What causes alcholism

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There is growing evidence for genetic and biologic predispositions for this disease, but this research is controversial. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-alcholism ]
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Many peopel have differnt belives in what causes alcholism. Honestly it can be passed from generation to generation. But ultimatly it is your choice to drink alcohol. You can be treated for this disease.
Today, many researchers believe that most of the harmful effects seen in alcoholics are caused by a buildup of a toxic metabolic byproduct of alcohol called acetaldehyde. This substance may interact with brain chemicals to create a physiolo…
Alcohol is largely a genetic disease that is inherited from our ancestors. When people have the necessary genetic makeup (and in some cases, if they simply drink too much for too long, without the genes), alcohol causes changes in their b…

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An alcholism theory. (read if bored) Does it make sense?
Q: I’ve tried to keep this as short and non-dry as possible. Any comments welcome; critical or otherwise,—I sat on the edge of the bed, massaging my head and recalling the day before. What I’m certain of is that I spent the majority of it cluctching some form of drink and, as the brain does when inebrietated or otherwise, a few select memories remained with me. For some reason or another the brain deems these situations memorable, so puts extra effort in storing them to short term memory. I often think what are the evolutionary purposes of such extraordinary feats are, in particular with the differing emotions felt. Fond memories seem simple enough. It’s you’re brain wanting to remember the situations you were in, the people you were with or sometimes, ahem, the actions you were taking. And it wants you to repeat them because they are beneficial to you (more often than not anyway). This is often fine when reflecting on a night out. You’re look back with positivity and fondness, or on some occasions confusion; such as why you found that picture of the pig with a hat so funny.It is, however, more complex with feelings of guilt, shame or anguish which your memory decides to store for reflection the morning after. Often these are lighthearted situations, such as tripping over or falling down a well (c’mon, we’ve all been there), but things can take a more sinister turn. Particularly for alcoholics, whose ability to intake alcohol is far superior (if I can use that word) than those who are not. They can, therefore, fluctuate far greater from their personality and take actions even more unusual. Though admittedly it does balance out slightly, with their inferior (if I can use that word) ability to recall such memories. The problem lies – as usual – with the transference of a useful evolutionary tool to it’s application in our modern and somewhat distorted world. The pain felt when recollecting these memories is not designed for such atrocious actions as some might take when severely under the influence. Hence the drinker will often need to intake more alcohol to forget such actions, or indeed numb the pain. But this increased intake may cause even more fluctuation from the sober personality of the drinker. And so the cycle repeats.—Side note: The suggested category was media and journalism…OK thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on my theory and writing style and get back to you :)@ Sir Richard: I re-read a few times so don’t know how those mistakes slipped through the net.
A: I don’t think you ever suffered or known anyone with alcoholism because being an alcoholic doesn’t mean you go party every night and have a blast. I’ve known people who down an entire bottle of whiskey and then head to work. I’ve known people who spend an entire paycheck on beer. I’ve known people who lost everything to the bottle. There’s a huge difference between going out and partying and having a good time, than with being an alcoholic. Sure you can develop alcoholism from going out too much, but just because you’re an alcoholic doesn’t mean you go out partying every night.
how to get over an addiction to a person?
Q: im addicted to my last boyfriend. he was and still is very abusive to me even now when i talk to him. i want nothing more but to talk to him though even though he never brings me any good and i know it causes me pain. i know i have n addictive personality ive gone from alcholism to drug addict to food addict and now i think i am addicted to him. i dont know how to get over this and stay away from something so negative, its almost a physically need to talk to him. what can i do? help?!we went out for 3 years
A: Did you know that when you have sex with someone, hormones are released (within the woman only) that cause you to be bonded to the guy. At the same time, another hormone is released that suppresses logic so that you’ll stay bonded to the guy no matter what kind of loser he is. The effect can last for a year or more. The biological reason for this appears to be to keep you stuck with the guy while you have his baby. If you’ve had sex with him, you’re done for – for about a year, anyway.
Name the artist/ and what they have in common?
Q: Random Artist Trivia-moderately difficult. OK, Lets Play. 1.What popular grung artist battled constant pain due to bronchitus, scoliosis, an undiagnosed stomache condition and periods of homelessness, sometimes living under a bridge until he rose to fame in 1991? 2. What early rock artis t with a number 1 chart topper in 1961 was born “Charles Weedon Westover” and was the 1st American to cover the Beatles “From me to you” and possesd a unique falsetto voice? 3. What former Tubes Keyboardist rose to fame in late 70-80-s and went on to play as the 6th keyboardist for a famous psychedelic jam band and suffered from depression many years after the groups disbandment?4. What singer, dancer, choreographer from a famous Motown band helped found “The Primettes” later to become Motowns most famous “girl band” and suffered from sick cell anemia which cause him to stop touring when many suspected it was due to alcholism? 5. What do all these Artists have in common?You guys are doing pretty well so far. I keep thinking I’m stumping people (maybe because all I see are dumbass questions on this site) and find out you guys that are hiding out there have a decent grasp on whats what. Keep going, more trivia to come…
A: 1. Kurt Kobain (blue eyes – one blew this way, one blew…. sorry)2. Del (Runaway)Shannon 3. Vince Wel(l?)nick4. Paul Williams (Supremes – and not the little white guy from the smokey and the bandit movies)5. suicide
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