What are the chances of dying from multiple sclerosis

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There is as yet no cure for MS.Steroids were the principal medications for MS.Many new Medications now halt disease progression. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-dying-from-multiple-sclerosis ]
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What are the chances of dying from multiple sclerosis
There is as yet no cure for MS.Steroids were the principal medications for MS.Many new Medications now halt disease progression.
What are the chances I could get Multiple Sclerosis??
We are constantly learning more about MS. MS is an autoimmune disease. The genetics part is that a parent may pass on the predisposition for an autoimmune disease to their child. Doesn’t mean it will be passed on. Doesn’t mean that if it is…
Will Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis Affect the Chances of Surv…?
For those who are already living with the daily miseries and challenges that are caused by multiple sclerosis an additional diagnosis of prostate cancer can be a crushing blow. One of the first questions a patient and their loved ones might…

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Do you feel the FDA should allow 2,500,000 people to die by Monsanto’s refusal to stop Aspartame manufacture?
Q: Many years ago I read an article on aspartame and at the bottom of the article it clearly stated that 2.5 million people DIE each year from phenylketonuric poisoning caused by aspartame. Because it only accounts for the death of less than 1% of the USA population each year it is NOT SIGNIFICANT according to the FDA. Given enough time I’m sure I could find that article but since there are thousands of pages on the dangers of aspartame this would be an unnecessary and gigantic endeavor.The following article will serve as sufficient warning and proof that Aspartame is dangerous and deadly. When aspartame was first introduced onto the market in the 1960’s I sipped a few gulps and immediately became sick; headaches, sweats, rapid heating, shortness of breath. I mentioned it to my doctor and suggested that if I had drank MORE that it probably would not have been a problem since it was in ALL diet drinks back then. The doctor advised me that there were FEW people allergic to aspartame but further informed me that had I ingested more I would be DEAD. So, I got lucky.My favorite uncle, John, DIED of aspartame, because his doctor was not privy to knowing that aspartame was fatal in extended doses.I have known people who had multiple-sclerosis symptoms that immediately disappeared when they stopped drinking liquids with aspartame. Other results of aspartame ingestion is Alzheimer’s and ALS (Lou Gerrig’s) Diseases. This is only the beginning. Check this informative article: http://www.aspartame.com/lydon.htmWant to find out more? Google the word “Aspartame” or “Dangers of Aspartame”, or “Aspartame Poisoning”. You will get THOUSANDS of pages of truth about it.Now, my question is: Do you feel it fair for all these people to die EACH YEAR from formaldehyde poisoning (this is what aspartame converts to when it is introduced into the human body)?Monsanto, the company that brings you DDT which was banned in the United States back in the 1980’s but is currently shipped to Mexico and other countries and comes back on the skins of fruit and vegetables that are imported into the United States, is the manufacturer of aspartame and it is my guess that they are paying off the FDA to NOT pull it from the market, (not confirmed). Should Monsanto be allowed to let people die from ingesting this admitted poison? Should the FDA be ordered to take action? Is there anything we can do? How do we ask Monsanto to take the moral step and refuse profits in exchange for integrity?Is there any chance this could happen? I know your opinion … you think I’m totally nuts … but I loved my uncle and I miss his smiling face … he was my mentor … would a letter campaign help? If not to Monsanto, perhaps to the FDA? If enough people let the FDA know that we know the truth will they be forced to do their job?People need to know that this stuff is like holding a gun to your head. When my uncle died he was 90 lbs. HE used to lift weights and was in really good shape and had a loving wife and 4 sons and a daughter. Before he died he looked like a skeleton sitting there when he turned to me and said “Hi Dart”. It scared the heck out of me!I would like to know what YOU feel we could do or should I just turn my back even though I know this will cause the deaths of 25 million people over the next 10 years!?
A: Spelling issues aside, you have had the intellect to recognise Monsanto as an empire of evil.Their round up ready canola scam will lead to world hunger I am telling you.When that sh**t jumps the fence from the property monsanto is contracted to and infects a neighboring farm, are they going to send laborers to help that farmer hand pull the weeds from his property? Like eff they are!!When their GM seed has spread on the wind an integrated with every other non GM canola crop within winds distance, are they going to pay to restore genetic diversity to the seed store?didn’t think so.they are leading us to the brink of disaster with their lies and their freaky food experimentation.You can’t put GM modified sh**t in your body and expect it will not radically effect the health of the community.they have not done the research to tell us that this food is safe. And they will not until regulation forces them to. For should they uncover evidence that it is harmful, their GM cash cow will run dry. And they will be open to lawsuits from victims.And Monsanto is not good at paying its debts to society.So I would believe this of them. it does not surprise me in the least.
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