What disease does RSD stand for

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RSD is reflex sympathetic dystrophy- a chronic, painful, progressive condition that affects skin, muscles, and bones. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-does-rsd-stand-for ]
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What does RSD (redirected from Ratoon Stunting Disease) stand fo…?
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (now Complex Regional Pain Disorder, CRPD)
What does RSD (redirected from Ratoon Stunting Disease (sugarcane…?
Radiation Safety Division (Occupational Health and Safety Departments in hospitals and universities)

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I have a disease called RSD and I’m 22 yrs old. I would like to know a symbol for a tattoo for “survivor”
Q: For those who do not know what RSD is its a disease affecting the sympathetic nerves causing chronic pain like burning, pins and needles, and tingling. I had it for 6 months now i fell at work sprained my right foot now the pain has spread to my entire right side of my body. I have been on several medications and had 3 nerve blocks in my back in one week to stop the pain none of has helped my pain. Everyday and night I am in pain even when I try to sleep I can’t stand or walk for a long time and I haven’t driven a car in a while. I still have fun with my friends and my boyfriend even though I have pain constantly, but I’m not giving up and not going to let it stop me from living and having fun!I have been a survivor my whole life throughout my circumstances that i went through and kept me going making me stronger so I feel I am a survivor through everything also I’m a Scorpio too and we always adapt 🙂 So if there are others who are survivors or have questions email me take care!I want to thank those for their responses I looked at symbols for Chinese and Japanese before and a lot of people have those type of tattoos. I thought of getting it in Latin I looked up the Latin word for it and thought of getting it going down my right leg to my ankle. The reason I thought of Latin is because I am Italian, French, Spanish and German. So that covers all the languages since Italian, French, Spanish come from Latin except German of coarse, but if there are any symbols besides those. I was going to get a Scorpion on my shoulder blade and the Scorpio zodiac symbol on my wrist since I’m a Scorpio and also a tribal sun on my lower back. Your probably all thinking thats a lot. I’m not going to get them all at once.
A: there is a symbol for rsd it is a red flame. you might try the web site for rsd it is www.rsdhope.org. i have this condition and i know how painful it is, do you really think that a tat is a wise thing since this could lead to more trauma and that could make the rsd spread? wishing you the best and hope you continue to have a survivor attitude.
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