What are the dangers of pneumonia

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Pneumonia can be a serious and life-threatening infection. This is true especially in the elderly, children, and those that have other serious medical problems, such as COPD, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-dangers-of-pneumonia ]
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What Are Dangers Of Pneumonia Shots & Egg Allergy?
Flu vaccines are made using the albumen from eggs, and that’s why those with egg allergies shouldn’t get flu shots. I don’t believe the pneumonia vaccine is made that way. You should really check on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a pharma…
Is there any danger in allowing pneumonia to go untreated??
There are two main types of pneumonia: lobar pneumonia and bronchial pneumonia. Lobar pneumonia only affects one lung, and bronchial pneumonia affects them both. Fortunately, since the discovery of antibiotics, what once used to be a severe…
What are the danger signs of pneumonia?
The following signs if present are suggestive of serious infection and child showed be rushed to the hospital immediately: a) Severe breathlessness b) Lethargy and refusal to feed c) Child is restless and irritable d) Child is running fever…

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Is it okay to put Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) in to dry nasal passages or is there an alternative…?
Q: I have heard that by putting Vaseline in the nasal passages to relieve dry skin disorders (rhinitis) in the nostrils, you can be in danger of getting *Lipid pneumonia* amongst many things = 🙁 If so, am i at danger considering i have been doing this practice for over ten years, if not however what is the best vaseline from what i have read e.g petroleum or un-petroluem, normal/classic vaseline or the lip therapy pocket size versions (in all there lip varietes) etc 🙂
A: as a pharmacist, I would say the best remedy is a saline nasal spray, vaseline is best used externally
My parakeet may have ornithosis (psittacosis). How do I tell and should i get rid of him?hear its contagious.
Q: One of his eyes is swollen shut – the other, he blinks alot. These are the only symptoms of his being sick, he still is eating and pooping regularly. This only happened today, he was perfectly fine yesterday. I read that ornithosis/psittacosis is also called parrot fever and is transmittable to humans and shows up in humans as a flu and/or pneumonia. I recently had pneumonia, so i’m wondering if that was caused by my bird. This sounds very serious, and i’m getting sort of scared. I love my bird, and I don’t want to get rid of him, but if i’m putting the rest of the household in danger, i don’t see many options. Please let me know what you know about this disease. I’ve put a heat lamp on him, and i’ve just recently started using a UV bulb during the day. Please help. 🙁
A: Take him to a Vet immediately. You can’t know if it’s psittacosis. The Vet will probably treat him with Diflucan or Baytryl. It will probably clear up. It’s unlikely you caught anything from your bird. It is more likely he caught something from you if he did at all. He could have picked up something, from his water, his food, who knows.One other question: Was he around other birds that were sick? If he wasn’t, how could he have contracted it?Just make sure you get him seen by an Avian Vet. More likely than not, an antibiotic will clear this up. However, I am not a Vet, so he needs to be seen by one.
Quitting smoking…………..?
Q: Okay the main trouble I’m having with this is quite simple – I don’t actually want to quit. I have absolutely zero willpower to quit. However I need to quit because I spend so much money on it and my son is 18 months and soon will be old enough to look out the window and wonder what I’m doing, and I’ve always said I’d quit before it got to that stage. I quit when I was pregnant but I obviously had a huge amount of motivation then and even then it was incredibly tough. I wish I’d never started again but no point crying over spilt milk. Fact is I enjoy smoking, it gives me a release, I know the health dangers, my own mother died of pneumonia that she probably wouldn’t have had if she wasn’t a smoker. But it still doesn’t hit home, I guess I’m not mature enough to think that far into the future, and I’m always of the thought that I’ll have quit long before it gets to that point anyway. It’s just getting around to doing it that’s the problem. It’s as much the habit that’s the problem for me as much as the addiction, I think kicking the habit is going to be tougher than getting over the addiction, it was last time.I’m not looking for scare stories from non smokers because believe me nothing anyone can say hasn’t been said to me already, and I watched my own mother slip away from the world because of smoking so if that hasn’t given me the motivation no amount of shock tactics will. But has anybody here successfully quit with such little willpower and desire to, or know anybody that has, and can you give me any tips? Don’t say patches etc. because that does nothing to kick the habit and as I say, it’s the habit and the pleasure of having an actual cigarette that is my main problem.
A: I am with you girl. I have the same problem. I like it. It is not an addiction more so for me than the idea that I like to. When you find out let me know, will ya? I have 2 kids and I stopped with both of them but it didn’t take me long to pick them right back up and start all over. I am sure it was to undue stress of a new mom and transitioning to a stay at home mom for more than 5 yrs. I am working now and have been for 5 yrs with the same job. Not a high stress job but still a job. Good luck if you find out what works and pass it along to me when you do.
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