What are the signs of cirrhosis

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Patients with cirrhosis may have few or no symptoms and signs of liver disease. Some of the symptoms may be nonspecific, that is, they don’t suggest that the liver is their cause. See a doctor if you have concerns. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-signs-of-cirrhosis ]
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What are the signs of cirrhosis
Patients with cirrhosis may have few or no symptoms and signs of liver disease. Some of the symptoms may be nonspecific, that is, they don’t suggest that the liver is their cause. See a doctor if you have concerns. ChaCha!
What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis Symptoms. Symptoms of Cirrhosis could include fatigue, jaundice, ascites, swelling, indigestion, weakness, and tired…
Could It Be Early Signs Of Cirrhosis?
Not likely but it could be his ulcer trying to tell him to stop drinking . He may have worn the lighning of his stomach down over the years from drinking in excess. I would get him in to a program to dry him out and see if the pain dose n…

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What are the first initial signs if cirrhosis?
Q: I am a 23 year old male that has drank and done drugs on and off for about 5 years, what’s the chance that I have the early stages of cirrohsis? What are other symptoms?
A: cirrhosis ‘s a long term process disease , it will not show any signs till late of ur life..but if u drink large amount of alcohol , there may be other signs of other diseases ..the most common of heavy drinking will show up with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage which means that u may have alcohol induced gastritis or esophagitis or esophageal laceration (from a lot of vomiting) , so u’ll vomit with blood or black content or having bloody or black stoolsor late of that ,when cirrhosis develops u’ll have esophageal varices which u’ll not know it untill u have large amount of bloody vomit or black content..or u may have alcoholic hepatitis which u’ll have fever with right upper quadrant abdominal pain and anorexia and nausea vomiting u’ll then become yellow eyes and skin..this becoz ur liver is inflame..u better stop drinking for not making everything gone worse :)good luck !
what are the first signs of cirrhosis of the liver?
Q: how can you tell if youve got this disese?
A: Your doctor keeps telling you to stop drinking.Bleeding because the liver does not make enough coagulation proteins (to make clots) Swelling of body. If the swelling is of the abdomen it is called ascites Confusion and acting very tired because of the extra ammonia that the liver cannot metabolize Bleeding from very big swollen veins in the esophagus called esophageal varices. If these bleed, it can cause the person to die very quickly.
Expert answerer’s please. What are the fist signs of cirrhosis of the liver?
A: Cirrhosis often has no symptoms, or symptoms so subtle they are attributed to other causes. One of the most common symptoms of liver disease, whether it be hepatitis, cirrhosis, or other is fatigue. But it’s hard to determine whether you’re fatigued because you live a busy life, or something is wrong, so often these symptoms go unchecked until other more serious symptoms occur. Basically, there are two types of cirrhosis: compensation and decompensation. When the liver is cirrhotic with compensation, it is severely damaged, but it is still performing it’s necessary functions but not efficiently. When it is decompensating, then there are other symptoms present because the liver is not able to perform even the most basic functions. The most common signs of decompensation may include ascites (fluid in the abdominal cavity- needs to be drained in a hospital procedure), variceal bleeding (vomiting blood), hepatic encephalopathy (brain fog/ confusion), bacterial infection, and liver cancer (5%). I have known many people who were diagnosed with cirrhosis, but who had no symptoms until they had a routine physical and their bloodwork was way out of whack, or they ended up in a hospital due to a sudden problem like an esophageal bleed, or mental confusion from hepatic encephalopathy. Liver disease affects everyone differently; if 5 people have cirrhosis, they may have 5 different symptoms or no symptoms at all.I hope this has helped you. Best wishes.
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