What can I do if my gums are loose as well as my teeth

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Loose gum tissues is a sign of Gum Disease, or gingivitis. Your dentist will want to see you for regular checkups and cleanings. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-if-my-gums-are-loose-as-well-as-my-teeth ]
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What can I do if my gums are loose as well as my teeth
Loose gum tissues is a sign of Gum Disease, or gingivitis. Your dentist will want to see you for regular checkups and cleanings.
How To Strengthen And Fasten Gums And Loose Teeth?
you most likely have perio disease, but the only person who can determine that is your hygienist and dentist. it’s fairly easy to treat, you will most likely have to get a deep cleaning (they numb you up and it’s like a normal cleaning bu…..
What can I do to strengthen my gums and tighten loose teeth??
Flossing is the best thing you can do to strengthen your gum tissue. You can not hurt your gums from flossing. Some people say its bad to floss your teeth cause it hurts and bleeds. Well.. thats called bacteria and infected gum tissue. If y…

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Is it possible I have gum disease that the dentist missed on examination?
Q: I hadn’t been to the dentist for 12 years. I am 23 years old. I went today for a check-up because I had no other choice; over a month ago I was eating some chips and my back tooth upper right cracked. It hasn’t caused me any pain, but the experience freaked me out because I was afraid my other teeth would start cracking as well.To my shock and surprise, the hygienist and dentist said that my gums and teeth look great! I have 6 cavities which is a lot but not surprising given I haven’t been to the dentist for 12 years. In addition, I need to have a crown–probably no root canal will be needed, so that makes me pretty happy! After I get the cavities filled and my crown, I intend to get some sort of orthodontic work done–braces or invisalign, I’m considering both but leaning more toward braces. I had a set of comprehensive x-rays taken (18 total I think), and had a regular cleaning and some fluroide applied to my teeth. I thought for sure I had severe periodontal disease; I looked it up on the internet and scared myself into thinking I’d need all my teeth pulled and would have to get dentures! When the hygienist did the periodontal probing, the numbers that were called out were in the 1-3 range (mostly 3’s), along with a few 4’s which they said are nothing to worry about. The reason I thought I had periodontal disease is because my teeth are loose. Not majorly loose; I can eat everything I want just fine and the teeth don’t feel loose when I eat. However, when I apply pressure to my teeth with my fingers, moving them back and forth, I can feel slight movement. I was too afraid to bring this up to the dentist. Is it possible that they might have missed something? I mean, the periodontal probing was good, I didn’t bleed much during the cleaning (just a little blood, but what can you expect after being away so long?), and the dentist had the x-rays in front of her when she was examining me so if there was an obvious problem, she would have brought it up, right? Besides, my teeth have been loose for a long time, I think I first noticed it about 7 years ago so if it was periodontal disease, they would have fallen out or gotten really loose, right?I’m going to bring this up with my dentist when I return in 2 weeks. I’m just very embarrassed and afraid that they will realize, whoops, we overlooked something and then find out I do have gum disease. Is that possible? I wasn’t very good at taking care of my teeth when I was younger, I rarely brushed them (I hate to admit this!), but in my late teenage years I did start taking better care of them, especially after I read about periodontal disease and thought for sure I had it and would need to have my teeth taken out! I have to admit though that my dental hygiene is not that great–I told the hygienist I brush twice a day when in reality I brush once at night before I go to bed but I usually do a pretty thorough job–it takes 5 minutes or so. I intend on brushing twice a day and flossing at least every other night for now on. I’m convinced that oral health is largely based on genetics and I think I lucked out as far as that goes.Anyway, my main concern is the loose teeth. I came in thinking I was worst-case scenario, so I did ask the hygienist if it was possible that I could have gum disease that the probing wouldn’t pick up. She said that worst-case was I could have so much tartar that the probe wouldn’t be able to fully penetrate the gums but given that I had no visible tartar on my teeth, that was highly unlikely. Maybe I’m just worrying too much. After all, I have all of my teeth–28 plus 1 wisdom tooth for a grand total of 29.Just to clarify–I do NOT have any gingivitis.
A: You are worrying too much. Periodontal disease can also be seen on the x rays. 1-3 mm pockets are considered within normal limits. After a good cleaning 4 mm pockets will usually shrink. I would think that your Dentist would be more than happy to discuss your concerns. Do you grind your teeth at night? This may make your teeth feel “loose”. The important thing is that you went to the Dentist today, which is the first step in a lifetime of good oral health. Make sure you brush and floss! Relax and good luck!
My husband suspects his Ex wife of having Munchhausen and abusing their 10 year old son whom she has primary ?
Q: custody of. When trying to get custody about 4 years ago, she was evaluated by the courts and found to show signs of beg. skitsofrantic behavior and severe depression, as well as unstability. They don’t just share one son together but share two, one was left behind who is now 22. Their 22 year old used to witness his mom hitting herself and pulling her hair while watching t.v. and listening to the radio at the same time. years later, their 10 year old who is in her care…cries when having to go back to her home from being at our house for his every other weekend visits. He has told stories of her hitting him at times and saying mean things to him. Over a one year period, he has come to us saying he has scoliosis, asthma, rashes, stress rashes, paralasys, blindness, gum disease, numerous severe colds and fevers, anxiety and depression, heart problems, rotten teeth, severe coughs. many times my husband has picked up his son, only to find no fever and no cold like she said. there even was a time when she sent him to us with a prescription bottle of psuedophedrine that had been expired for about 5 mos. I googled and found this really is not good to give kids. My husband took it to the doctors who prescribed it and could not find anyone to take responsibility for it. We have called CPS numberous times and they don’t do anything…not even call the school to see how many times the child has been abscent or how many times he’s been to the doctor. instead they ask the little boy if his mom is mean to him. Is this the year 2008? I have been with my husband only a year and find it very odd that this little boy chooses to call me mommy even when his own mom has angrily told him not to. This little boy cries very hard and says he does not feel protected there with his mom or safe…but can’t tell me what that means. Munchausen effects kids as they get old, if they are lucky enough to get older. But it sends a very bad message to them…love me better if I’m sick. I’m afraid this little guy is learning that message. 1 and a half mos. ago he was on his weekend with us and pulled out one of his loose teeth and was so proud. he put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy replaced it. I was so proud of him.He goes back to his mom…then comes back again to us and is freaked out about his gums and teeth making his father pinky promise over and over again that his gums are fine and his teeth are not going to fall out in the night. For about a month, he has been calling my husband every night asking about the % his two teeth are loose and to do the pinky promises which my husband will have to recite about 4-5 times during a phone call. Sometimes these phone calls end and he will call back again only to make him say it again. Sometimes he repeats this pattern for about 4 times. The promise he has to say is: I for sure exactly pinky promise that one tooth is approx. 0.5% loose and the other is approx. 1.5% loose. I also for sure exactly pinky promise that they are not going to fall out for a super duper mega long time. and that your gums are perfectly fine. I also for sure exactly pinky promise that they are not going to get looser when you sleep. I for sure exactly pinky promise I won’t forget or break any of my pinky promises. The evening phone calls have increased to mornings now before he goes to school. So now the concern over his gums and teeth are in the evening and in the morning. This is not normal.What can we do???????My undertone must not be the greatest. This dad is like no other dad I have seen. You have to understand he has been treated unfairly by the system and in court racist statements were slurred out. My husband has used up his oldest son’s college money for a lawyer, a lawyer who was good friend’s with his ex wife’s lawyer. he has exhausted all funds on this. it’s not new..it’s going on 5 years. he sees his son every weds and does not miss even one, nor is he late. he spends as much time as he can good wholesome activities. every week it gets tainted by this woman. when we have him every other wknd on a friday to monday- it takes until sat morning for him to be himself. everything up until sat- is negativity and stuff filled with what his mother sent him to communicate. I don’t want to believe our system is corrupt and the courts don’t acknowledge a good father. after the court the first time though she was evaluated as unstable and mental…it was 50/50. the boy would crywhen going back to the point of throwing up and being sick. so there were times when he would call his exwife and inform her he was not at school on a monday because he was sick and did not want to go back. she used this to her advantage and changes were made to the visitation agreement due to that and distance between the two homes. When my husband was evaluated, the only possible ding against him was that he had a strong agressive go getter type personality. Yet-she was awarded the custody with beg. scitsofrantic behavior like symptoms, severe depression, unstability, and thoughts of suicide. hmmm sounds just like the symptoms of Munchausen.
A: abc.is right
Tongue Ring A Bit Tight… Ok Or Problem?
Q: First and foremost, yes I know what can go wrong if there is a problem. Do not waste your time and mine telling me what may go wrong, as I already know and am not asking what problems may occur, I am asking whether things are likely alright.I had my tongue pierced six days ago with a long bar, and the bar interfered with eating. I wear a size 0 and my pants have since grown so loose I require a belt. I have been eating, but it takes a very long time and after a half hour or so I lose interest and give up. I also have a job where I do a lot of talking, and with my speech impaired by the long bar, people kept asking me to repeat myself or a coworker would step in and repeat me. With the long bar, it was pressing against the soft tissue on the roof of my mouth as well as hitting the gums right below my front lower teeth, which was uncomfortable.I waited until most of the swelling went down, and had my brother change the bar for me because I couldn’t do it myself. My piercer is currently too far away to reach, and he has an independant practice, or I would have had him do it.The swelling has been decreasing each day, I’ve been keeping everything very sanitary, and the bar was placed in my tongue and screwed on at the current size, but the swelling was not entirely gone, and there was minor swelling.I have since fallen asleep and woken up after having this done, it’s been about ten hours, and both balls are visible. I am not in pain, but I was a little concerned when I saw that the soft tissues are puffed up a bit beside the piercing and perhaps I should have waited a bit longer.Considering that it has been about a week, the swelling is decreasing and decreasing, and it is not painful at all and not alarmingly puffy, should I be okay? How long would it take for a problem to arise? By all logic, since the tongue keeps getting less and less swolen, the swelling ought to be gone before anything serious could happen. Opinions?Again, please remember I know what can go wrong. I do not need people here to criticize or frighten me, just please let me know if it ought to be okay, any other precautions I should take, and how long it would take before I noticed a problem. Thanks! 🙂
A: Yes you can have swelling on and off for the first 6 months or so if it gets to feeling to tight then you should use a slightly larger bar for a short time then change back to the size you are using now just keep doing that until it no longer feels tight. It is just your tissue getting used to the bar and it will take time for you to get used to it fully.
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