What can make the top of my mouth swollen

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Hand, foot, and mouth disease, strep throat and a burn can all make the room of your mouth swollen. Seek professional medical attention if it persists. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-make-the-top-of-my-mouth-swollen ]
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What can make the top of my mouth swollen
Hand, foot, and mouth disease, strep throat and a burn can all make the room of your mouth swollen. Seek professional medical attention if it persists. ChaCha on!

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What’s up with my mouth?
Q: So here’s the thing. Last week i want to say about wednesday i started getting a pain in my gum on the right side of my mouth. It would start to hurt out of nowhere. To numb it i would put liquid Anbesol Maximum Strength. It would numb it out for a few then it would come back. Then It moved to my front tooth. It hurt so bad. I couldn’t eat. I accidentally hit myself with my finger and it hurt a great deal. Then it reached my nose. I started feeling pain on the inside of my nose. It’s like the whole right side of my face was in pain. My mom took me to my grandmother’s and gave me ibuuprofen and some numbing medicine and that really kicked off the pain. I used it for two days straight. Then yesterday, i woke up and the whole top lip of my mouth was swollen. It’s more swollen at the roof where it connects with my nose. I can feel it in my nose too. I don’t know what it is. I’m in terrible pain. I have asked my mother to make me a doc appt. but i would like to know if anyone has any idea what it could be.
A: Go to the dentist. You have an infection or abscess. You need antibiotics to cure it. Go today.
swollen red gums; white blister-like thing under tounge; teeth ache/feel lose… whats rong with my mouth!?
Q: alright so in the back of my mouth where my mollers are my gums is kinda going over my back moller on the right side and the gum like kinda peals off a little so its like flappy and is able to lift up. my gums are extremely swollen; and the gums where my front bottom teeth are look really red. My palate is swollen but its only the front like right behind my 2 front teeth. My cheeks are blister-like things on them i dont really know how to explain them. Under my tounge like right on top on the vain there is an EXTREMELY painful like white blister-like thing (but it is not a blister because it is not something that could be popped) this hurts whenever i move my tounge. My back top mollers on the right side like the end of them if i touch the gums over there it hurts so much and also if i bite down on my teeth they hurt and they feel lose. I also have a fever blister(cold sore). I’ve had this stuff going on for a few days and the pain is unbareable; i can not sleep i can not eat anything. I am 15 so i dont know if its my wisdom teeth coming in or gum disease/gingavitus or something.. i just really need to know whats going on and what i can do to make it/the pain go away
A: Sounds like a combo of a viral infection and a gingivitis….The under tounge thing is troublesome….if this does not clear up in a week to 10 days…get into the doctor….right now….get some cepacol or Rincinol (GUM) for Oral pain and swish with it….Keep up excellent Oral health by flossing and brushing 2x a day at least. Even though it hurts, you can take a tylenol for the pain. Otherwise, get to the doctor.
Swollen gums?
Q: at first i thought it might have been a canker sore, but it has gotten increasingly larger over the day. the gums in the very back of my mouth around the last molar in the top, left side of my mouth has swollen up. It is very painful and i tried the saltwater thing and it didnt work. Im still not entirely sure if its a canker sore or not, but it is large and red. What can i do to make the pain go away? If anything, what can i do to make the, “sore” completely go away?
A: That has happened to me on a few occasions. It has happened on the bottom and top of my mouth along the gum line, and it was swollen, red, painful, and lasted only a couple of days. I have learned that it is a piece of food that got stuck in the pocket along a tooth that caused it. Not all food will do it, but sometimes something such as a shell of a popcorn kernel will get stuck, and cause inflamation. It will go away, and there is nothing you can do about it, but wait it out.
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