What causes severe bicep pain

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There are many things that could cause severe bicep pain including working out too much, an injury, or Parkinson disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-severe-bicep-pain ]
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How bad will the pain be after surgery to repair my torn bicep te…?
I am having the surgery in 2 weeks and have heard that the pain afterward is almost unbearable. The people I have talked to were older but Im only 19. I have also heard that bone pain is the worst because meds dill not work for that. I am v…

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I woke up with severe right arm pain that seems to be localized around the elbow. What could it be?
Q: Movement causes the most pain. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t move it. The bicep and the top of my forearm are the most painful. I can’t grab anything. I went to bed fine and woke up with the pain. Advil has done nothing for it even though it feels muscular. Maybe I’ve pinched a nerve while sleeping?
A: bursitis is a cold in the joint it has a profound pain and only hurts when you move it. get yor self some gold bond medicated cream it helps…lots of rest for it… sorry for your pain been there….
Couple years ago I was having pain in my right arm that went on for maybe 6 months if not more and now…?
Q: its happening in my left upper arm now. The pain feels like a deep pain almost like if it was in my bone but I know it’s my muscle. Most of the pain happens on my biceps muscle area. Sometimes it happens on its own and sometimes for movement. For example when I lift my arm and pull it back the pain happens on the far left of bicep area and stops me from moving it back farther, sometimes I cant even move it all when my whole arm aces almost like a downwards pain and then my hand swells up. But for the most part my upper arm hurts. I don’t play sports and no injury has happened so I don’t understand what could be cause of this severe pain and what I could do for it cause nothing helps
A: Truthfully, I don’t understand that either based on your description, since it is neither muscle, bone nor tendon, but am here to answer, it sounds like one of the large veins.
What are some common causes of persistent muscle aches?
Q: About 6 months ago I developed a persistent and quite painful ache in my left bicep and shoulder. The pain was most severe when it first appeared and subsided after a few days. It was constant and would become more painful if I fully extended my arm in a horizontal position and rotated it toward my back. It felt like rubber bands were snapping in the bend of my arm, like the tendon was about to come right off the bone. I grew accustomed to it and it became less noticible. It wasn’t a huge inconvenience as I am very right handed. Now the same pain has appeared in my right arm and has persisted for about a month now. It is much less severe but was very debilitating for the first day after it appeared. I still have a constant minor ache in my right shoulder and sometimes in my bicep. I also achieve the same rubber band feeling when extending and rotating my arm. If I grab my arm at the bicep and gently squeeze I feel a minor pain, but only in certain spots. Mainly on the outside part of the muscle. I didn’t perform any strenuous activity prior to either occurence, and it doesn’t seem to be a strain as the pain does not increase when flexing the muscle or lifting objects. I haven’t experienced any noticeable weakness in either arm. My right shoulder does seem to “pop” a lot when moving it around since this began.Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and what advice do you have on this? A doctor is a luxury for me at the moment as I’m jobless and have no insurance, so any help would be appreciated.
A: persistant muscle aches can be caused by lack of potassium, insufficient water intake, lack of sleep
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