What do blood and mucus in a stool sample

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Blood and mucus in a stool sample can be caused by colitis, gastritis, rectal bleeding, food poisoning or Chron’s or celiac disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-blood-and-mucus-in-a-stool-sample ]
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What do blood and mucus in a stool sample
Blood and mucus in a stool sample can be caused by colitis, gastritis, rectal bleeding, food poisoning or Chron’s or celiac disease.

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My six yr. old has blood and mucus in stool?
Q: My six year old son threw up once last night, and had some stomache pains. Today he’s been fine. Except once this afternoon he passed gas and there was mucus and blood in his underwear. I took him to the doctor, but there wasn’t enough there for a culture. Now, he’s done this twice (passing gas),with more mucus/blood,since we’ve been home. The doctor said if there’s any clots go to the hospital. If not, take a stool sample to the office in the morning. Any ideas what could be wrong?Thers no tears or hemmoroids down there. He’s not on medicane, and nothing has been changed with his diet, etc. I’m just worried until the next visit tomorrow.
A: My son had the same thing , when he was only 18 months old and they found out it was salmonella poisoning. They have to wait on the lab report, but if that’s what it is , it can be caused by some chicken , he ate , try to think back of what he might have been eating , that you all didn’t and sometimes it is, when a child is younger , they are more susceptible to things than we are , meaning that you all as a family could have been eating the same thing, but only he got sick.Just pray for him and trust God, that He will heal him of whatever it may be. God bless you and your son
12 wk old puppy, blood in stool, please help!?
Q: We bought a boxer puppy about 3 weeks ago, took her to the vet with a stool sample where they found she had worms which they referred to as Toxcidia, not to be confused with Coccidia. I think Toxcidia is from eating sick rabbit feces, not sure though. Anyways, she has had blood in her stool since we purchased her from a well known breeder, and occasionally it is mucusy as well. Only small amounts of blood/mucus but not every time. Anyways, we gave her the pills that were prescribed to her, and her stools were solid for the first couple of days, but now she has at least 1 or 2 stools a day that are loose and occasionally with blood/mucus. I’m concerned for her, and want to do whatever I can to cure her. Other than that she is completely normal, loves to play, doesn’t have a loss of appetite (we feed her Canin Puppy 32). I don’t know what else to do. Has this occurred in anyone elses puppy/dog? How did you cure it? Since it’s a Sunday all of the vets around here are closed, I’ll be bringing her to the vet as soon as I get out of work tomorrow, but as for now I just need peace of mind. Thank you!!!would you consider this an emergency? or can she wait until tomorrow?
A: If the dog isn’t actively bleeding and it’s only a moderate amount of blood in the stool then no it’s not an emergency but you do need to consult the vet on monday.
what do you think i have?
Q: now what im about to describe to you may sound like IBS but from what my doc told me it might be something else. everyday i have really bad stoumach pain and watery stools, i also feel cold a lot of the time. unfortunately i cant identify which foods are causing this as there doesnt seem to be a pattern. even after a curry it doesnt seem to make it a lot worse and i can have the pain after a really healthy meal. i went for a blood test a few weeks ago and found out that my c reactive protein levels are quite high, meaning something is inflamed. so its likely to be inflammatory bowel disease right? either crohns disease or ulcerative. im having an endoscopy in a months time so maybe they can identify whats going on. is there anything else it can be? everything else is normal ive been told (as i gave them a stool sample) no mucus, no blood. just high crp from my blood.
A: I have never been able to eat spicy currys for years and years because of the loose stools it always caused. And today I know that If I had ever eaten curried foods for too many days, it would have eventually seriously hurt my fragile system in a short while.I hope you consider eliminating all addictive spices out of your foods and go bland. It will be hard but it might be the only choice you have left if you are beginning to become torn up inside.I also posted my views on your other crohns disease question. I hope you learn from my mistakes and get stronger and then teach others how to do the same.<><My best for you,A1
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