What are the side effects of Wilson’s disease

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Symptoms of Wilson’s disease are liver problems, neurological problems and behavioral or psychological problems. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-side-effects-of-wilson%27s-disease ]
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What are the side effects of Wilson’s disease
Symptoms of Wilson’s disease are liver problems, neurological problems and behavioral or psychological problems. ChaCha!
Will i have any side effects? wilson’s disease, trientine dihydro…?
You may feel sick at the start of treatment. Occasionally Trientine may cause a skin rash. Very rarely it can cause anaemia which might make you feel unusually tired. There have been occasional reports of inflammation of the small intestine…

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Does anyone know what this could be?
Q: Late Saturday night, a friend starting acting weird. She was having movement disorders and said that she could not control them. Sunday was the same way. Just constantly moving and not being able to control arms from moving. I also noticed that she was exaggerating her speech to say words and has become very talkative. I have checked the net and these symptoms are seen in a variety of disorders like Tardive Dystonia, Wilson’s Disease, Basilar Artery migraines etc.I don’t think she had TIA or stroke because she did not exhibit facial paralysis or pain on the appropriate side. I also checked the side effects of her meds. Has anyone every experienced this or know someone who has. I think she should see a doctor but she has been through so much this year already, and may decline. I even thought about a nervous breakdown.
A: For three months I was having uncontrollable twitches and electrical sensations all over my body. I went to the doctor he said come back if it got worse. I went back 6 times! He never did anything, than one Saturday it got really bad I told my husband I was going to go crazy, 1 hour later I had a Grand Mal seizure! I had been really feeling electrical problems and the twitches were warning me. a year later we are still trying to find out what is wrong. Please don’t leave her alone or let her drive. I was not breathing and had to be given CPR, if I was alone I probably would have died.
Copper IUD vs. Mirena. Experiences with both?
Q: I want an IUD very badly, but can’t decide which one. What i’ve been reading on here about the copper ones is that they’re really painful and periods last a LONG time. I like that they last ten years. and that they don’t have hormones. What’s the risk of getting Wilson’s disease with them though?Mirena sounds really good. I hate having a period, but I don’t like having hormones in my body because they make me gain a lot of weight VERY quickly.I was on depo for a few months and gained over 30lbs and am covered in stretch marks. I don’t want that to happen again, and thats why i dont like the idea of hormones. But I’ve heard that the hormones are lower then even the pill, and i do ok on the pill usually.Can you tell me your experiences with either IUD, why you like them or why you hate them? What side effects did you get? If it was expelled, etc.Also, I’ve never been pregnant/had kids. The mirena website seems to stress that you should have kids, but I’ve heard that its not necissary.
A: I chose the copper IUD over the Mirena because the hormones in previous contraceptives I’ve tried (Depo/the pill/Implanon) would make me go crazy, giving me mood swings and would make me VERY emotional so having a contraceptive containing hormones simply wasn’t an option.I’ve never had kids either, they recommend that you have had children before because your womb/cervix will be bigger if you’ve passed a baby through it and therefore the IUD will be easier to insert. For me it was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt but I’m a bit of a wuss :)I’ve always had really heavy and painful periods and they were made worse by the IUD in the first month or two but they settled down and after 6 months I swear they are actually lighter and less painful than they were before I got my IUD. Every woman’s different though so this won’t be the case for everyone. I’ve had the Copper IUD for a year now and I’ve had no problems with it, it’s definitely the best contraceptive I’ve tried. I like that it has no hormones because I feel natural and know that when I’m getting emotional or whatever it’s just me and not some horrible side effect so I don’t feel paranoid about side effects anymore. As for Wilson’s disease I’m unsure of the facts so it’s best to visit your Doctor or a local Family Planning Clinic for info on that and anything else you need to know, they’re so informative and will answer any questions you have and provide you with lots of leaflets. That’s what I did and before I knew it I was making a second appointment to get myself a copper IUD. Hope I helped and if you want to know anything else from a personal perspective feel free to ask!
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