What disease has the initials AT

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Ataxia telangiectasia (A-T) is a primary immunodeficiency disease which affects a number of different organs in the body. An immunodeficiency disease is one that causes the immune system to break down, making the body susceptible to diseases.ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-has-the-initials-at ]
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What is the disease with the initials IBM
I believe you mean IBS which stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is a chronic condition where the person has problems with diarrhea, stomach upset and other digestive issues on a fairly regular basis. ChaCha!
How come valentine’s day has the same initials as venereal diseas…?
It’s basically coincidence they both have VD initials, however, it’s really interesting “Venereal Disease” is closer in relation to love than “Valentine’s Day”. The word “venereal” is taken form the Latin word …
Should punch biopsies be used when high-grade disease is suspecte…?
The reliability and applicability of colposcopically directed cervical punch biopsy was assessed in a sample of 170 paired punch and large loop excision of cervical transformation zone (LLETZ) specimens obtained from previously untreated wo…

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The H1N1 flu shots always had we uneased, but now I know I will not vaccinate my child, what do you think?
Q: The disturbing case of the A/H1N1 influenza vaccinationFrance began universal vaccination against the new influenza A/H1N1. Recently, however, there was an alarming case, which likely is associated with the vaccine.Media revealed that in one of the vaccinated women found in a few days later, the “probable” case of the so-called. Guillain-Barre syndrome. This is a rare disease of the nervous system, usually associated with influenza infection. The Ministry of Health reported that progress at this time additional expertise to determine whether the appearance of symptoms of this disease could be side effect of the vaccine.Polls also indicate that many French belittled the new flu. Although so far there has been in the country 30 deaths of people infected with it, that only two of them new influenza was the direct cause of death.The French are not willing to vaccination inOnly one fifth of the French intend to take advantage of free vaccination, as many of them fear the side effects or belittled the same disease.After the initial phase of vaccination, and intended only for medical personnel, on Thursday inaugurated the second phase of the massive, addressed to the entire population. The whole of France has opened more than 1,000 special medical centers where you can be a complimentary and nieobowiązkowemu vaccination.To take full advantage of them convince their countrymen the French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin. That – she said – “an example to others” – implanted itself against a new flu in the presence of journalists and cameras.First, caregivers are vaccinated and the immediate environment of infants, children under 2 years of age with risk factors, others frail health, followed by pregnant women and other children under the age of 2 years. In total, the first priority group has about 6 million people. To all of them were sent in advance via a special discount vouchers for vaccination, with whom they have to go to the doctor. Vaccinations for the rest of the population will begin in late November.Crowd was notIn contrast to many other countries, in France the day after the start of the campaign against avian influenza A/H1N1 in the corridors of medical centers were generally not overcrowded. Research shows that the French are not too interested in a new influenza vaccine. According to the CSA poll published this week, up 76 percent. Population of France declares that it does not instil against this disease, while only 21 percent. intends to do so.It is important that there certainly the fear of possible side-effects of the vaccine, as well as the fact that until now zaszczepiło only 10 percent. medical staff. Although Ministry of Health stresses that the vaccine is effective and safe, some doctors paragraph could hear the voices against.
A: I am not getting my children vaccinated. The reason was what you pointed out and because they say that it only is chronically ill children. Those are the only children I think should get the shot. Otherwise I am ok with taking the chances. I don’t take my kids to public places like Chucky cheese anymore for the time being. I think that would just be silly. Any time I do take them anywhere, park or a store, I always have hand sanitizers and wipe carts down with an antibacterial wipe. There are ways to try and avoid it. But, if your child isn’t chronically ill I wouldn’t take the chances of having their nervous system braking down.
Is it normal to be pushed away when it comes to disease?
Q: For almost 2 years, my fiance and I have lived together. Many times, we refer to one another as “oh this is my husband” or “oh this is my wife”. We had decided to put the wedding off until I graduate college. Meanwhile, I have been acting as “step mom” to his kids. I love them to death….anyways. He suffers from depression (one doctor said manic, but when he went to another they said bipolar), takes sleeping pills since his first tour of iraq in 2003, and has PTSD. Last summer, while he was on a month deployment after he got out of the military and began working for a defense contractor, his best friend died. I can’t remember fully what they said the cause of death was (he was in the hospital at the time trying to find out why he was sick), but I remember it had something to do with abnormal cells and depleted uranium. So, my man promised his friends wife he would immediately begin testing and continue testing regularly, especially since quite a few soldiers that had been in the same area as them at the same time of that 1st initial invasion (they were all a apart of it), were dying of being treated of the same thing. My man and his friend were by one another’s side the entire time. Now, a year later, his blood results came back bad. He didn’t want to tell me, so he started pushing me away and saying he wanted to be alone the rest of his life…so I started making plans to move and figure out what to do with my life (he was our financial support, so basically i have squat and have to work to save up for this last year of school to graduate). We have a house and everything. But yesterday was when he decided to call me and discuss the house and it slipped out about his blood results. He started talking about dying. So I was like “whoa whoa whoa! What blood tests? what results?” and asked if it was was his friend had. I asked if this was the reason for pushing me away and he said yes. It’s the only reason. If this hadn’t happened, we would be together. I don’t want him to fight this alone. I don’t want the kids to watch him go through this alone. all of his family is in TX (we’re in TN). My family said they’ll come down from PA as often as possible, but his family NEVER visits him or would even help take care of his kids once he deployed (my family took his youngest up to PA and I got rid of my apartment and commuted to school when i could while taking care of the 6 yo). He told me he just wants to know that I’ll pick up the phone every time he calls and that if he beats this, I’ll be there to pick up where we left off. But, if he doesn’t, he still wants my name on the house so the kids still have their home. I told him we can go right now to a JP so I can completely take care of him while he’s sick. That a wedding can be held after he beats it to celebrate. I know how depressed he can get, and once he would go to the hospital (which he said will happen, he just doesn’t know how soon b/c more blood work was done), the kids will end up in TX with their mom, and he won’t get to see them, and i know the depression will get super bad. He says he’ll go to the best treatment center possible, but I know he’ll be alone. I had thrown the idea around to try and work for a cruise line, but that means I won’t be a phone call away for him. He told me to go for the cruise anyways. Is it normal to be pushed away when a serious disease comes along? Am I wrong for suggesting the JP? Should I just stand my ground and refuse to leave his side while he fights it completely alone, or go ahead and leave? I just don’t know how to really handle this and he is so stubborn? Also, if you have any ideas on what the disease name could be, that would help so I can research it some more (abnormal blood cells, high exposure to depleted uranium, extreme fatigue, decreased appetite, no weight gain, but weight loss of about 50 pounds in 4 months without exercise).
A: There’s possibly more going on here than it seems. All of you BF’s symptoms are common with depression (except an abnormal blood test). There has been speculation that depleted uranium has caused certain types of cancer, but it not real clear if this is the case. Nearly all the problems definitely attributed to exposure to uranium are not fatal, but they make people chronically ill. Low blood cell counts are the only apparent uranium-related symptom that your BF has, and the blood test results must not be too far from normal, because he would have obvious problems with his liver, kidneys, or lungs if the results were a health risk. It’s very possible that your BF isn’t dying of anything, but that his depression is so severe, he is feeling doomed by a slightly abnormal blood test and overwhelming depression. He may actually have some problems caused by the uranium too, but those problems are probably not as big as the mental health issues. It’s possible that his depression has just made him give up on life, and he is just focusing his thoughts on death. It’s also possible he could be thinking about suicide. The best chance you have of helping him is to talk with some of his friends and maybe even his CO and let them know you are worried about his mental health. He really needs to talk to a mental health specialist. Maybe you and his friends can convince him to see a counselor, or you could put your foot down and tell him that you will not leave or cooperate with him unless he makes at least 3 visits to a counselor or doctor. He could possibly snap out of all of this if he was prescribed an antidepressant such as Wellbutrin.
is there any connection having an insomia and alzheimer’s disease?
Q: give an example showing when instanteneous and average velocity are the same and an example showing when they are different..what change in motion is produced on a free falling object near earth’s surface by the acceleration due to gravity.a stone is dropped from a high building on earth (with an initial downward velocity of zero). how fast will it traveling after 4.00 seconds? ( remember. down is and a=g, which is also negative).determine the centripetal acceleration of an automobile making a tight turn that has a radius of 265 meter, if the car is travelling at a velocity of 25.0 meter per second square.explain what effect air friction would have on the path of a golf ball that is undergoing projectile motion near Earth’s surface.
A: (i)For an object moving at constant velocity instantaneous and average velocity will be the same.For an accelerated motion they will differ.(ii)The gravity force acting on the object of mass m isF = G · m · m_E / r²(G gravitational constant, m_E mass of Earth , r distance from the center of mass of the object to the center of the earth)For an object close to the Earth surface you can approximate r by the earth radius.=>F = G · m · m_E / (r_E)² = g·mwhere g = G · m_E / (r_E)² is the acceleration due to Earth gravityThe change of momentum of the object equals the sum of the forces acting on it:d(m·v)/dt = g ·m<=>dv/dt = g(here v is the velocity towards the earth surface)(iii)dv/dt = gintegratev = g·t + c because v(t=0) = 0 => c=0=>v = g·t= 9.81m/s² · 4s = 39.24m/s(iiii)Centripetal acceleration is given by:a = -ω²·r = v²/r(ω angular velocity (rad/s) , v tangential velocity (m/s), r distance to the center of rotation)=>a = (25m/s)² / 265m = 2.36m/s²(iiiii)Air friction slows down the ball.For frictionless motion the ball will follow a parabola. Frictional motion will follow a non parabolic path. The maximum height and and the distance where the golf ball hits the ground will be smaller than for frictionless motion.
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