What are the signs of Celiac disease

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There are no typical signs and symptoms of celiac disease. Most people with the disease have complaints of intermittent diarrhea. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-signs-of-celiac-disease ]
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What are the signs of coeliac disease?
In some people the symptoms may be mild enough that the coeliac disease is not picked up until later childhood, or even until the person is an adult.
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Can itching be a sign of Celiac Disease?
PLEASE get tested. It is entirely possible to have celiac your entire life and not have a single symptom. The fact that you can keep weight on does not rule this out. Really wish they had done an endoscopy on you as well while you were unde…

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My 12 month old daughter is shows glutin allergy (celiac disease) signs, but celiac test is negative. Help~!!?
Q: My daughter is allergic to something with any kind of wheat, rice flour in it. She gets violently ill. Tests show that she does not have celiac. WE are going to a Pediatric GI and then an allerist soon, but I’m up in arms as to what is going on. She can not have a yeast allergy because she can eat cheese… right now we give her only proteins and fruits, which in truth probably are not that bad overall;however, she is not able to eat any grains, and this includes a regularly made birthday cake. I can’t even give her birthday cake on her 1st birthday. Can anyone advise me on this? (BTW, I have a new Pediatrician who ordered the celiac tests and now has my at the GI and Allergist for infants… I just want advice on what it could be… thanks all!)
A: If you believe she is allergic than maybe try the gluten casen free diet and if that doesn’t work cut out all wheat and rice flour. Have you tried soy flour? I have bought some in the past and you would be able to make a cake with it if she is not allergic to that also.
Can itching be a sign of Celiac Disease?
Q: I’ve never asked a question online before, but I’m hoping someone out there can help.I’ve been itching for the last 2-3 months. On my legs, pelvis, abdomen, underarms, and breasts mainly. I’ll occasionally have outbreaks of red dots when the itching is bad, but they go away. I’ve been treated with an antibiotic, steroids and Elimite for scabies and nothing has worked.I’ve also had many other symptoms that I’m just now realizing might be interconnected. They include:-Weakness or numb feeling in arms-Dizziness-Headaches and heartburn 3-4 x per week-Fatigue (sleep over 12hrs each night and have no energy)-Bowel problems (diarrhea to constipation. light brown to dark green. and have also had blood in stool and had a scope done and everything was fine.)-Cramping and extreme urges to go about 20 min. after eating-Loss of appetiteThe internet has led me to Celiac, but I definitely don’t have weight loss. And I knew a girl who did have the disease and she reacted much more violently to gluten.Does it sound like Celiac? Or do you have any other ideas what it could be?I do plan on going to a doctor, but sadly, I can’t really afford it. So I’m trying to get as much information as possible before going in and wasting money on a doctor who doesn’t have a clue.Thank you for reading all that and hopefully answering! =]
A: PLEASE get tested. It is entirely possible to have celiac your entire life and not have a single symptom. The fact that you can keep weight on does not rule this out. Really wish they had done an endoscopy on you as well while you were under that day…Ok, so what you want to ask the doctor for is a celiac blood screening panel.. make sure you are good and glutened before you get it done. If he tells you something silly like you can not have celiac without anemia or something like that, be sure to come armed with a good article supporting your request from a reputable site. I can provide you with links if you would like.Personally I was told I had IBS and lactose intolerance (amongst other things) for 15, yes, 15 years and it turned out that it was celiac all along. My other symptoms? Restless leg, migraines, hairloss, etc.Go figure. So my vote is that it sounds like it may be worth a blood test to check for. Good luck!p.s. Yes, dry skin and itching, and especially the celiac rash is very much a sign of celiac (just search images for “celiac rash” and it will pop right up!Good Luck!
I don’t think I perspire enough is something wrong & what can I do?
Q: I really have had trouble the past several years with the heat. So I just stay in air conditioning. I once read that people with celiac disease don’t seat & I also have barely any hair on my arms which is supposed to be a sign of celiac disease. I know I have diabetes. Is there something natural I can or something I should be doing. Is this not sweating dangerous. Any insight into this is appreciated.It is a horrible feeling like my whole body is suffocating. I have just avoiding going out in the heat but want to be free to do that again.
A: Drink a lot of liquids water and not caffeine. Avoid diuretics. If that doesn’t work see a Doctor. Feel Better
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