What caused the decline of the Aztec and Inca

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Several factors contributed: disease (brought on by Spanish visitors), population decline and exploitation by the Spanish. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-caused-the-decline-of-the-aztec-and-inca ]
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What caused the decline of the Aztec and Inca
Several factors contributed: disease (brought on by Spanish visitors), population decline and exploitation by the Spanish.

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Discuss the possible causes for decline and fall of the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations.?
Q: Discuss the possible causes for decline and fall of the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations. What are the similarities and what are the differences between them?
A: There is only one cause: White man’s greed!
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Q: I’m not done, I still have to finish writing about the English but so far how is it? BE HONEST! and some pointers would be helpful aswell. Thanks! Maggie CantySeptember 17th, 2007Period 4Conquering the AmericasWhen Europeans first came across the Americas they began to spread illnesses and deadly diseases upon the Native Americans. Minor illnesses would become fatal because the Native American’s hygiene and medical practices were poor. Europeans and Native Americans had no resistance to one another’s diseases. The Native Americans had been infected with Smallpox, typhus, measles, and other deadly diseases by the Europeans. No one knew that these diseases were actually coming from the Europeans. Since no one knew the origin of the illnesses, the Europeans took the sickness as a sign from God. They thought God intended for the Native Americans to die and for the Europeans to take over. There were three main reasons for why the Europeans stayed in the Americas. One was land, for the more land they owned the more money they would encounter, two is converting resources to goods to be traded, and third is spreading Christianity. The influences that the Europeans had upon the Native Americans was how to domesticate animals such as cows and horses, taught them their language and laws, crops like wheat, and some technologies such as firearms and the wheel. The Spanish were one of the first to invade the Americas. Native Americans were treated with violence by the Spanish, mainly because Spain has a long history of violence with other countries. Spain conquered the Aztecs, which is established in today’s New Mexico, and later defeated the Incas, now located in modern day Peru and South America. Without the Native American allies or smallpox and measles that killed millions of Native Americans, the Spanish might not have won the invasion. Spain had conquered the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Once the Spanish conquered all this land the Native Americans and Africans were enslaved to take silver and gold from the mountains of Peru and Mexico. Spain destroyed a vast majority of the culture in the Americas. The Spanish never tried to drive out the Native Americans instead forced them into Spanish culture. Encomienda System was one way of enslaving the Native Americans for cheap labor. This system gave the conquistador, which in this case the Spanish, control over the natives by making them work the land for the wealthy. Many priests that were members of a Catholic order settled throughout Florida and New Mexico. They made dozens of mission headquarters for their work of converting Native Americans to Christianity, as well as make them follow European customs. Soldiers helped force the Native Americans into villages or congregations, where they would farm and worship like Catholic Europeans. Some nomadic Native American groups would revolt. One group was the Apache of the South West. The Apaches refused to corporate with the Spanish which resulted in resistance that broke out occasionally throughout the sixteen hundreds. As a result of this resistances a battle occurred between the Native Americans and the Spanish. This battle was very disorganized and later because of a drought weakened the Spanish power which caused them in defeat. A group of Native Americans called the Pueblos united and ran out the Spanish in what is known today as the Revolt of 1680. The drought later declined the Pueblo’s population. Pueblo, still declining, attacks neighboring villages of Apache and Navaho. Pueblo eventually reaches nine thousand villagers so turn to the Spanish just to gain protection. Encomienda is later abolished. When the English conquered and settled in Americas, they attempted to completely transform the land and Native Americans in it. The Native Americans resisted the English rule, which resulted in their population being drastically reduced. The English raided the Spanish fleets, for a share in gold and silver from the mountains of Mexico and Peru. The main reason as to why the English set out for the Americas was to serve as basses for raids on the Spanish and for further exploration. Jamestown was the first settlement in the United States, which is now located in Virginia.
A: 1.Check your spellings. i.e co-operate not corporate2.’Jamestown was the first settlement in the United States, which is now located in Virginia.’ I think it has always been in Virginia? 3. some of your sentences need a bit of restructuring to help them flow a bit more easily. Overall it’s not that bad at all, depends on what grade you are !
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