What did medieval people think the black death was

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Medieval People thought that is was the Jews who spread the disease but they were terribly wrong. The disease was spread by rats. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-did-medieval-people-think-the-black-death-was ]
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How did medieval people think the black death could be cured??
they thought many things would cure them such as. lemon oil wearing of excrement placing dead animals in homes use of leeches drinking molten gold and powdered emeralds xox-arianna-xox improved the answer: There was no cure for the black …
What did medieval people think that caused the black death??
the medieval people thought many things caused the black death like Gods punishment or peasents (poor people) and many other silly things.
How did medieval people think you caught the black death??
They thought it had something to do with the smell of the gases and religious people believed it was the way that certain people acted. Also that it was the Jews because they hated them soo much or bad smells and stuuf like that

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What did people in medieval times think caused the black death?
Q: What did people in medieval times (during the black death/bubonic plague) think caused the black death/bubonic plague? Links to articles and websites would be great.
A: MOst did not know. Remember, medicine is a realitvely new idea.They finally put it together and started killing off the rats.
What are the symptoms of da black death and what did medieval people think it was caused by???? HELP!!!?
Q: give links and answers plz plz plz thnks
A: The Black Death came in three forms: bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. Each form killed people in a vicious way. All forms were caused by a bacterium.Bubonic plague was the most common form of Black Death. Symptoms were enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes in the arm pits, neck and groin. The term ‘bubonic’ refers to the characteristic bubo or enlarged lymphatic gland.
The Medieval “Black Death” Question?
Q: How you all doin?Anyways Do you know what MEDIEVAL people believd caused the ‘black death’. I know we now know it was the fleas on the rats, but what did they think???********************Bonus Question************************What is better ipod touch (8G) or Ipod classic (120G)I like the touch cos it has games but is it worth it??? THANKS!!!!! =>
A: they had a few things that they thought it was, i know one of them for sure was they thought it was the jews.
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