What do I do if my dog is puking

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Vomiting in dogs is a very common occurrence and can arise from a wide variety of causes, from simple gastritis to complex disease [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-my-dog-is-puking ]
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What Should I Do If My Dogs Puking?
First clean up all the mess the dog made. Offer some cool clear water. Think back to what you last fed your dog. For a while, don’t feed the same food again. Way later, after your dog eats the new food, if your dog still pukes, keep al…
Why is my dog puking?
There are many reasons why a dog will vomit (puke). Some of them include eating too fast, a change in their regular diet (new dog food), food allergy or an object that is blocking the exit out of the stomach. Your best course of action is t…
Why does my dog keep puking?
Hopefully, you mean you’re sick of not knowing what’s wrong with her, not the messes she’s making. It’s hardly her fault. But I agree with you about the vet. If the vet thought it was food allergies, why give you antibiotics? And antibio…

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My dog puked her food after she ate! What should I do?
Q: I already cleaned the puke off the carpet. Her dog food is science diet. She’s a Maltese Poodle. She usually eats her food without puking. But what caused her to puke?Just asking…just in case if she does it again.Well, she’s been eating the same food ever since we got her. Except for some times when we giver canned food. Another time she puked JUST her saliva.
A: Rather than running straight to the vet, just let it ride out for a couple of days. She may have had a tummy ache. My puppy sometimes throws up her food after she got done eating it really quick.Not every little thing needs to be looked at by the vet. I love my animals, but I don’t run to the vet if it’s something I can take care of myself.You’re probably just being a concerned parent :]Again, just ride it out for two more days, if she continues to throw up, definitely have a vet check it out. Good luckHope that helps 😀
What’s the best thing to do your dog after it has thrown up?
Q: My dog puked today and I was wondering if there was anything i could do to help settle his stomach or make him feel better? He’s a german shepard, i don’t know if that helps but.What’s the best thing to do for your dog i mean
A: depending on what the vomit was, however just keep an eye on him for now and make sure the vomiting doesn’t continue.Do not let him eat grass it is a stomach inerrant. The texture of the grass has something like a tickle effect on the stomach, which may induce vomiting.
My dog keeps puking, what do I do?
Q: For the past week, my dog has been puking. He will puke 2 times in a row, and then be fine for the rest of the day. He didn’t puke at all yesterday, but today he just puked up a real small amount of white foamy stuff, that looked kinda slimy! I dont know if I should wait and see, since he seems like he is getting better, or take him in.
A: If he’s been vomiting for a week, then it’s an obvious sign that something is wrong. You need to get him to a vet, find out what the problem is and get the problem treated. I doubt that this will go away on it’s own. It may be something very simple or it may be something more serious. Don’t let this go, take him in! Better safe than sorry!
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