What causes anaphalactic shock

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Anaphalactic shock occurs when the immune system creates disease-fighting antibodies toward a substance that is normally harmless. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-anaphalactic-shock ]
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What causes anaphylactic shock?
Anaphylaxis Risk Factors. Anaphylaxis is an severe, whole-body allergic reaction. After an initial exposure to a substance like bee sting toxin, the person’s immune system becomes sensitized to that allergen. On a subsequent exposure, an al…
Why did the drug lyrica cause anaphalactic shock?
Lyrica is a very complicated drug. It is used for treating pain and also seizures, anxiety, fibromyalgia and a few other things. It works by slowing down the conduction of nerve cells. It has lots of side effects. Some people get tired, oth…
Can Eating Honey Cause Anaphylactic Shock?
・ Anaphylaxis is the term for a severe and rapid allergic reaction. If not treated quickly, it can be life… ・ Honey bees gather nectar from flowers and store it in special stomachs used just for honey—they have… ・ Although rare, some …

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terrified of sudden anaphalaxis!?
Q: I am 14 years old.Over the past 6-7 months, I have been worrying about my health severely.These anxieties have included- brain aneurysms, heart attacks, and anaphalaxis/food allergies.I have just finished worrying about aneurysms, and now its gone to anaphalactic shock.After I ate some yogurt today, I had a mild itchy mouth, face, legs and arms, and I sneezed twice. No rash or anything, but it immediately got me worried.I have never been allergic to anything, but I have had lactose and wheat intolerance’s, but they have gone away. The only allergy I have is hay fever.I have asked mum to ask the doctor for an allergy test, but the doctor said she can’t unless I have proper symptoms.But I can’t help thinking, that she’s only saying this because she doesn’t believe me anymore. I looked food allergies up on the internet, and it said mild itching and sneezing could be a sign of a food allergy. This immediately got me worried about Anaphalaxis, so I looked that up. It said that you can get Anaphlaxis, even if you’ve only had a mild or no reaction before. This sent me into panic.The doctor said they wont give me an epi-pen, because I ‘haven’t’ got an allergy, but how do they know if they wont do testing?What worried me more is that it said, the main cause of anaphalactic type fatality is late use of epi-pen. If i haven’t even got one in the first place, there is a much higher risk I’ll die!I’m soo scared! No one will listen!PLEASE HELP! 🙁 🙁 :(also I got a bit of itchy eyes!
A: This is probably just a phase you are going through. However if it is consuming a large portion of your day then you need to see a psychologist. If you really feel that you may have a serious allergy. you should carry or have access to Benedryl which will buy you time for most allergies.
Roommate problem help me please!?
Q: I am not really sure where to start with all of this problem, but I need help.First off I am at University and have two female Asian roommates. One is from South Korea and the other has joint citizenship with the USA and Japan. Some back ground on the problems–The one from Korea is typically quiet and a clean freak. The one from Japan is loud and very messy. The one from Japan broke our AC/Heater unit a month ago by consistently jamming it up to 85 (10 degrees warmer than we all agreed). This is very hot in my opinion, but everytime I touched the thermostat I get yelled at. Because the bill for the unit was so high the owner won’t fix it until the temperature is falling below 60. I climbed in to the unit and made the best repairs I could and now it stays above 70 usually closer to 75. The two of them don’t typically get along very well and I have ended up being a buffer between them (which I hate). Further information would be I am very allergic to onions. Not just eating them but breathing them in can cause me to go into anaphalactic shock. I am an EMT so yes I know the reactions of an allergy and I am allergic. The one from Japan has been very considerate of this and does not cook with them if I am even in the house and always throws any left overs outside in the big dumpster not in the apartment. The one from Korea doesn’t seem to understand. I have just been leaving the windows and sliding door open and turning on all the fans (along with over doseing on medication). She cooks with so many onions that our neighbors have even complained about the smell. I can barely breath most of the time and have constant swelling of the throat with hives on my body. This is the back ground.Last night I was sitting in the living room after a long day at school finishing my dinner when my Korean roommate came in. She started yelling at me for having the door open all the time and fans always on. After a good 15 minutes of being yelled at I apologized that she didn’t like the door open, but I had been doing it to vent the smell and help with my allergies. Needless to say she didn’t believe me. Then accused me of messing with the thermostat so that it wouldn’t even run. I interupted her there and pointed out that I wasn’t the one who had turned it off so maybe she better yell at someone else about that. I had to squeeze that in on a breath. I also told her I wouldn’t have had to leave the door open and the fan on if she had just listened to me and the landlord about my onion allergy. That went even worse since I was accused of creating a problem mearly to manipulate the apartment to the temperature I wanted and try to force her to conform to my standards. I think I should add here that it is so far from the truth. The two of them always throw out my stuff from the fridge so that they can make room for their stuff. Then I got yelled at for not washing pans after I use them but put them in the dish washer since it keeps her from being able to use them. Okay, they are my pans and I am the one who doesn’t get to use them becuase she always leaves stuff that has onions in them and puts them in the refrigerator or leaves them on the stove.Mostly I just sat and let her yell at me for 2 and a half hours and I said Well I am sorry I don’t know what you want me to do (I wasn’t going to apologize when I hadn’t done anything). The other reeason I left the room was because she pulled out a big onion and started cutting it as close to me as she could and I was starting to not be able to breath. I don’t know if I should write a letter saying I am sorry you feel so slighted and that I’ve been sleeping on the balcony and in my car so you don’t kill me. Point out all the things I’ve done to help her even when I couldn’t afford it. As I type this she is cooking with onions and I am already coughing in my own room.I didn’t yell at her at all, I never fight with people. I told the owner and they said they would talk about it and figure out what to do, but who knows how long that will take. I offered compromise but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t do anything to provoke this. To be called a liar right there to my face when I have never lied to her or been mean to her really hurt. Unfortunatly I don’t have any family I can go stay with since they are so far away. I am most worried because she has a bit of a vindictive streak.Any suggestions or help? I just think 15 onions a week is a bit much.
A: Wow….really??? Can you jsut asked to get new roomates??? Thats an awful lot of drama…
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