what if there isn’t a God? I need visual proof. I need him to answer some prayers that are serious like health issues. People Say Religion is practiced to have faith in life and to have meaning in life. Well I dont believe in Faith I believe in Luck. The meaning of life to me is raise healthy children and marry a loving wife and have a happy family together. If my kids want to believe in god because her psycho grandma preached about it, then I wont stop them. But I will not Force a Religion on my kids.Today my Dad told me I’m going to church no matter what. He said he doesn’t want me living in his house if I don’t believe in god and go to church. I go to school, and I work partime but I cant afford my own place just yet. He will get abusive to some extent if I refuse in the morning. I shouldn’t be scared waking up on a Sunday Morning.In my eyes Religion is simply a tradition that is passed on generations but eventually broken.So much stress I don’t know what to do or believe anymore.
A: Hey i’m sorry to hear this. I know what you are going through. I’m a preacher’s kid. Just go, don’t assert yourself on this issue. Of course it’s maddening and wrong of your father to get borderline abusive, but ironically it’s b/c he loves you and is saving your SOUL. He BELIEVES this is his job, his responsibility, and a normal catholic is even worse than a protestant preacher, imho. Just remember he KNOWS there is a HELL and it breaks his heart to think of you in it. You are giving him peace of mind and look at it that way, not as you worshipping a god you don’t believe in but as being a good person for your parent’s sake.Also, get out quickly…work full time. I did. I worked and went to school and I was stressed, but I was stressed on my terms, not theirs. Good luck, and I won’t be praying for you but I will send you all my empathy and good vibes…
What is the point in having a baby but then shoving them in day care?
Q: Before I get decked in the face just here me out.I understand that in some situations day care is necessary.But what I don’t get is when people have kids and 6 weeks later or 6 months later there in daycare.I know that we need money to survive but what people consider Necessities are really just “Luxries or wants) I mean really do you really NEED that 300,000 dollar house or do both Spouses really Need the 25K car. Do you need Every single Cable channel or the Blinged Out cellphone which charges you up the nose for everything. Are dinners out every week at 50-60 dollars a pop really necessary?Both my husband and I have a college degree and right now he is working and I am staying home. We live on a 40K income (That’s before the taxes, health insurance and all the other wonderful things we owe the government) But right now I am staying home to watch my daughter grow. When she goes to school full time they I will go back to work and persue that “American Dream”We live in a Modest 3 bedroom house in a wonderful and safe city perfect for families. My husband I own Older Mazda Protege(mine’s paid off)and were perfectly content with what we have. My daughter has everything she needs and alot that a baby could ever want.I gave up a lifestyle that I was used to (Nice cars, vacations, dinners out, nice clothes, shoes) and I would do it again in a heart beat. What I don’t get is people who have husbands who make a decent income but would rather work then take care of there children. (Then why have kids if you would rather be away from them). I understand you may want to give more for your kids and be able to buy them the world but what is a few years of sacrfice to give your child your time and for you to experience what you can never replace. Sure my husband and I don’t get to drive the newest car or have the nicest tv. But we still have Cell phones, the internet and have tv. My husbands best friend works with him and they make around the same income. However his wife would rather work and is pregnant with her second child. My heart breaks for the mother because the older child perfers the caretaker over the mother.Can someone please spread some light on this issue for me?I have NOTHING against Daycare! What I am asking is if you could stay home, Why choose to work instead of being with your kids for a couple years?One thing I learned from my mother who said “I won’t be going to be death bed wishing I worked more but I will go wishing I would stayed home instead of working” Or Maybe I am just from a different generation where we Place family above all else.I thank God every day for what I have.I understand that cicumstances Change and that I may have to work. But if I had the Choice and I could..I would.My mother was a single mom for a few years and so was my husbands moms. They are wonderful people…Why if you had the CHOICE to stay home, why now take it?
A: I understand what you’re saying. That you understand when a couple NEEDS the double income to stay afloat, pay bills, or survive that a baby has to go to day care. What you don’t understand are the women and men who choose to have a baby, but don’t want to make the sacrifices for the baby. So, all those who answered “We need both to stay afloat” or “I’m a single mom and have no choice…” or “we have no choice…” really aren’t what you’re talking about. You are talking about the mom who says “I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mother/father…” (then why have a baby? One SHOULD be cut out to stay home with the baby.) Or “I have a right to my career, and just because I spend more time on my career doesn’t make me less of a mother/father.”Honestly, I don’t understand it either. My husband makes less than $20,000 a year (I have a degree and both of us went to college, but the economy is hard and he’s not working at a great job.) We own one car (a junker) and right now rent rooms from my parents (to help them out.) Balancing things out, paying off debts, we will be able to afford a small house eventually. And of course he’s looking for better work and for training to help him get better work. However, we make a LOT of sacrifices because it’s important for our children not to be raised by someone else. We don’t do anything that costs money, we don’t hardly go anywhere. Honestly…. that’s what being a parent is supposed to be. Making sacrifices. We’ve also seen too many children who grew up in daycare, then preschool, then normal school without mom or dad at home after about 10 years old, who got into deep trouble as teenagers. They NEED a parent around, even once they’re school-age and older.My niece desperately wants to stay home with her kids, and her husband won’t keep a steady job. So she has no choice. She STILL avoided day care by having family babysit the kids for their first 3 years. Day care does not improve social skills. Seeing family and friends interacting does. At least until they’re closer to pre-school age. Day care actually is detrimental to social skills (see link) so it should be seen as a last-resort.To me, it comes down to kids needing parents more than they need money/things. No, you don’t need high speed internet. You don’t need cell phones. You don’t need cable. You don’t need a car for both of you. Your child does not need a computer in their room, or a TV. They don’t even need a Happy Meal once a month. Simplicity is not a curse, but a blessing.
Do you believe that some people are born with good genes?
Q: My grandfather is 98 years old and still in right mind and body. He has never watched what he ate and was even a smoker for 35 years. The only health issue he has had is skin cancer on his nose about 20 years ago. Which has never returned.
A: My dad is 86 and healthy. But…you must realise that their diets were a lot different to what’s around now. Even when I was a kid in the 70’s meat was only eaten once a week. The kids of today will not be as healthy, if they keep eating meat and dairy.There’s big money in crap food, they’re not going to openly tell you to stop eating crap.
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