What are the chances for me to catch an sexually transmitted disease

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It really depends on the STD. However, if you have sexual intercourse with someone who has an std the chances are moderate. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-for-me-to-catch-an-sexually-transmitted-disease ]
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What are the chances of catching sexually transmitted diseases??
No, stds are pretty common and you’re taking a risk every time you have unprotected sex with someone. If you are in a long term committed relationship both partners should be tested before having unprotected sex…and even then you’re putti…

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Having baby boy, to circumcise or not?
Q: My husband and I didn’t think we would get a boy circumcised but now are leaning towards circumcision for several reasons, one being that we know of a 50 yr old man that was not done and now he has to go get it done because his forskin tightened around the head of his penis and he has difficulty cleaning, peeing and have intercourse (painful). My husband also had issues of cleaning it too much as a child and it hurting and also getting his forskin caught in his zipper of swimtrunks as a little boy. We have also read that circumcised men have a 30% less chance getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. What do you guys know about the difference, which have you done, why or why not? I would like some opinions and let me know if you are happy with the choice or regret your choice or if your a man what you think about it…I have also never seen a circumcised one and are unsure of what looks better, etc..
A: Actually the case of that happening is VERY rare. So you know of ONE man. Out of how many men you know? Exactly there is no point in circumcising him now for something that has a VERY slim chance of ever happening. Plus if it needs to be done at 50 let him get it done at fifty. Honestly it’s not that big of a deal, teach him to be a man and suck it up. The only reason I say that is because I have had a hernia so bad my intestines were falling into my scrotum, I had to have surgery for that and had to be on morphine for a few days. Believe me there are worse things out there.And I mean you don’t give your litte kids nose jobs just because they might want to get it done later. I mean does circumcision hurt later? yeah but ALL cosmetic surgery hurts. And he has more than ten times greater chance of getting a botched circumcision than he does needed it when he’s older. (10% of infant circumcisions are botched, and less than 1% of males need a circumcision)You don’t have zippers in your swim trunks, and if you don’t think that happens to circumcised men you have another thing comming. Well he might have used soap to clean as a child and that could have caused the irritation, just use water and it’s fine.Actually that’s untrue. Circumcised men are no less at risk for STD’s than uncircumcised men. Plus your son can wear a condom, that doesn’t matter. Teach him to be responsable about sex. Plus if your son doesn’t wear a condom and has sex with an infected person he’s going to get the STD it doesn’t matter if he has a foreskin or not. Also if he doesn’t wear a condom that’s his fault that’s not somethin for you to worry about. I was circumcised as an infant and I can tell you I will forever be pissed at my mother for doing it. Because she did it for stupid reasons. Kind of like these. Not that they are stupid they just don’t matter. They aren’t solid reasons for circumcising if you get what I mean. I have also restored my foreskin and I can tell you that the sensitivity difference is HUGE. Sex is much more enjoyable as an uncircumcised male. There is a lot more sensitivity there. Orgasms are stronger and they last longer. The overall enjoyment of sex is just better.As a man I personaly think circumcision of infants should be illegal. There is no reason to do it and honestly I believe that it’s a human rights violation. Every boy has the right to be a whole man. Only he should make that choice for himself.Also it doesn’t matter what one looks better that’s not a reason either.I wouldn’t do it. Don’t risk his sensitivity. That’s not something a parent has the right to do. I would leave your little man whole.-Connor
Questions on STIs / STDs?
Q: Sexually transmitted infections/diseases. I have a few questions.1: Can you be born with an STD?2: Is it fine for two virgins to have sex?3: If some chick has had sex with a guy before with no contraception, what are the chances of her having caught an STD off him?4: Is it ever ok to not use contraception and just ‘pull out’ at climax?This is just for general interest/knowledge. Thanks if you can help :D.By #2 i meant sex without contraception.
A: 1 yes. Especially if the mother has it. 2. sure. 3 depends4. There are people that solely believe in this method. They are called parents.
How is it possible for a virgin to contract STDs?
Q: A girl I work with is a sexually abstaining virgin. After visiting the gynaecologists due to itching and skin shedding on her labia, she has been diagnosed as a positive carrier of HSV (herpes simplex virus). While her case is mostly asymptomatic (she’s recovered since, and has lived most her life with no complaints about the disease), according to our research there is currently no known cure for herpes.That said, we’re still curious about a couple of things:1) She has never been in sexual intercourse or had any genital contact with anyone else at all. What are some other ways that herpes might be transmitted? (We know that her mother is also an HSV carrier, but apparently not genital herpes)2) She has plans to get married. How and when is the appropriate time for her to tell her boyfriend about her condition? What are his risks? What can they do in order to minimize his chances of catching it, and her chances or getting irritable outbreaks? (Since they plan to have children, at some point they would have to go unprotected, wouldn’t they? In that case then what precautions must they take?)3) What are some helpful tips for an HSV carrier to stay healthy and safe at all times?Your respectful feedback will be much appreciated, and we would prefer to grant 10 points to the answer that gives practical solutions based on verifyable research and/or considerate experience.Thank you so much 🙂
A: There are 2 basic types of HSV–types 1 and 2. HSV-1 is generally considered oral herpes and HSV-2 is genital herpes. Even though they are generally called by the area, either virus can affect either place (you can have genital herpes on your mouth and oral herpes on your genitals). HSV-1 is VERY common in the population so a majority of people have this. HSV is infectious during symptoms before an outbreak as well as during an outbreak. If she would have had a breakout (or one coming on soon) on her mouth and masturbated with saliva, she could potentially have infected herself in another location. Oral sex from her boyfriend could have also given her oral herpes there (some don’t consider oral to be sexual intercourse since there isn’t a risk of pregnancy so I thought I would add it).As far as her boyfried, if they have plans to get married already, I think it would be important for her to address it at this point and just be completely honest about it. His risk is possibily getting herpes. Since there is no cure, just treatment to prevent outbreaks they would want to avoid sex any time she feels it may be coming back. I know someone who has children and she has herpes. She had an outbreak when the baby was due so they did a C-section to prevent the baby from being exposed to the virus. HSV is so common that I would say being healthy is just doing normal things-eat healthy, exercise, live some time for yourself. The main reason you hear of repeated outbreaks is during times of stress so trying to keep that to a minimum will help prevent outbreaks. If outbreaks are common, they can put you on medication to minimize it, but it is fairly expensive (I have no idea how insurance companies handle that medication either).
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