What are the odds of dying from chewing tobacco

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Smokeless tobacco is not a major hazards. It has not been definitively linked to any deadly disease. Tlk to your Dr. before using. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-odds-of-dying-from-chewing-tobacco ]
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What are the odds of obtaining oral issues from trying chewing to…?
as you may know, tobacco has so many chemicals in it, that once it enters your system it sucks. especially the nicotine, which gets you addicted. to stay on the safe side, just stay away from it, no matter how curious you are. you could eve…

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would you breakup with your boyfriend if he chewed tobacco and you disliked it?
Q: i’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months. he’s about to turn 16…i’m about to turn 15. he knows i hate it so he doesn’t do it around me usually. but when we are around his friends (last night for instance) he does it even when i’m there. all of them do. he had the nerve to offer me some..i smacked the can out of his hand because he held it in front of my face. he got upset and ignored me for a while then came back and tried to get a kiss from me. i wouldn’t so he spit it out. and i still wouldn’t because i could still smell it and i can’t help that it disgusts me. i feel bad trying to change him..but chewing tobacco is not a part of him..it’s just something that he does. sometimes when he is being a sweet heart he will tell me that he is trying to quit for me..but i feel that if you are going to quit something you have to do it for your self..not someone else. i’m more concerned for his health than me disliking the taste of his mouth, etc. i tell him hes gunna get cancer, etc. but he says it wont happen to him. our friend died in a car crash 2 months ago..what are the odds… he doesn’t understand that anything can happen. i’m just trying to help him in the long run..so my question…….would it be immature to break up with someone for chewing tobacco?should i?
A: Chewing tobacco is a disgusting habit. Yes, it would be okay to break up with someone over that. OOOoooo gross. Good luck with that sweetie!
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