What do I do if I overdosed on weed

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There is no official overdose on marijuana use, but higher doses can cause fatal accidents and lead to life threatening diseases such as lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes. More questions tonight? ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-i-overdosed-on-weed ]
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Did I overdose on high grade weed?
Yep you can ‘overdose’ on weed. Its called greening out. Everyone has a different tolerance level Next time dont smoke it so quickly. Have a cone then wait abit before you have another.
Can i die of weed overdose ?
Nobody has ever died from smoking too much weed, if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying. It has been estimated that the amount of weed that would kill an average man is 100 pounds in weight of the stuff. If you could smoke 100 pounds …
What Should I Do in Case of Overdose with money,weed,cocaine??
Overdose with money,weed,cocaine has not happened very often, so its symptoms are yet to be studied. In case you have taken too much of money,weed,cocaine, run for immediate professional medical help.

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Why does the media emphasize on weed more then anything else?
Q: I think the above the influence campaign is the biggest bullcrap ever made. There has never been a recorded incident of someone dying from weed, yet the media focuses on weed more then other things that actually kill. For example alcohol kills thousands every year through poisoning and drunk driving, but the media never covers that. Honestly, weed may have effects on people who use it frequently, but what substance doesn’t screw you up after using it for a long time? For example ciggerates and alcohol both have bad effects on the body overtime. If stupid pot heads wanna smoke weed, why won’t America just let them? there just wasting money on these campaigns. Also I honestly think weed isn’t dangerous, there hasn’t even been a case of someone dying from it. It is also impossible to overdose on weed. P.S, I do not smoke weed, just think that the above the influence crap is gay.
A: I agree. But then, you’re preaching to the choir.
Why Does Weed Have Such a Bad Name Compared to Alcohol?
Q: Which do you think is worse?I have to go with alcohol. You can get mentally and physically addicted to alcohol, it impairs your judgment more than weed, you can get alcohol poisoning whereas it’s virtually impossible to overdose on weed, etc. I’ll admit that you can get mentally addicted to weed, though not physically, but way more people are addicted to alcohol. And alcohol also kills brain cells, not just weed.Have you ever had alcohol or smoked weed?What would your parent(s) or whoever takes or took care of you do if they found out that you had ever smoked weed or gotten drunk at your age or younger?Also, if you have never been drunk or high on weed, what do you think it’s like?Schizophrenia? :dThat may be so but that’s more for frequent users. It’s not very common.*smokingI’ve been drunk and I’ve been high on weed. I drank more out of curiousty and I don’t like it. I won’t be sad if I never drink alcohol again. I was alone each time so I can see where people who do it with friends might have more fun, but I didn’t think it was worth it at all.I smoke weed occasionally but not often. I enjoy it but I don’t promote it. It’s a personal thing but I don’t think people should use it all the time. And it should be for fun or for health reasons, not to combat depression or anything like that. People with depression should be getting proffessional help, not just temporarily making things a bit better.My parents both know that I occassionally smoke weed but they don’t really mind because they know I don’t do it often and am not interested in trying hardcore drugs. My mom knows I’ve been drunk because my brother told her. It was kind of weird because she laughed about it. It’s because my brother told her I really disliked it and didn’t want to drink again.My dad has been smoking weed for almost forty years…I find it really stupid that your parents called the cops on your brother for smopkijng weed.My dad isn’t stupid eitehr. He’s been smoking weed from when he was about nineteen till now and I don’t think he’ll ever stop. He’s fifty-seven and he’s definitely not stupid. Maybe a little weird but from what I’ve heard he always was, even as a kid.I don’t have any friends and was definitely not pressured into smoking weed or drinking alcohol. They were completely my choices. I don’t regret eitehr decision, but I don’t think anyone should do either without informing themselves on it thoroughly. Especially on how much alcohol to consume. Don’t be stupid and just guess.I haven’t ruined my life at all. I don’t see weed as one of the most important things in my life and I have more ambitions than I ever have before.
A: This argument is over done.
Why do so many of the people here on Y/A seem to be so uninformed when it comes to drugs???
Q: Does anyone know what I’m taking about? Like someone will ask a simple question about drugs and everyone’s first response is something like “Don’t do drugs!” or “Go to rehab” or “Take all drugs as prescribed!!!”.It’s almost as if people don’t even research what they’re putting into their bodies. If a doctor gives it to them, they assume it’s ok, yet they honestly believe that you can die from an overdose on weed. What is the deal here? Is this an honest cross-section of the population? Is everyone stupid and naive or what???Ok, well I’m glad to see it’s not EVERYONE!!!I’m just sick of people acting like weed is as bad as crack and that oxycontin is ok even if doctors are overprescribing the crap the crazy. The government isn’t always right. In fact, they very often not working in our best interest, so why trust them in the first place? People really shock me. They do.And dude, NO ONE have EVER died from weed. You must have either read it wrong OR they were doing in combination with something else. I’ve heard that in order to OD on weed, you’d have to smoke about a pound in 45 seconds which is absolutely impossible!
A: people just believe what the governement or school tells them instead of trying to find out for themselves. its like this with more than just drugs. im tired of weed especially carrying such a bad stigma the days of “reefer madness” should be gone. weed is illegal yet alcohol is readily available almost every where is encouraged as a hobby by sports by tv by everyone. f this biased view on drugs. i will say though they arent for everybody. dont want your mom or dad trippin on some cid right
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