What do you do even after brushing teeth still have bad breath

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Try drinking more water and make sure you rule out bad breath causes such as cavities or decay, or even periodontal (gum) disease, that might be causing your bad breath.Rarely,infection,kidney,or liver failure can cause bad breath.So see your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-even-after-brushing-teeth-still-have-bad-breath ]
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Does anyone know why even after i brush my teeth well my breath s…?
It may be that your teeth has nothing to do regarding your bad breath. If it is your teeth you may have decay in a place you can’t see it, on the other hand the bad breath issue could be caused by either a sinus issue or a stomach issue. If…

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why do i always have bad breath????????
Q: so for the past 2 years i have always been having bad breath. i used to think it was because of the braces in my mouth but after i took them off i still have bad breath. I brush my teeth like 5 times a day!! not even kidding!! and it still smells bad! its like everything i eat stays in my mouth? i floss and use listerine and even put white strips on my teeth but i still have bad breath! after i took of my braces i did a deep cleaning but not that deep just like a little cleaning. but it didn’t work! i chew gum 24/7 and i still have bad breath even when im chewing gum lol its very embrassing because i don’t like talking to ppl directly in the face.i have told my dentist about this and he told me to just choose my foods very carefully, like ignore onions and garlic and stuff and i don’t even eat the stuff anyway but he didn;t help at all because i asked him if i can get sum type of tooth paste or like medicine and he said there is nothing!have you had this problem if so what did you do??? because i can’t handle this no more!! no one is helping me out?? am i gunna have bad breath forever????????????
A: Try this breath gel with all-natural concentrated mouthwash, a versatile product containing an impressive blend of selected botanicals and pure natural mint oils recognized for their effectiveness in promoting long lasting freshness.http://www.herbsmd.com/detail/breath-gel-19566.htm
What to do Boyfriend has REALLY bad breath?
Q: What to do Boyfriend has REALLY bad breath?My Bf has terrible oral hygiene, even after brushing his teeth it smells awful, he is very affectionate and wants to kiss me all the time, but I cant help but play it off and back away, it really turns me off and makes me not want to have him anywhere near me, I try to kiss him back but he breaths all his bad breath is just on me…. ewww its so nasty, and he gets sad he says ” why dont u ever want to kiss me, I just want make out with you”…. what to do guys? I dont want to be rude, as he is really sensitive… Sometimes Ill offer him guy but the bad breath still wont go away :/offer him gum**
A: His diet is bad, not balance with enough vegetables and fruits and heavy on starches, oils, and meats or junk food. His hygine is bad and needs to see a dentist. Possiby needs a teeth cleaning or has pyarehha (bleeding gums, sorry about the spelling) or a permanent problem which maybe a doctor can help with. Maybe he doesn’t drink enough water. Tell him gently and what you would do if he didn’t have terrible bad breath.
Q: I have this bad breath for a really long time and it’s been a hindrance to my social life. Though i have lots of friends, i think it would be better to communicate to others without bad breath.I brush my teeth 2 times a day ( morning and evening only because i’s still studying ) . I use mouthwash after i brush my teeth.I eat a diet high in protein such as meat, etc.I do think that i have this acid reflux disease.I have a very talkative friend who also has bad breath. I am a person who dosen’t speak too much because of my bad breath.Questions:1) What goes first brushing your teeth or using mouthwash2) Effective way of cleaning the tounge3) Does a diet rich in protein really affects your breath? If yes, what could be the alternative foods that i can eat.4) How to know if you have an acid reflux5) Does having an acid reflux contribute in having bad breath? If yes, what can i do about it?6) What can cause bad breath? Talking too much or just closing your mouth?
A: hi bro do not worryif u do not have any bleeding. use Glisters tooth paste from Amway. for 2 months. it works wonder for gums. its it expensive than the ones u found in market.brush twice daily and floss. u sud be okayy. it has worke d for me n wl work for ubest wishes n good luck
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