What do you bring on a vacation to Africa

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When you go to Africa you should bring a mosquito net with you. It prevents several tropical diseases that you don’t want to have. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-bring-on-a-vacation-to-africa ]
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What do you bring on a vacation to Africa
When you go to Africa you should bring a mosquito net with you. It prevents several tropical diseases that you don’t want to have.
What would you bring on a vacation to Africa?
The first three countries are fairly similar to each other, but Tunisia is completely different. –Of course, first thing you need to do is make sure you have your passport and all required visas for travel. Be sure to bring plenty of money…

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Q: So my sister and I are thinking of going on vacation to Dubai late June and I would really like some advice.1. How safe is Dubai for people our age? We’re 18 and 19.2. What good hotels [not mad expensive ones] should we consider? I’m thinking in the $115 – $130 range. We found seemingly good rates for Holiday inn Downtown Dubai and Le Meridien near the airport.3. We’ll be there for 6 days so how much average is enough to bring for shopping. We’re BIG shoppers!4. How much are taxis, food, internet?5. What activities are there to do and how much do they cost?6. I’m a Cameroonian [Africa, fyi} and my sister’s American, once again, is it safe? especially for my sister, oh and we’re christian so…?7. How easy is it to get a visa, and how long does it take to get one?THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
A: 1.Its extremely safe there5. Google it, there are many things to do.6. Stop being sterotypical, they are not terrorists and they arnt going to kill you. Just dont tell them your christian as some people might be racist.
I already asked this question, but oh well.How do you like this story for my 9th grade english class?Be honest
Q: Do you like this?It’s the first part of my episodic novel for my English class.It’s called Solitary.Be honest.“Conrad?”“Hmmmmmmm?”“Conrad!”“Yeah?”“Snap out of it! You’re sitting down on the job.”“Sorry, boss. I was just thinking about…her.”“Well, quit. Felix is vomiting again. I need you to give him some more medication.”“Yes, sir.”Felix is a giraffe in the San Diego Zoo, where I work as a veterinarian, mainly specializing in the care of African animals. I love animals. I have ever since I was seven years old. My family and I went to Africa for a vacation. I was instantly captivated by their splendor and elegance. I worked at a factory farm, too, but quit immediately after I saw the suffering the animals go through just to feed us. I then became a vegan. I also volunteer at the animal shelter weekly. Yeah, animals are pretty much my life, the exception of course, my girlfriend, Trina.Ah, yes. Trina. Just the thought of her name brings her faultless image into my mind.“Focus,” I say aloud to myself. “Felix needs your help.”Soon after coming to Felix’s aid, I return home and call Trina.“Hello?” her harmonious voice asks.“Hi, honey. How is it in Pittsburgh?” I ask, elated at just hearing her voice.“It’s all right, but it’s nothing without you,” she giggles.“So, when are you going to get a break from your chaotic life as a saleswoman so I can go and see you?”“Actually, if you get here by next week, we’ll get a whole seven days to ourselves.”“Really?”“Yeah!”“I’ll go get packed right now!“Okay!”“I love you, short stuff.”“I love you, too, tall one.”“Talk to you later.”“Bye.”I can’t believe it. I’ve been waiting for this since she left for Pennsylvania, a month ago. I’m nervous and excited and a thousand other feelings.I need to rest, I think to myself. Wait. What am I thinking? I can’t sleep! This is too important for me too sleep with it on mind. What if she says no? I can’t do this. No, I have to! This is the perfect chance! I’m only asking her to marry me. You’ve been dreaming of this for months. You even have the perfect ring for her.Exactly five days later, before I know it, I’m shoving all of my junk into the back of my electric car, preparing to leave my beloved home and city. Somehow, though, for the first time in days, I think about nothing but the road, I worry about nothing, and I feel nothing. However, after eighteen cups of coffee, passing through more cities than I cold count and driving for more than twenty hours straight, I am more nervous than I have ever been.I finally enter a city called Piggott in Arkansas. There’s not a lot of houses here from what I can see, only some business buildings. I drive around for about half an hour and finally cross an inn named Downtown Inn. I pay the hundred bucks a night, groggily make it up to my room, set my alarm for seven ‘o’ clock, and fall immediately into a deep slumber.I’m in some sort of upscale restaurant. I spot Trina. I rise from my seat and start rushing towards her, except I’m not moving, but she apparently is, although her legs are not moving. She is moving away from me, mouthing a word repeatedly that looks wondrously like the word ‘no’ while I’m just crying out for her as she just gets smaller and smaller. Beep! Beep! Beep!This is the noise that luckily woke me from my nightmare. I wake with a start, reliving the nightmare in my mind. I tell myself it was just a dream and turn on the morning news.“Hmmmmm, that’s odd,” I remark to no one but myself. “Usually the news is on by now. Maybe it’s on a different channel.” I check the other stations, but no luck. I figure the alarm clock is simply wrong, gather my stuff, and head to the lobby to check out of the motel, but, just my luck, there is no one there, so I just lug all of my stuff to my car and decide to check out after I get a cup of nice, warm coffee.I walk into a nearby Starbucks to find an empty building. There’s no one here. Weird. They’re all gone, nowhere to be found.I run outside, go to the building next door, and find the same thing; emptiness. I repeat this several times before I figure out that everyone in the town is gone.I dash to the payphone on the side of the street. I look around again, wondering if I am merely insane. Nope there’s definitely no sign of any human anywhere. There’s empty cars all over the street, most of which had collided with other cars and other objects as if there was no controlling themWait, maybe there’s a logical explanation for all of this. Maybe it’s only some sort of bizarre town ritual they do sometimes. They arrange the cars like that, too. Yeah that makes tons of sense. Okay, maybe it doesn’t make any sense.First, I dial Trina’s motel number, since neither of us has a cell phone. No answer. I try calling my boss. No answer. My parents. No answer. The police. No answer. Random numbers. Still no answer.“WHERE IN THE HELL IS EVERYBODY?!”Great. I’m here in this hick town with no one but me. By myself. Alone.
A: I like it, I think it is good. I am being completely honest.
A LOVE LETTER for my WIFE. What do you think?
Q: “My love, Thank you very much for your lovely e tender letter. You can be sure i can care of myself, so… don’t worry about me! While you’re on holidays, nothing special had happenend here at home: I do my own lunch and every single day i’m surprised how good i’m doing fine in kitchen! As i’m always in a hurry, yesterday i decided to fry some chips.(by the way, do i need to unpeal the potatoes?) While they were frying i went to the bakery to buy some bread. When i arrived the frying pan was melted. I never thought the fu*** frying pan was so bad! (and you said that Teflon was very resistent! lol)I already took all the black “stuff” of the kitchen, but our cat, Fred, got black as coal! Since that day it coughs all day and starts panic and runs when i touch the pans or use the cooktop! Tell me something? How long does it take to boil eggs?I put them boiling about a couple hours, but they’re still hard as rocks! Can you tell me also if burned milk can be used in some recipe?(do you want me to keep it in the refrigerator?)Last week i had a little problem with cooking some peas…I’m gonna tell you: i grab a pea can and decided to heat it! Unfortunatly it exploded inside the microwaves owen!The microwaves owen door was projected outside the kitchen and hit our little winter plant house (of course it was broked, like our window!) The pea can looked like a space rocket going up to the moon! lol! It went trough the ceiling and hit in the daughter of Bob, our neighbour from upstairs! (i think she’s all right now… i guess..)Other thing: mildew in dirty dishes is normal?I just can’t understand how this happened in such little time! After all, you went on vacation last month, but it looks like yesterday! Behind the sink there is a bunch of bugs! Soon i can make a documentary and sell it to ‘National Geographic’! I still don’t know from where these 20-leg bugs appeared! (did you put something there? i wonder…)well, after this i made a hard decision and finally decided to wash the dishes!(please, don’t insult me, but that china service from your granny no longer exists… sorry!)I confess i really didn’t count on that! after all, that china looked so strong and resistant! (Well, maybe i exagerated a bit with the “extreme centrifugation program” of the dish-washer.)Ah! by the way, the washing machine is also broken:The steel knife i put there, broke the cilinder during the centrifugation. It was an accident: it’s stucked in the wall of the machine… The refrigirator was doing a lot of ice, so i had to defrost it!(do you know you can remove the ice with a garden shovel? it works!)and now the freezer also gives heat! (the yogourt, the champagne and the beer exploded! go figure!)Last week, when i left, i forgot to close the door.Probably someone entered our house, because some valuable things are missing, including that pearl neckless your grand-father discovered in Africa. But don’t worry, as you usually say, money doesn’t bring hapiness!Your wardrobe is also empty but i think they dind’t took anything, because everytime when we go out, you use to say “i have nothing to wear!” Well, for the moment is all.Tomorrow i tell you more “fresh” news! (or not fresh… lol) I hope you continue to have a great time in the SPA!A thousand kisses from your Jose, that loves you a lot! P.S.: Your mother came here to check how i was and she had a stroke! The funeral was yesterday and i didn’t told you nothing to don’t bother you!After all you deserve your holidays in the SPA! xxxx Your beloved husband.”What do you think?Am i to much romantic?SGT. Dillers Wifey: YES Mam!!!Kel: you’re welcome! at least i made someone happy with this letter!Linda m: marry me? mmm… you better not or you would recieve some letters like this…Sheloves_dablues: laughter is good for the marriage? i don’t think so. my ex-wife was always telling me i was a clown. So, as you see…Lions: what??? muscular cabana boy? what are you saying? that my wife only has eyes for me! (at least that’s what she said!)Westie love: a nanny just for me? and my wife on holidays? can she be like Scarlett Johanssen? (the nanny of course!) what a good idea! and my wife can marry the muscular cabana boy!Natasha P: a replacement? oh… i get it! you wanna swap husbands! oh my dear, it’s better not! i would feel so sorry about your husband!Orquidea: claro que fui eu que escrevi! e não. não é uma carta de amor. as cartas de amor são patéticas e parvas!butterfly: if you have a husband like me you’re a very lucky woman! (well…. unlucky is the correct word!)
A: She’s going to fall in love with you all over again. Way too romantic!Glad to see you both have a sense of humor! Laughter is one of the most vital ingredients in a happy marriage.
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