What can cause pain in the lower pelvic area on one side

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Causes of pain in the lower pelvic area include: Sexually transmitted disease, Pelvic inflammatory disease – see also causes of pelvic inflammatory disease, Ovary disorders, Ovulation pain, Ovarian cyst, Polycystic ovary syndrome [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-pain-in-the-lower-pelvic-area-on-one-side ]
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What can cause pain in the lower pelvic area on one side
Causes of pain in the lower pelvic area include: Sexually transmitted disease, Pelvic inflammatory disease – see also causes of pelvic inflammatory disease, Ovary disorders, Ovulation pain, Ovarian cyst, Polycystic ovary syndrome

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Has anyone here had lower back pain, along with hip and groin pain?
Q: My daughter is in a lot of pain (it’s been months now) started as lower back pain that gradually got worse… We went to the doctor and they took x-rays…at first they said that it was probably sciatica, which we didn’t think it was…. since she didn’t have any pain in her leg… we went back a few times but they could never find what was wrong.. So I decided to take those x-rays to a Chiropractor doctor and he found out that she has a tilted pelvis and that one leg is slightly shorter than the other one, he did measurements, etc and you can obviously see that the pelvic is tilted…He recommended orthotics for her shoes and also adjustments…For a few months she was feeling better…But then all of the sudden she started having pain on the side of her hip and it got progressively worse, where it would be all around the back both hips and also groin area… The chiropractor did ultrasound therapy on her hip area, continued with alignments etc, but nothing would help…The pain was getting worse…We went back to her primary doctor and he thought she might have bursitis of the hip, he did a shot of cortisone and gave her anti-inflammatory meds, but as weeks went by, the pain was still there and getting worse…. She then, was referred to a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation doctor… He thought it was something irritated in her lower back (I forgot the name for that) anyway, so he gave her a shot in that area…..After a couple of weeks she was not getting any better or feeling any relief!……To make the story short, the pain in her groin area has gotten worse, she can’t not longer sit (not even for a few minutes) cause it’s so painful…the pain in her lower back is always there, along with the burning pain in her hip and groin area and sometimes she feels tingling on upper legs…. She was sent for a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis and that came out normal… Thank GOD!….Now we are waiting for her MRI results of lower back….I’m totally devastated, my daughter is a young girl (22 yr) never had a problem in her back before, I don’t understand why she got so sick and so suddenly and unexpected. She recently graduated from school with a bachelor degree and she used to spend many hours sitting in front of her computer studying (that’s when her back pain slowly started) but after her graduation is when the pain really got bad!The doctor she is seeing now think it might be a pinched nerve of the lumbar spine, but I have done a lot of research on this and I can’t find the combination of this pain she is experiencing (groin mainly -hip and back) due to a pinched nerve?I’m so exhausted and I would give “anything for her to feel better” even trade places… has anyone have a clue what is this?
A: Hi Starlight. I am a retired Chiropractor.My first thought, given the pattern of pain, is a kidney stone. A kidney stone can be missed on a CT scan.Another possibility is a myofascial pain syndrome – these types of conditions often produce the pain patterns your daughter is experiencing. Muscles to consider: ileo-psoas, quadratus lumborum, internal and external oblique abdominals, rectus abdominis, tensor fasciae latae (TFL), and piriformis.A disc (or multiple disc) herniation(s) is/are another possibility.A fourth possibility is a “lumbar facet syndrome”.A fifth possibility is a “piriformis syndrome” (often misdiagnosed as a lumbar disc herniation and/or “sciatica”).The simplicity of thinking your medical and chiropractic doctors are displaying is not a good sign. “Sciatica”, “Bursitis”, “pinched nerve”, etc. are examples of terms that have no real diagnostic value and are usually NOT used by highly knowledgeable health professionals.Suggestions: 1) Get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions by other Chiropractors – just as with medical doctors, there is a huge range in knowledge and skill-sets within the Chiropractic profession: no single doctor knows everything!). (Your daughter has already had multiple opinions by several different M.D.s.)2) Because you are knowledgeable and motivated, I feel comfortable recommending that you borrow or buy a copy of the book “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction – the Trigger Point Manual” by Simons and Travell. It is very technical, but very thorough, and I think you have the ability to understand and apply the information it contains. This book (it is a two-volume set) is a goldmine of diagnostic information. This book set is expensive but worth the money.http://www.amazon.com/Travell-Simons-Myofascial-Pain-Dysfunction/dp/0683307711/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234757241&sr=1-13) Another book that looks at chronic pain from a dietary/environmental/chemical perspective is called “Pain Free in 6 Weeks”. It was written by Sherry Rogers, M.D. It is another goldmine of useful information. This book is not expensive.http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Free-Weeks-Sherry-Rogers/dp/188720203X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234757169&sr=8-14) An evaluation by a Nephrologist (kidney doctor) may be worthwhile. And, a thorough evaluation by her gynecologist to rule-out internal organ-system problems that might be causing her back pain, is also appropriate.Best wishes and good luck.
bfp!! 9 and 10 dpo, here were my symptoms for all u ladies looking for answers.?
Q: Last month I was so sure I was preggo because I was so miserable a week before my period. I had bad acne, I was achey, moody, depressed. As it turned out it was just pms, lol. I checked ovulation calanders online and it said I was gonna ovulate around oct 9 and from oct 5-9 was my fertility period. I bd cot 5/7/9 and I think I ovulated on oct 9 cause I had some ovulation pains in my left side.oct 9-14(1 5 dpo) – No symptoms that I noticedoct 15 (6 dpo)- really thirstyoct 16 (7dpo)implantation bleeding ( Went to the bathroom and there was some pinkish spotting and then some brown cm later, tmi sorry) Had some mild cramping on and offoct 17(8 dpo)- Mild cramping in lower pelvic area and really tiredoct 18 (9 dpo) took a pregnancy test from the dollar store and it showed bfn in the first few min so i threw it away( I was expecting neg cause my pee looked diluted), really tired, wanted a nap but couldnt, went to work and felt like i couldn’t focus. Took another test when i got home and it showen neg in the first few min so I threw it away.oct 19 (10 dpo)- woke up feeling like I had a hangover, took a pregnancy test with fmu and let it sit for a bit. Went and gave my son breakfast then went back to look a 1/2 hour later and there was a very faint bfp but no one was home and I needed a sec opinion. Took the 2 out of the trash from the day before and they also showed bfp, omg. I waited a couple hours then took another test with 2nd morning urine and it showed a lil darker bfp, omg again. Went to town and bought a better test, took it and guess what……BFP, omg.All last month I was so sure but was so dissapointed and I know there was no line on any of the tests, this month I was so shocked to see even the faintest line. Guess I am pregnant, still in shock and I can’t keep a secret and I have to work tonight with all my friends. Could u keep it quiet from the people u see all the time every week? I just wanted to write this so anyone ttc knew what to look for, I just knew it this month cause I felt it and the waking up like i had a hangover really sealed it for me. Good luck and baby dust to everone.the fist 3 were after 10 min thats why i was unsure, i actually posted a questin. the last 2 were in minutes. the first 4 were dollar store brands so i again was unsure but i have used them before and there was never a line let alone 4 in a row. i went to the drugstore and bought a life brand, same kind i used with my son and there more exspensive. i got a bfp in min again. i have 1 more good test that i am gonna take in the morning just to be sure.
A: congrats and thanks for info i will take one in the morning and i will be 10 dpo
need serious help please i only get one answer?
Q: period-august 17thsex-1st of this monthtested-22nd or 23rd can’t remember it was a negativeno period still but when i press down on like near my left ovary or it could be my bladder i have a pain there and i feel like i gotta pee more often and when i have a “bowel movement” and press down i can feel that pain also i have a pain in like my pelvic area on the right side my lower back on both sides hurt but the pain i’ve described above i’ve had that since before my period last month and i let it go just thinking it was pain so what could this be the pain plus the causing of missing my period
A: It could be an ovarian cyst. That’s honestly what it sounds like. Doctor’s can tell you. I think they do an ultrasound to see it. They cause pains, can make you miss your period and a lot of other stuff. I would look into that. You could be pregnant, but it doesn’t sound like it at this point. Good luck!
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