What diseases do bears give off to humans

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Bears do not carry diseased that pass on to humans and do not come into contact with humans on a regular basis. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-diseases-do-bears-give-off-to-humans ]
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What diseases do bears give off to humans
Bears do not carry diseased that pass on to humans and do not come into contact with humans on a regular basis.

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Why are most deer hunters against organizations such as PETA if they claim to protect the environment.?
Q: That is, why are most deer hunters against these organization that are doing all they can for the environment, if they claim to be stewards of the environment. Ever been to game lands and seen lots of beer cans and shot gun shell casings lying around? Well I have! We use to have predators that took care of this but we moved into their terroity and no one wants to have cougars in their yard. However, if you are willing to encroach on a mountain lions land you should try to live with it no matter what the cost. Even if a cat killed one of my kids I would not go around shooting cats. Life is about chance! It’s time for humans to stop thinking that every house and yard should be a perfect place where nothing bad can ever happen cause it’s going to. I know someone who shot a bear to protect his family and later died from a bee sting. We must learn to accept these risk and bring the pedators back that controlled these populations. As far as deer being overpopulated is concerned. Perhaps it’s time to set up more parks and put more limits on the places that people can move into and give the deer more spaceto roam! People shouldn’t be scared of bears anyway unless they have already hurt or killed someone, then I say put it down, but at least give it the benefit of the doubt. A bear that has tasted a human will go for more and that goes the same for most predators! Still we shouldn’t go around just shooting them to keep them of of our property. Sometimes cows will be eaten but comes with the territory when you live where wild game are present. It’s not the animals faught! Remember animals have been facing evolutionary battles long before humans walked the Earth. Deer have faced many hardships, more or less predators, ice ages, running out of and having access to plenty of resources, and now facing human enchroachment. The environment has also fluctuated during this time as well. Think about it for a second. The deer were able to survive all of this without the assistence of hunters or tax dollars. Hunters do donate to state parks and help out in this way but I think that they are missing the bigger picture for the environment as a whole. As best as we can and even in the face of the controversial situations that would arise, we should attempt to stabalize the populations of all predators. It is not their fault we are on there land. There are less than 10,000 tigers in the wild and most of the people that live near them want them protected even though they have killed their family members. There are many armless surfers who return to the exact spots that there arms have gotten bitten off cause they accept the chances. Many people in India live beside diseased rats due to religous beliefs. Americans should start giving the animals more room as well! As far as deer starving is concerned, the bible says that people should leave the edges of their crops for the people passing by. If you;re not a christian I am sorry I made that statement but I respect all religions! Just let the deer have some of your crop and consider that part of the price of living with nature. Grow more crops or let your self go a little hungrier. I doubt they will eat you out of house and home. I have hit 3 deer while driving, but then again their are drunk drivers, hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, cancers, and all kinds of other dangers that I must face everday. So I do understand what it’s like to be helpless on the side of the road cause of a deer. The war in Iraq was pretty bogus, at least most people now agree, but now 1/3 of Iraqi children are dead and have not ever heard this shouted out in the streets. Most of the people in Bush’s admistration were hunters and most hunters supported bush and yet no one even seemed to mention these children were dead! All of this was supposedly for our nations protection. If we are willing do go through such drama and send billions and billions of dollars into a bottomless pit and send our children in harms way to fight a country that didn’t have a thing to do with 911, it’s looks like we should be able to tolerate a few predators. Remember Few predators want to attack a human. However, they do! The ones that have attacked should be either tranquilized and taking away or just simply shot on sight! With this I agree. But I urge people to give wildlife a chance. If you come across a black bear and act unafraid, stand your ground, and try to scare it then it will most likely run away? Let’s just call hunting what it is which is a hobby. Of course there are those who only eat what they hunt and so hunting is survival and I support this! I love deer meat myself. It is very good stuff and I love it with lemon, onions, and beer, oh yeah! Where as hunting may put a small dent into actually helping the environment, I don’t think it is the answer to the bigger issues. Sometimes people get irritated with me and I feel like Charles Darwin and no one is takin me serious
A: Maybe folks would take you seriously if you didn’t babble on so much.
Do you believe there are reasons we find certain aesthetic traits attractive for evolutionary purposes?
Q: WARNING!!!!!! This is not for oversensitive people, OK. I am not taking ppls. emotions into consideration here. I am trying to figure something out that some may find offensive. It is a scientific inquiry meant to offend no one, I promise,and apologize in advance. Also, I just thought about this just now so it is not well thought out or even a properly formed question.but bear with me pleaseI believe there is an evolutionary function to what we find attractive or unattractive in a possible mate. (I am referring to the early times of man now) I am a male. Males are generally attacted most to woman with hourglass figures. Wide hips and a large breasts. Perhaps because, subconciously, for breeding purposes it is helpfull that their hips are wide making having a baby less problematic and not risk hers or the babies life during birth, thus giving his offspring a better chance at survival. And maybe because large breasts on a subconsious level appear like they would be better providers for milk for the baby? Woman would have found strong, physically fit men as the best protectors and providers (in previous ages) The healthier the better, and being physically fit and strong is usually a good indicator of this.When you see someone who has say, very pale, blotchy, rashy skin, or sores, that is generally unattractive. Perhaps because subconsiously you know that is unhealthy or a disease and could be passed on to you or your offspring. But mainly, people with mutations of some kind or obvious diseases. I think, again, on a subconsious level we are programmed to find that unattractive for ourselves and for the purposes of breeding and passing on “bad” genes. People who are obese or overwieght? Perhaps because that is usually unhealthy just as being too skinny is being malnourished.. Maybe we can actually “sense” these things and don’t even realize it. We just see it as “Ooh, she/he looks good” or “Ew, he/she’s nasty” In todays times humans sre pretty educated about these things, but I think humans were always fairly perceptive at picking the most suitable mate. After all, we humans, for the most part, generally agree on what is “pretty”, “beautifull”,”hot” or “sexy” etc.Why.if it is not for the purposes of breeding? Coincidence. Unlikely, I think Anyway, what do you think?Do you agree?Can you think of any other examples that support my ideas or would support maybe the opposite? I am leaving out many examples I’m sure you can think of some of your own.I think it is natural to be “turned off” to obvious handicapps and mutations for self preservation as far as contagiosness and for selecting good genes and eliminating possible mates with bad genes for breeding purposes. I think we all have had a visceral reaction several times in our life when confronted with someone with a horrible mutation and/or disease. It is often combined with empathy or sympathy. But the visceral feeling isn’t from compassion or either of the latter reasons. It is simply intrinsic toour human nature. Yet now we are taught that is “wrong”
A: Lol. I love this. I will answer from my own experiences and also from psychology text book.In people, we are supposedly pre programmed to find waist to hip ratios of 10 inch differenes in females, this is due to fertility.Also, fair hair in women means youth as do blue eyes which combined means fertile and good to mate with for the male.I however have known many women who purposly pick a diseased male and try to heal him through their own love when other women have failed. This is called co dependency.I have known women only attracted to drug addicts and alcoholics as they want the ‘healing’ to come from them. Many humans are re enacting subconcious scenarios not completed from the childhood relationships with parents.This will often overide physical attractiveness as desirable.I have always been attracted to men with a certain damage in life. I found my partner in the middle of the road with a broken ankle due to his house burning down. LOL. Its true. I nursed him to health and got his life into check. I am different to most people though as I do not listen to society and question theories. As for humans finding others attractive, I have experience of some men only being attracted to women amputees. There are websites called stumps for us to match the man with the stumpy woman. I have counselled many strange attractions so it really is a case of a bum for every seatI also do not match the so called ‘attractive’ pre types as I am 5’9, with dark hair and green eyes with a atheletic figure. not a blonde hair or hourglass figure in sight and I was a teen model and did really well at it. I love diversity, so I am glad peolple vary so much.My best friend will only date the traditional ‘muscley and wide shouldered dark haired’ man. If he has not six pack, well, he is not worth shi#. I think that is why she is lonely and single.I often think what the world would be like though if only the same rules for breeding dogs happened in humans too. I mean matching faults to strengths to promote better breeding and offspring. Allot of what we find attractive is based on the opposite sex parent also. It is also said that a man will look for a woman who is simular to his mother for the same reasons that they believe she will nurture like his mother. I personally would be turned off by an ‘alpha male’ type strutting around like a peacock. I would feel insecure and could not commit to him as I would feel he was looking for a better deal. Upbringing also plays a part.(nature v nurture) I was raised to view race integration as wrong and I have never said this is right as it is not, but I have never found anybody black attractive sexually.
What political catogory do I belong in? Republican? Democrat? Other?
Q: I support unborn rights and would support a pro-life amendment to the constitution, with the only acceptation for the mother’s life.I would abolish the department of education because it’s a local and state level responsibility. I support the right to bear arms, concealed weapons licenses, hunting, stand your ground laws, etc. I support a 2 strikes and your out drunk driving law.I support a his body his choice law banning infant circumcision unless it is to treat a legitimate medical condition.I support the decriminalizing of marijuana because it is less harmful than alcohol. I think the drinking age should be 18 to match the age of adulthood.I think it is of the highest urgency to become and stay energy independent. I support nuclear power and increasing the number of nuclear power plants across America.I would push the auto makers to make electric cars available for drivers who want them.I would set and push for goals of energy independence, curing cancer, and paying down the nation debt.I oppose the endangered species act because it has failed to protect one species and has only given government control of people’s land.I would raise the levels of fines on employers hiring illegal aliens.I don’t believe there is such thing as a gay marriage and think we should give them the same privileges that comes with marriage but call it something else.I think capitalism is the greatest antipoverty tool the world has ever seen and encourage the economy, not put outrageous taxes on it.I don’t believe humans are warming up the Earth but I think we need to clean up some of the messes we are making such as air quality.I believe in a small federal government. I don’t think the general public should even notice the federal government unless they visit their local military recruiter or post office.I support the rights of nudists to live their lifestyle on their privately owned property without the government telling them they must put clothes on. I am a Christian but don’t think it’s the government’s job to push morality, I think morality must come from the people up. Not the government down.I support net neutrality, and oppose bandwidth caps. I would revert our copyright laws back to that of the Webster and Benjamin Franklin years: An item can be copyrighted for 14 years, renewable once, then falls into public domain.I think smokers should be required to pay their own way when they get cancer and heart disease. Not get public money to fight a self imposed condition.I would make it illegal for credit card companies to raise interest rates, at will, with no delinquent activity: banning universal default.I believe terminally ill patients should be allowed to take experimental drugs that have yet to receive FDA approval. I oppose taxes on broadband internet access, sales tax on in items bought online, and regulation of online content. I don’t believe our government is up to the task of providing national heath care and it’s much better off left in the hands of the private sector. I think daylight savings time should be expanded to a year round project.I oppose the government regulating the content of literature, films, video games, etc.So what am I? And how far our my beliefs from yours?
A: I think the closest thing, if you fall into any defined category at all, would be to call yourself a “Libertarian”.
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