What are the duties of a health inspector

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The role of the PHI/EHO includes preventing disease, promoting health and improving the environment through the use of…MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-duties-of-a-health-inspector ]
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What are the duties of the Health Inspector during these inspecti…?
During the inspections of food premises we will be: monitoring the hygiene and food handling practices recommending any improvements enforcing legislation.
How do you become a health inspector?
To become a health inspector you will need a degree in a health related field. You can apprentice under a health inspector for experience and then go out on your own.

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Being evicted, what should I do?
Q: I am a cockroach. I lead a peaceful, productive life in a kitchen. I work hard cleaning after the humans – eat all the crumbs and leftovers they leave after themselves. I never asked for any reward, I knew my duty. But today a human, called “health inspector” arrived to the household, and told me that I must vacate the premises, because the humans enrolled into a a rodent and cockroach program with the Department of Health and Human Services. I was flabbergasted. That was how these ungrateful humans rewarded my dedicated work! I do not know what to do. I thought I would grow old and die in this household. Now, after a long long work life I am being thrown out! What should I do?
A: Move to another house. I was a spider. I lost a leg in the great war.
Ever had one of those days?
Q: I was in class today when I got an email that my son was hurt, he is 2. Of course I forgot my phone today so I left class found a friend and called my hubby. He was just arriving at the ER when I called. I found another friend that was on campus to pick something up and he took me to the hospital.My son had apparently dislocated his elbow (nursemaid’s elbow) which is quite common among the 1 to 3 yr old age group. While waiting to see the doctor my hubby when down the hall to find my son a drink. My son followed, I thought my hubby had him – hubby thought I had him and we all panicked – he was found in radiology looking for daddy. They actually called for a hospital lock down but he was found in less then 2 minutes and they didn’t actually have to lock anything up. After spending God only knows how much to have the doctor bend his elbow and have it pop back in we went out to the car to find a van parked almost against our car and a huge scrape on the corner of our bumper. We called security, in the meantime the owner showed up and argued with us about whether or not she did it – HELLO??? there was a huge red scrape on our car. She even argued with the cop, and when that didn’t work she pulled out “well, I don’t think that was even the car that was parked there when I pulled in” Which is so funny since there is no way we could have even gotten our car in the spot the way she was parked. and did I mention that I just got my car back on Monday night after someone else had hit us?While we are talking to the cop my hubby’s phone rings – it is the restaurant he works at – he was manager on duty today but had to leave to take the little one in. The health inspector showed up….HONESTLY??? do you ever have days like this – all of this and guess what??? I am so grateful that all is well. Our baby is fine, our car is just a car and the inspection went great. I just wanted to know, how was your day?I am not quite sure what I am new too – I have 3 kids ages 17, 5 and 2 so not too many things surprise me – but today was over the topsweet and christy – You both have some much more going on that is so much heavier on the heart. and I will pray that things get better for you too. I do find it kind of “funny” that it all happened today….Thanks you all for your words of encouragement. I just finished with a meeting, the kids will be in bed in about 5 minutes and I am going to relax, read some email and drink a wine cooler.
A: Holy crap your story just kept getting worse and worse! That, my dear, is a day from hell. Good thing right now you can sit down, relax, look back and be thankful that your little boy is okay and that’s what matters most (but you already know that). This is one of those stories you will look back and laugh at someday. Well, my day was pretty uneventful, thanks for asking!!
please help me???? English?
Q: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Unit TestPART I: Critical ReadingDirections: Choose the BEST answer for each of the questions that follow. For the essay questions, read the directions and write a paragraph explaining your answer.1. In the Prologue, the Chorus indicates that it is hard for Juliet to find a way to meet Romeo (lines 11-12). Why are “her means much less” than his? (1 point)A young woman of high social rank in Verona would not be allowed to go out in public by herself.A young woman of high social rank in Verona would not know her way around the city.A young woman of high social rank in Verona would not be allowed to talk to young men at a party.A young woman of high social rank in Verona would not be educated the same way a young man would be.2. Complete the Prince’s speech from Act I.You men, you beasts,That quench the fire of your _______ rageWith purple fountains issuing from your veins! (1 point)augmentingtransgressivehereticalpernicious3. Explain the meaning of Juliet’s farewell speech. (Act II, scene ii, lines 184-185)Good night! Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrowThat I shall say good night till it be morrow. (3 points)4. What kind of speech does Romeo give in Act III, scene i, lines 104-110? [Exit Mercutio and Benvolio] Romeo. This gentleman, the Prince’s near ally, 103My very dear friend, hath got his mortal hurt In my behalf- my reputation stained 105With Tybalt’s slander- Tybalt that an hourHath been my cousin. O sweet Juliet, Thy beauty hath made me effeminate And in my temper soft’ned valor’s steel! [Enter Benvolio] (1 point)monologuesoliloquyasidecouplets5. In Act IV, Juliet and Paris’s marriage is set for Thursday. Interpret the Friar’s words, “You say you do not know the lady’s mind.” (1 point)He means that Paris does not know if Juliet is busy that day.He means that Juliet may want Romeo invited to the wedding.He means that Paris does not know what kind of wedding Juliet would like to have.He means that Paris does not know if Juliet will go along with the wedding.6. When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead, he says, “Is it e’en so? Then I defy you, stars!” What does he mean by saying he will defy the stars? (3 points)7. In Act V, why was Friar John unable to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo? (1 point)He was visiting the sick with another friar in Verona.He was stricken with the plague and could not travel.Health inspectors kept him in a house because of risk of infection by the plague.Search officers suspected him of committing a crime and kept him for several days.PART II: Vocabulary and GrammarDirections: Read each question carefully and choose the BEST answer.8. In which of the following sentences is an elliptical clause used correctly? (1 point)Henry is more outspoken than him.Patrick is more skeptical than they.The character of Juliet is more dramatic than her.Tybalt is more mischievous than them.9. Which of the following words are homographs? (1 point)Fragile (delicate) and lacy (delicate)Slay (to kill) and sleigh (a sled)Desert (dry arid region) and desert (abandon duties)Decline (turn down) and allow (approve)10. Which indefinite pronoun and verb pair correctly completes the following sentence? ______ member of the group performing “Romeo and Juliet” ______ in attendance at rehearsal. (1 point)Neither . . . wereEither . . . wasEach . . . wereEach . . . was11. What is the comparative modifier in the following sentence? A Midsummer Night’s Dream was more successful than many of Shakespeare’s plays, but it was not the most successful. (1 point)was moremost successfulmore successfulwas mostDirections: Choose the words that BEST complete each sentence.12. My sister, ____ wrote the music, is the one person ____ can answer the question. (1 point)who . . . whomwho . . . whowhom . . . whowhom . . . whom 13. The teacher, ____ the students liked, asked ____ was interested in drama. (1 point)who . . . whomwho . . . whowhom . . . whowhom . . . whomDirections: Read each question carefully and choose the BEST answer.14. Which of the following words includes a prefix that means “through” or “across”? (1 point)ConductorTranscontinentalExhaleInteractive15. Which of the following words includes a prefix that means “between” or “among”? (1 point)ConductorTranscontinentalExhaleInteractiveDirections: The questions below consist of a related pair of words in CAPITAL LETTERS followed by four lettered pairs of words. Choose the pair that BEST expresses a relationship similar to that of the pair in capital letters.16. AMBIVALENT : FEELINGS :: (1 point)valence : curtainambulance : carambiguous : meaningviolence : explosive17. WESTWARD : WEST :: (1 point)ward : hospitalwestern :
A: 1. A2. D5. D7.C8. B
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