What colors are hazel eyes and what colors can they change into

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Hazel is a greenish brown mixture, and yes eye color can change over time because of age or, unfortunately, disease. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-colors-are-hazel-eyes-and-what-colors-can-they-change-into ]
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What colors are hazel eyes and what colors can they change into?
Hazel is a greenish brown mixture, and yes eye color can change over time because of age or, unfortunately, disease. ChaCha
Why Do Hazel Eyes Change Color?
It’s due to the light. Hazel eyes often appear to shift in color from a light brown to a medium golden-dark green. A number of studies using three-point scales have assigned “hazel” to be the medium-color between the lightest shad…
How Come Hazel Eyes Change Colors?
Your eyes change color depending on what you see. for instance, if you look at purple they turn green. If you look at green theyll turn brown. its just opposite of what your eyes see that turn to that color

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Colour or baby’s eyes!?
Q: When my son was born, he had the most UNUSUAL eyes we’d ever seen – we couldn’t even say what colour they were! They basicaly had dark blue edges, then grey-blue changing to hazel as it gets closer to the irises.Naturally, we thought that they’d change and settle into a more definite colour, and we read that this would happen some time between 6 and 9 months.He’s now 8 and a half months, and they’re still exactly the same colour, and they’ve never fluctuated at all since he was born! Can I assume that it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll change in the next couple of weeks, and that this is going to be his eye colour for life? We secretly hope so, cos we reckon it makes him a little bit of a heartbreaker ;)Great answers so far! Can I ask the people with the same eye colour as my son – when people ask what colour eyes you have, what do you say! We’d really like to avoid “bluey-greyie-greenie-browney” !!
A: well, there must be a dominating color, that first come to your lips when you see his eyes, mine is gray, blue and green, but I call it blue cause it’s the dominating one. Also, the light is a factor to determine what color is it, sometimes when I stand in a sunny place my eyes seem to be green, but in a darker place they tend to be blue. So I call it greenish blue.
what color are your eyes?
Q: mine are blue, but they change with what im wearing or my mood. they can go to green or hazel. not a huge change but very noticeable if your into that type of thing!a friend of mine who passed away recently had one blue and brown eye (blue on top and brown on the bottom)it was beautifull! his other eye was brown.brown is not borring=) i agree with what waterbebe said the discription in monster in law was great. i have seen beautifull brown eyes!
A: mine are also hazel sorry about you friend by the way
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