What disease can you get from lice

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Louse born Typhus is a name for various arthropod-borne rickettsial infections. That is really the only disease that lice can cause. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-can-you-get-from-lice ]
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Can you get other diseases from head lice?
Head lice do not spread diseases . Lice can, however, cause physical discomfort, anxiety, embarrassment and the cost of treatment may be a hardship. Toxic or caustic substances should not be used to treat lice.
Can we get other diseases from lice?
The biggest health risk from lice or scabies is from scratching, which can cause sores and infections. Another significant concern is the use of harmful pesticides to remove the lice or scabies. These toxic treatments have proven to be dang…
Can we get other diseases from lice or scabies??
The biggest health risk from lice or scabies is from scratching, which can cause sores and infections. Another significant concern is the use of harmful pesticides to remove the lice or scabies. These toxic treatments have proven to be dang…

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What are some non-medical reasons that lymph nodes swell?
Q: Are there any non-medical reasons that lymph nodes could swll for a few months? Not things like infection or disease.I herd that lymph nodes could stay a bit swollen if you got colds often during childhood. And I also herd that lymph nodes can swell from ingrown hairs, or shaving in certain places. I also herd that lymp nodes could swell from head lice.I’ve herd lots of things.Are there any other reasons? And are all those true?Thanks!
A: Yes lymph nodes will swell if there is an infection from any where and current not from being sick when you were younger. If you are always on the move and run down, that will also cause that because your immune system is getting run down.The lymph’s usually get to be the size of a pea and usually go away after a while, if they are larger and tender to the touch and have been there a long time, present with a slight fever and tiredness you will need to see a doctor and let him determine if more testing is needed
What are these rat diseases symptoms?
Q: lice, mites, and ringworm? I need to know things like the look of each one, the feeling of each one, and what you can get from each of them please. I really need to know quickly.
A: Honey, I got ringworm when I was 7 in NY, digging out a cellar for our neighbors. The doctor put iodine on my Butt. Be carefull nowadays ’cause it’ a real pain in the backside then as it is every where else. Get medical treatment and it will go awaway……….. There is a new treatment honey. Take care and don’t be afraid of these crappy parasites..
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