What are some words that start with peri

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Periodontal disease starts with peri. They are gum diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-words-that-start-with-peri ]
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How do I start and end a presentation on directional words (peri,…?
Uh… I think a little more information or understanding by what you mean is needed. I suppose generally speaking, you can begin a presentation on that by talking about the use of prefixes in medicine in general and then go into why we us…

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Does anyone have any information on Perimenopause?
Q: Today I went to the emergency room for heavy bleeding for 10 days and still counting. Only for them to have me wait and then tell me something I already knew, and that is that my urine test came back negative for a pregnancy and that I am anemic, I received no internal exam although I told the nurse that there was discomfort when she pressed on my belly, she however prescribed me birth control pills and told me it should stop the bleeding.Anyway I have been doing some research on the internet about my symptoms and I came across the word PERI MENOPAUSE I have some of the symptoms such as the irregular period, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, but that’s about it and from what I read a woman normally starts in her 30’s to 40’s but I am still in my 20’s. If there is anyone that knows anything about perimenopause please help me, because I am really worried about whats going on with me.I would go to a GYN but I lost my employment and no longer have any kind of insurance and can’t afford a GYN.Thank You
A: It is possible to be experiencing peri menopause in your 20’s however it is not as common as in 30’s or 40’s. I’m surprised they didn’t perform more extensive tests while you were in the hospital. That’s the only way to know what is truly going on. Was your period regular before this episode of bleeding? If so, and the bleeding continues I am hoping that there is a way for you to see a doctor. When I was in my 20’s I would still have quite irregular periods, so for me that was nothing unusual. It’s really difficult to know from the symptoms listed whether it is peri menopause because they can be vague or attributed to many different things. Only further testing will tell for sure. Good luck to you.
My girlfriend broke up w/ me yesterday.She’s 48, I’m 50. She says she can’t handle a relationship now. She?
Q: My girlfriend broke up w/ me yesterday.She’s 48, I’m 50. She says she can’t handle a relationship now. She?Neither of us was in a relationship for 10 years. All along, she said she wanted a “no expectations” relationship. We knew each other previously, but started seeing each other in November. At first, we were closer, but she became very stressed – out with her daughter’s impending bitter divorce and about her granddaughters, ages 2 and 4, She had her gall bladder out in March and she gets stresseda bout her work. She is also staying at a friend’s house for two months,which she does most years (long story).Part of one night and one -half weekend day, she does church – oriented visiting and mentoring. On that night, she is now also receiving peer counseling through her church. She goes to a church meeting on another night and has dinner with her daughter and grandkids on another night.She basically broke up with me because she said….(Below are two of her recent e – mails….”Are you talking about our “physical time” together? Because right now I am really stressed about it….. I am late (granted only by one or two days mind you). I woke up in the middle of the night shaking with chest pains. I can’t keep doing this every month at my age (39 of course). With that being said when we are in the moment it is always special….I just can’t handle this anymore. I spent most of yesterday crying and wanting to give up on everything. Today is not much better.That was from a couple of weeks ago after we had un – protected sex (twice) and she was worried that she was pregnant. Up until then, she said the various types of sex we were semi – regularly having was the best sex she ever had.She kept saying more and more how she needed her space and I tried to give it to her. On average, we saw each other once a week, but we often had sex of some sort.She would often not return phone messages or e – mails from me for several days, even moreso lately. Two weeks ago, she came over for a romantic dinner, last weekend we went to brunch and to the beach, now it’s over. Supposedly, the reason that pushed it was my leaving three phone messages over two days, asking her to give me a call. Below is another one of her recent e – mails.”I know you need constant reassurance and communication but I hope you can try to understand and respect my feelings in regards to being pressured to call, visit, project and plan the future. I just can’t seem to handle that on any level. I need my space and a drama free, no expectation kind of relationship right now. I surely don’t want to have to analyze and discuss where we are at with the relationship on a regular basis. I guess you need to ask yourself if you can handle that kind of relationship with me.”I love her and she knows, but she said that she is not in love with me. She said she can’t give me what I want or need. I’m only looking to see her when we can and to at least communicate a few times a week. She also said many times that she is a mess and a wreck. She takes Xanax and an anti – depressant by prescription and says she does all of her activities so she doesn’t become depressed or anxious ?She also mentioned hot flashes recently and I siad the word menopause. She told me to never say that word again. she still gets her period. Could she maybe be having Peri – Menopause symptoms ? Yesterday, she said it’s over, that she was breaking up with me. She said if I had waited for her to call me today, it might have been different. It was her birthday last Tuesday and she didn’t come over, even though she knew I had gifts and a card for her. She still never got them. Today, she said she doesn’t want them. I thought we were getting pretty close until the last time we made love (pregnancy freak – out – her). We exchanged nice Easter gifts that day, also. She said “That’s it”, it’s over”. I asked if ther was any hope for the future and she pretty much said it is doubtful. I really sort of think she is scared and feeling guilty and thinks that my expectations are higher than they really are. I find it hard to believe that she would just throw away our relationship. Does anybody have any thoughts ? Does it seem like she may change her mind ? possible peri – menopause ? Fear of committment and trust issues (she says that) ? When women break up like that, do they often re – consider later ? Thank youShe’s 48, the 39 part is sort – of a joke.
A: Well, she is telling you very plainly that she needs space and she is extremely stressed out. Whatever the reason is, she apparently really needs space and time. How many times have you tried to talk her into changing her mind, or into making the relationship more than what she clearly stated she was available for now? No one takes to pressuring well, and honestly it’s not a show of respect to disregard someone’s needs or wishes. You mentioned that she is a Christian, the premarital sex could be contributing to her anxiety. It is common for many women to go against their values to please or to fit in with a mate/partner, you probably knew that already. Men do it too, only to regret it later and not know how to take it back. And instead of reiterating everything that Sidifiri said, I’ll just state that I agree with her totally. You really need to give her some serious space. Reset, treat her like a casual friend and that is it, no more, if you really care about her, and also if you want a possibility of a future with her.
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