What disease makes your skin look tan

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ChaCha is not finding any diseases that make the skin look tan but many of the treatments and medicine that make the skin MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-makes-your-skin-look-tan ]
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What disease makes your skin look tan
ChaCha is not finding any diseases that make the skin look tan but many of the treatments and medicine that make the skin MORE

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Help with self tanners… What is best?
Q: well i’m going to give self tanners another go.i’ve had some bad experiences with them, like orange hands, being streaky and being horribly smelly.what types work best (that you’ve used)?i’ve used jergens natural glow but i don’t want to wait that long for the tan to develop??which types do you suggest?i don’t want to start using one that leaves streaks or makes you smell nasty.and one more question:::: how do you maintain your self tan?it washes off in blotches and i was wondering when to reapply it and such.the blotches make you look like you have some kind of skin disease! helpppp…???!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! =]]
A: I don’t what best cz every time i use one i regret.I guess on different types of skin it looks different.It gave me a little bit of orange tone which was awfull, also it a day or two it started to peel off even though i scrabed my skin before i put it on.Also i don;t know any self-tanner which would smell good, they all smell bad cz of some chemical element that makes u tanned.All self-tanners that i tried give me the same kind of experience that u r describing.
I am presenting symptoms of Lupus. What kind of doctor treats Lupus? They are dermatological now, so I am…?
Q: seeing a dermatologist. Currently I have two different auto-immune responses happening – I just found a two inch in diameter bald spot on the back of my head and I have had two dry skin patches under each of my eyes, looks like the butterfly pattern. The bald spot happened last week and the butterfly patch has been there since October and my doctor cannot make it go away – only temporarily through topical steroids. I am 38 now. Twenty years ago in college, I had vitaligo, which is when your skin looses pigment under my left eye – I remember not being able to tan there, eve a self-tanner would not change the color in that one spot. I had a TIA – mini stroke when I was 25 and have no other symptoms of heart disease. I had HELLP when I was pregant. That is where your liver is inflammed and your body stops making red blood cells. I had to get 16 units of blood products after I delivered. My son was also premature. I also have a gastro-intestinal condition that my doctors cannot treat.
A: Rheumatologists treat systemic lupus as well as other autoimmune disorders.Scleroderma, mentioned in another answer, is not limited to the skin. It can affect organs, too. It sounds like you are very bright and able to descrbie your symptoms and history clearly. That will help you get to a diagnosis. You could quite possibly have several autoimmune disorders in overlap. That’s common. Be persistent and make certain that all the doctors you see know what the others have done as far as diagnosis goes. Get a huge, fat looseleaf notebook and keep all your records in it. This will be helpful along the line. I hope you find your answer.
What do you think of my vampire short story?
Q: Close StrangerI stepped onto the plane, Sultan close by, just to make sure that I wouldn’t fall. I looked behind myself to watch him, he was so graceful, his tall, handsome stature, blond hair, electricgreen eyes and his pale skin, which looked as if it should be darkly tan. I suppose that is what happens when you become one of us though. “Lodemai! Watch where you are going.” He had scolded, while taking a hold of my arm then letting go. His deep thunderous voice still remained, although it’s been centuries since he was back in Germany. Sultan didn’t have much of an accent anymore, considering we’ve been traveling a lot, living in different places, loosing our ancestry, our old style of life, and picking up the newer century ways. I don’t have much of an accent left either, although we are just leaving my hometown in Italy. It all seems so distant nowadays.”Mai Valentine!” Sultan scolded again, while I tripped up the stairs like usual, falling forwards, my long, black wavy hair blindfolding my eyes, there was no hope of catching myself. Like always, Sultan had put his arm under my torso and picked me up again, suspiciously looking at the chattery people behind us, making sure they never noticed his almost, unhuman strength. We found our seats and settled in to the long flight to New York City.”You know,” I said almost whispering, but not quite, ” I don’t know why we never came over here, when it was the New World, I told you it would be interesting, but nooo.” I folded my arms, sulking.One of my golden eyes flickered to the side and caught an elderly lady staring at us, eyes wide open, almost as if she had seen a ghost. We aren’t ghosts, we may be pale, but they defiantly beat us. “Mai, keep your voice down now,” Sultan chuckled loudly, “do you want people to find out that all of what they are afraid to believe is real? Everything about the paranormal?” Sultan must of seen the elderly lady staring, because he had a smirk on his face when he looked at me. Even though he was hundreds of years old, he still looked like he was in his early twenties. I think the reason why he wore suits and combed his long blond hair back, was to present his age somehow, to show it off. Sometimes, he confused me. Me on the other hand, usually likes to blend a little better with the humans, I always just pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. What an odd couple we made.When we arrived in New York City, it was in the dark of the night. As you could imagine, we both preferred the night time, the day made us sleepy. Also, just for the record, we can go out in the day time, although we aren’t as strong. Think of it like; an old man is strong when he is young, but when he is old, he is weak. It is the same for us, but we can’t age. I suppose it is the compromise. Immediately after arriving, went to our new, not so permanent home. We would be leaving New York about a year from now, and move to a different state. Our new home was quite large, tall and slender with a lot of windows. “Sultan?” I asked, while we stood beneath this gigantic building, “why do we need a home so large?”” Haha!” Sultan’s booming laugh, almost shook the city, ” Oh my beautiful wife, you are quite silly aren’t you?” He chuckled again and grabbed my waist pulling me into a kiss.”Why am I silly?” my eyes narrowed.Sultan smiled, “We are staying in a hotel for the next year.” I’ve gotten accustomed to the hotel life. You make a mess, someone cleans it up. You take a bath, someone cleans it up. You waste your glass of blood on the floor, someone comes and cleans it up, without asking questions. Sultan went out to go find some raw meat at the market, that we could feed on. We don’t feed on humans anymore. It’s not as good as it used to be, there are too many diseases, it renders the taste of thier blood. Makes it sickening. Stupid me, I decided to go out and look at some clothes, in the broad of daylight. As one of us, it is stupid. You are weaker than a five year old child, especially me, considering I was weak anyways. Sultan is strong during the day, but his inhumanly strength comes out during the night. I was walking around New York city by myself, a tall, slender, what looked to be eight-teen year old. I admit it now, it wasn’t a good idea. I was walking past a large building called “Macy’s” staring and wondering why it was called so. Oblivious to the rest of the world, caught in my own thoughts. Until I heard a large vehicle stop next to me, I turned to see a large white van, with only windows on the passenger, drivers side and the front, there was none in the back. The doors had then been pulled open, reveling people in bio-hazardous suits, the orange almost blinded my sunglassed covered eyes, they pulled me in without a problem. Then slammed the door shut. I can’t remember much, besides them pulling me out of the van and carrying me into a church. Contrary to popular belief, God cannot hurHaha Here’s the second part, sorry about that :Phttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081116140419AAKLBwf
A: It’s pretty decent, but some comparisons to Twilight were still clear. I would rate it a 7/10
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